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Has anyone else "dropped" yet?

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Baby dropped yesterday and I lost a chunk of mucus plug in the process. It seems so early! Trying not to freak out about the implications. I hope baby bakes a couple weeks more at least!
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omg...I was just going on here to post about losing some mucus plug! lol Baby dropped a while ago for me, but randomly I lost some mucus plug early last night. I'm pretty sure it's still just practice contractions, but I had braxton hicks type contractions for the rest of the night...


I know that if you just lose some of your mucus plug, it can mean baby is still weeks away. But, if it's blood tinged, then that does indicate labor being a bit closer. Mine had no bloody tinge.

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Ooo exciting for you both!! I am unsure if baby has dropped or not. I think for the last 2 evenings she has and then moved back up while I sleep. BC each evening now, every time I stand up it feels like i have a head in my crotch and lots of rectal pressure. No mucous plug yet. I do recall my good friend lost part of her plug with #2 well before her due date and she still ended up going 12 days late. I didn't lose any until during labor last time, but who knows what will happen this time!

I have a midwife appt tomorow so i'll be curious to see if my midwife things the baby is more engaged.

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My baby has had her has extremely low for like two months.. I've been losing plug the last two weekends and had bloody show both times. But I'm only 33 Weeks sooooo I doubt baby is coming any time soon! I'm just hopeful that my cervix is getting ready!!
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Yes I am in the same boat! This is baby #2 for us so I wasn't expecting to drop so soon. We saw our midwife Friday and even she was shocked how low he is! We didn't get 'checked' so not sure how well things are progressing, but little man is head down and low in there. She said his head is 'down and under' so he is making his way out soon!  Hope he at least holds off a couple more days since I'll be 37 weeks on Tuesday.

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How exciting!! We will all have to keep each other updated... My plug didn't have any bloody tinge so I think the baby just got a chunk smile.gif I'd like her to stay put longer, despite how uncomfortable I'm getting!
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So...losing a bit of the mucus plug definitely got something jump-started for me. I had pretty regular but light contractions all of last night...they died down for much of the day, and came back a bit stronger this evening. It's REALLY hard not to get too excited although I'm still a bit early for it to be the real deal. 

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Pregnova: Would you be ok with birthing at home this early? Very very exciting!

I can't believe we are already at the point where we are talking about this stuff!!!!

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Oh wow!! I second Cindy's question... are you ready/would you be ok with it if it happened this early? SO exciting!

I'm having my usual BHs but nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of stabbing cervix pain but that's par for the course now that she is down in my pelvis. 

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I've been having some mild period like cramping the past few days. I think that is what really freaked me out that something was starting to happen. I find it all so confusing this time. I didn't feel any braxton hicks or cramping or anything until it was the real deal last time. Now every little thing makes me think labor could be iminent. LOL.

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ahh pregnova that is super exciting!!!!!!! 


cindy- It will never go away with the questioning everything.. this is baby 5 for me and i STILL question every little twinge! haha

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Yes, we'd be ok having it at home although it's early. It makes it more likely we might transfer right after though...or have a very small baby that would make me SUPER nervous lol, so I do hope it stays put for another week or so for me to really feel ready to roll. There is some possibility that I am farther along too, so maybe that's it. I hope it doesn't continue like this until the real deal though! It's like hours of regular contractions and being SUPER uncomfortable from low pressure and then I get a big reprieve where I can rest and act like normal. At least last night it stopped once I laid down to try to sleep, so I got the world's most awesome sleep ever!



I actually think this is all from the walking we do. You know how walking is supposed to help early labor? Except that we don't have a car, and I go crazy if I stay home too long, so I'm still walking everywhere I'd usually go except that it instantly results in these contractions that last forever. 


This is getting SOOOO exciting though!!!

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oh, I also wanted to let everyone know about another use for RRL tea. It's known to help with miscarriages in that it either gets it going quickly, or else stops it completely. I had some success with it during my last miscarriage, so I tried it last night...very strong...and several cups of it, and shortly afterwards my cramping/contractions stopped and things got much more comfortable. I thought I'd pass that along in case anyone else needs to hold off some contractions for a bit!

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Pregnova: I didn't know you thought you might be further along. How much? Weeks? Interesting about the RRL tea. I have been avoiding it bc I thought it might make the contractions worse. And I bet the walking has a lot to do with it. I get a ton of contractions if I go for a walk or am on my feet a lot. I certainly hope baby stays put for you for at least another week or so. I have lots of neices and nephews that were born early and the 3 35 weekers all had NCU stays and one even has learning disabilities bc of being deprived of oxygen when she was born bc she was having trouble breathing. Not sure why babies love to come early in my family!!!

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Yeah...there's wiggle room in there of just under two weeks although I really DO think the dates I've been going off of are the right ones. I was temping...and the thermometer went wacky right in the middle of a long cycle...so...I must have ovulated in there, and I've made my guess-date based upon CM, cervical position, etc...so I think I'm right, but there's always that possibility. I sort of think I wouldn't have a baby come early unless it was 'cooked'...I just have zero signs of anything being wrong and mostly feel pretty great except for a lot of low pressure. I'm guessing this is just practice for the real thing but MAN it makes me excited for these next few weeks!

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thanks for sharing about the RRL tea! i can't stand the way it tastes.. but i did try it during my last pregnancy because i was so done being pregnant by my due date. i had no idea it could actually slow things down!

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Very interesting about the tea! I might try that. I had some doozy contractions yesterday that took my breath away.
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lol. Now, to be completely honest, I'd only ever heard of it used THAT way for a first trimester miscarriage. But...lol...you know, I thought why not try it and I totally think it's the reason why everything calmed down for me. I didn't have any contractions come back yesterday either, so that tea will be my go-to until I hit 37 weeks. The odd thing is, once I start drinking it then, I'll be hoping for it to get labor going! lol

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Not sure if he officially dropped (although he feels low). But count me among those who started to lose the plug.  it started this morning, and was slightly pinkish. I really hope he stays in at least through the weekend (will be 37 weeks Saturday).

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My birth center recommends 3 cups of red raspberry a day in the third trimester to help tone the uterus.  I have been doing a mix of rrl, nettle and then adding decaf pomegranate for flavor.  It has been great and I have only had braxton hicks once since starting that routine!

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