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Hello there, Just thought I'd join this thread as my baby is engaged and head is so low they couldn't feel it.  He's still squirming like a mule with hooves and it can be quite painful.

I am 37 weeks 4 days.  No mucus plug bits yet.  But it is very difficult to sit for long.


Thanks for the Red Ras Tea reminder!


My house is too much in shambles for this baby to come too soon - we have a bit more to do!

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I feel the same way, Babinogi. Even though I am super uncomfortable and we're in the midst of yet another air-conditioning-free heat wave, I don't want baby to come yet-- still too much to do! Another week or two would be just fine!

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Ditto to both of you.  Baby has dropped.  MW couldn't find his head at my 35 week appt, so she felt my cervix and found his head.  That explains why I literally cannot get my legs together when I sit.  I adjusted my work chair so that it leans forward so I can put them together....  And it explains the pain and pressure in my vaginal area.  I am only 35 weeks 3 days, so I obviously have awhile.  And, like micromomma said, I am in no hurry to give birth.  I have been so focused on mid-October as my due date-- and then mid-January as the time I go back to work.  But, I keep focusing on the fact that the baby will come when he is ready and not when I am ready. 


One really good thing about the baby dropping is that I think my nausea is gone!! 

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Well small update in the 'dropping' area... we went to the midwife Friday and baby is in -2 station (I was hoping he was lower!! It sure felt like it!) and we are 90% effaced but not really dilated. But this is our 2nd baby so does that mean I won't dilate before we go into labor? Or?????

I could swear I felt farther along than that with all the pressure down there... oh well shrug.gif

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RRL tea apparently is really useful to help with cramps at that time of the month! I am trying to remember to drink it more often now just because it might help with something :) I was planning this PG to use it at the 1 cup-1st tri, 2cup, 2nd tri, 3 cup-3rd tri but it made me nauseated first trimester so I only took it up again recently. I find cutting it with peppermint helps a lot.

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ooo and if you are having cramps (that might or might not be contractions) it could be the baby trying to get into position- so if you do the spinning babies head down off the couch pose, or even like the modified child's pose (yoga) from kneeling and lean on your forearms, it will float the baby and help ease the pain (or help it get into position if you are actually on your way). I found it really helped me earlier in the PG when all the BH I had were making me nervous. I am too lazy to do it very often now though :( I probably should I've been getting crampy and had positioning issues with my daughter.

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Mine's been super low to the point where even the midwife was impressed. On Friday night, it dropped even lower while I was sitting at the computer. Since then, I've been getting less comfortable and more moody. I'm 38 weeks, so I've already been okay w/ baby coming for the past week :) Physically, I can take making it to my due date, but I will be a mental WRECK if it goes that long.

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I have dropped even lower than I was, which I didn't think was possible. Weirdly though, I am MORE nauseated than before, especially today. I constantly feel like I have to throw up.

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