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Transporting swimmers

Poll Results: Should I fresh sperm be kept warm for 30-40 min transport or cooled in a cooler

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So.... I was wondering if when I have to drive to my donors house 30 mis away how I should transport the golden liquid....should I put it between my boobs and keep them warm or should I get a small cooler and ice pack to cool them a little durring the transport home. I have no idea I have been keeping them warm but as last month was a bfn and this month is yet to be seen
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You definitely want to keep fresh sperm warm or at room temperature. Though we didn't have to drive to our KD, we just left it out between the time he did his business and we were ready to insem. I've heard of folks wrapping it in a sock or just keeping it in a jar between their legs on a drive.


Also, for 30 minutes, you should be fine even if you can't keep it completely warm right next to your body.


Best of luck!

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Megin thank you
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Just another vote for keeping them warm. . if it was longer I would say cool them but sperm are very sensitive to temperature change in general so you just want to be careful. . also I don't know if this is true but someone told me they are sensitive to light too so try to keep them somewhat covered.  We did btwn the boobs too for a shorter time. . just don't get pulled over by the cops!  

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