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We Got a Baby!

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Meet Sabine, born 09/04. She's a peanut- only 6lbs 1oz. It's amazing to finally meet the person who's been hanging out inside you for the last nine months!


Likes: Nursing, dreaming about nursing and laughing in her sleep

Dislikes: Arms swaddled, diaper changes


I haven't actively participated much in our DDC, but have checked in regularly to see what you all are up to and wanted to share... Best of luck to all mamas and babies! I hope the rest of you get to meet your babes soon and look forward to hearing about them.

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oh look at those wide open eyes!!! so aware ^_^ adorable congrats mama!!!

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ADORABLE!!! Congrats!

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what a sweet name! congrats mama!
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Oh, she is simply STUNNING!!! What a bright, beautiful soul! Congratulations, mama! Enjoy your babymoon!
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What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! joy.gif

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Why yes, you do have a baby!  And an adorable baby indeed.  Look how alert!  Huge congrats! 

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Congrats! She is absolutely bright-eyed and gorgeous :)

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Beautiful!  Congratulations

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Awww. :) Congrats!

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Look at her looking!  <3  Welcome to the bright, beautiful world, little one!!  Congratulations, mama.

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Beautiful, congrats!
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So cute! Congratulations!

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she's perfect

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Congratulations, mama!!  Welcome, Sabine!!

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Lovely!! Congrats Mama!!

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I LOVE that second picture, she is so wide awake and aware. Gorgeous girl. Welcome to the world darling!

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Beautiful Baby!!!

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beautiful photos and beautiful baby!

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So sweet! Congrats!
Mothering › Groups › September 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › We Got a Baby!