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Breastfeeding - detox - endometriosis...

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treehugger.gifHi everyone. I'm praying that someone on here will have some ideas - just any ideas!!

 my situation -

Currently exclusively breastfeeding 7 mo baby boy. He born with no issues, although i did have a very painful pregnancy - which we believe was due to my endo, so following doctors orders spent the last 6 months on panadine extra. (paracetamol & codeine)


My 1st preg was the same - that girl is another box of issues.


My primary concern atm is this - After the birth of my son, i experienced some severe pains, in which again following doctors orders took pain relief - that's it. So 6 weeks - constant endone, and panadine forte.

7 months on - I'm still taking pain relief- although i had gone on alt routes - naturist has me on a large range of metagenics antiimmflatories etc etc - a chiro has helped somewhat. But my son - gets severe reactions to me eating dairy - gluten.

In the last week i saw Lady who practices TCM - whatever she gave my son seems to be helping, but of course they all say I'm n for the long haul. So I am looking at the gerson therapy etc - I literally have tried everything OK whilst breastfeeding and nothing is helping - i stopped taking my natural pain relief and thought i was going to die this week. My husband and i have decided its CRISIS mode time.

Opinions please - Do i continue on my path pain killers both natural and others - until my son is done with breastfeeding -

OR is there a safe way for me to start detoxing with out  him being ill?

   my diet has already changed significantly and is very clean - IE nothing processed etc.

Or try (he HATES AND REFUSES) the bottle, I'm so scared about putting my beautiful boy on formula - but I'm so sick - and currently my family unit is all about me being sick. That's is, its all just working around mumma bear being sick or not...

I heard Kathryn Alexander speak today, hoping she may have some insight to our scenario. But thought some one here might too.


Peace :)


PS - we are not even 100% sure as to what my pain is from - i presume endometriosis....

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Welcome to MDC! I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I have endometriosis (diagnosed through surgery) and my endo was least problematic during pregnancy/breastfeeding, so I don't have a lot of suggestions. My one thought is that assuming you have endo, that can cause scarring internally and perhaps the pain is from the scar tissue. As your body changes during and after pregnancy, it can pull and push on the scar tissue and that can be very painful. Perhaps asking about pain relief related to scar tissue would help? I know someone with kidney issues who uses a TENS unit for pain which is partially due to scar tissue. Maybe that's an option?

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Thank you both for your replies!
My endo was confirmed over 10 years ago. Recent scans are clean however they were before my op also...
I am taking cal/mag, but was hesitant about vit E.
I THink I'm just going to have to wean him to formula greensad.gif an get on the detox bandwagon and try to clean out my body. It's so sad I only got to 8 months with my first child and I really hoped to go further this time.

I never thought about tens machines. Thanks I will look into it,! Although it would need to be attatched constantly?!!
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Why do you think that detoxing will help with your pain? 


I too have a 10 year history with endo, although when my pain gets more severe than usual, I have a lap done and it helps significantly. This is safe to do while breastfeeding. Additionally, I have found that therapeutic levels of Vit D, a B complex, fish oil, probiotics, Metagenics Estrofactors, and being gluten free have helped significantly with my endo pain (and yes, I was in the same boat with needing pain medication almost all the time- it is awful!) 


Have you considered seeing a doctor of functional medicine? Still an MD, but can help to see if you have any underlying conditions. For me, getting my hypothyroidism (that my OB never thought to check for) under control has helped me feel so much better. You might benefit from having someone who understands nutrition on this level to help you.


Another thing to remember is that premature weaning may contribute to depression and increased frustration- it is HARD to wean a baby who isn't ready to stop nursing. Breastfeeding may actually be a tool that can help you at this time- so you might consider those points as well. 

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As far as my research has found, along with a few different health professionals opinion, my liver def needs a detox. Most treatments I have fOund involve some form of detox! I basically want to get my body back to a point of health where it will begin healing itself - as I believe NOTHING else has or will work. so basically giving my body a bit more ability to deal with whats floating aroun in there!

When you are speaking of theraputic doses what level are they? And safe breastfeeding? I'm taking already, metagenics EPA, kaprex, oxygenics,phosphatdisserine, neurocalm, and some activated b.

What do u mean by functional medicine?
My doctor is an idiot to say the least. I'm off to see her today ;( as I'm late needing a pap smear, and last time I saw her she was so pissed with me because I demanded my iud out (her idea) as it added to my pain and also caused me to bleed constantly, and since having it out my periods still have not returned!

I'm at such a point I guess that I'm looking at seeing a practitioner of the Gerson therapy. Kathryn Alexander in QLD, if anyone wants to look...
I can't take this pain any more. On top of all above pills I'm also taking TCM powder and pills. And still needing panadine forte and or endone on top of that. I'm so worried that this is ging through my milk to my son greensad.gif

I found initially after my lap, that I felt great for 2 months then worse than ever. Thanks so much for your post..

I too, am sorry your in pain!
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Originally Posted by Trizzl3 View Post

My endo was confirmed over 10 years ago. Recent scans are clean however they were before my op also...


Yes, my endo hasn't showed up on most scans either. I hope in the future there are better scans for endo!


Originally Posted by Trizzl3 View Post
I never thought about tens machines. Thanks I will look into it,! Although it would need to be attatched constantly?!!


My friend who has one doesn't wear it all the time. I hope that helps!


I hope you feel better soon. Endo is a pain--literally!

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I am on my way to find an answer how and CAN I detoxify my self for I am also brestfeeding my 11month year old boy. I do not have what You do, dont quite know what it even is, but I can advise You to learn more about Max Gerson therapy. They are treating all kind of illnesses by detoxifying body, but I still cant find about brestfeeding in the therapy...

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