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9/9 Weekly Chat Thread

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Happy Sunday mamas! I cannot believe we are all eith in or fast approaching our third trimester?!! Where has the time gone? You women are seriously the strongest, brightest, sweetest group of mamas I could ever have hoped to share a pregnancy with! I hope all is going insanely well with you all, things have finally slowed down a bit here and I am soooooo grateful! We picked apples from our trees last night and danced around in our backyard under string lights...it was one of those times that is sooooo perfect that it feels unreal. On a side note I have been fiddling around with a dark chocolate yeast bread with demara sugar and chunks of chocolate throughout and I got it! Last night we had slices and it was amazing eat.gif all sweet, dark, and puffy, lol. My DH is working on a new cradle for Gabriel and I am beginning the process of hand dying a cradle veil, we cosleep, but since we have other babes and critters, I like having a safe little place to tuck the wee ones when they are napping...and DH has decided that baby #4 deserves a brandy new cradle :) I finished crocheting some fall gear for the kiddos and am about 1/2 way done with handmade Christmas....but AH! Still so much to do! Natalie-I am sending you something this coming week, I promise!!!!! I came across something neat that I wanted to send your way!!!


xoxo thinking of all of you!!

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Mmmmm chocolate bread!!! Today here means more pickles, and probably home-made tomato soup to eat no & freeze for later. Possibly tomato sandwiches as well, we have a 5-galloon bucket full that need to be used up ASAP and about 5 more gallons to pick! (darkblue: I'm sending you a message re: our harvest party on 9/22 - would love to see you there!).


My MW appt was great, everything looks good. Interesting comment from the MW that I had not heard before - I mentioned this baby has hiccups ALL THE TIME and she said 'that's a good sign you'll go before your due date, baby is exercising it's lungs that much,' Anyone else ever heard this? Total old wives tale, or any truth to it? I really don't care (pretty sure I know when baby will come, anyway), but was curious about it. I guess the logic makes some sense?


I was hoping to piece together the baby quilt today, but DP has been sick all weekend, we had to have a pretty intense house meeting with all the kids yesterday about some violence & disrespect, which ended up stemming from an incident with DP, not one of the kids, so that led to further discussions among the adults afterwards. I love the man, and he has come SO far in his parenting since being with me/us, but he still has these moments of being insensitive to the kids, not realize when he is crossing boundaries or when a kids' needs are not being met. Then of course it's the kids' fault, not his... anyway, it was a long day of soccer & intense conversations, and today because DP is still sick it looks like I am solo with 11 kids until his ex picks up their 4 (DH & his DP are leaving for Colorado in about 20 minutes). Needless to say, quilting is NOT on the agenda! Perhaps later this week, or next weekend.


One a more positive note, I was lying in the yurt last night while we were all talking, and looking through the done on the ceiling - and realized what a perfect visual for an open cervix that dome is going to be when it's baby time (I'm planning to give birth out there, by the wood stove). I mentioned it out loud, and we all starting ruminating about the line where earth crosses to sky, life passes into this world, etc... it was a beautiful moment amidst the more stressful conversations, and then we noticed the mama deer & her twin fawns were right outside the door watching us. Quite magical!

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Happy Sunday everyone!  I had meant to post on here much earlier in the week but my intentions were foiled on Tuesday night when our power went out due a big windstorm.  Major transmission lines went down and we didn't get power until Thursday morning.  Some people in Anchorage are STILL without power so I feel lucky.  Other than the storm it has been a lovely fall here.  Ours is usually short and brilliant. Sometimes I don't enjoy it that much because I know the long dark winter is coming, but this year I'm so excited for the babe that I just feel positive anticipation. 


Kate - so glad to hear that your placenta is moving!  Hope it continues in that direction.


Travelmumma - I just read BFW and LOVED IT also.  I like the parts encouraging you to think about the things that you think/feel/do that could be counter productive in labor/birth. For me, I know relaxing and getting out of my head will be critical.  My DH and I will be taking a BFW class this November and I'm really looking forward to it.   


Marilyn - Hang in there!  I like your 15 minute meditation idea - I need to try that.  Where in Oregon are you?  I was born and raised in the NW and spent 2008-2012 in Eugene while in grad school.  I'll cross my fingers for you that you have a fall like '08, when I don't think it rained until mid-December.


MamaB and DeeGee - our cabin is about 300 sq ft and it is a little over 100 miles from town (a 2 to 2.5 hour drive).  Then, we have a mile hike/ski/snowmachine trip to get to the cabin itself, which sits on 120 acres that we own jointly with DH's siblings (who also have cabins).  You can't tell from the angle of the picture I posted but we do have a sleeping loft over one portion of the cabin. We typically get out there once a month May-Sept and around 3 times in the winter.  Ironically, it is actually much easier to get out there in the winter but with the darkness hitting midafternoon and limited light sources (headlamps, kerosene)  it can get REALLY boring in the evenings.  We are often heard to say at 6pm, "is it time for bed yet?"  March is one of the best times out there because we still have a lot of snow, but the light has come back and it is a sunny time of year, and much warmer.  Anyway, I could type for hours about the cabin, its really a magical, wild place that we love to visit and spend time at.  To most people who don't live in Alaska, it is a cabin smack dab in the middle of the wilderness, complete with bears, moose and other creatures.  Luckily, I have never seen a bear out there but plenty of other people have!


I am in awe of all of your creative solutions to sleeping - I just have no frame of reference for how complicated it obviously gets with multiple kiddos (or even just one?)! 


Finally, my exciting pregnancy news is that SOMEONE ACTUALLY NOTICED I WAS PREGNANT!  My DH and I were in Lowe's and ran into the dad of one of his childhood friends who I had never met before.  Of course, I was wearing a skirt and a snug tank top but STILL I was excited. I will post a photo soon - feel like I am "catching up" with you ladies a little bit.  :)

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Happy Sunday all you lovely mamas!

I also meant to post on the weekly thread last week but just couldn't quite get there.  Of course I had all of you in my thoughts and positive space.  I agree with DarkBlue, this is such a wonderful/supportive/interesting group-o-mamas, I love being a part of it!

I love hearing what you all are up to!  The creativity and energy are very inspiring.  I have a couple of weeks to get some major projects finished before school starts (for me), mostly closet arranging.  Luckily, I've had better energy lately, so I'm feeling much better about productivity and nesting.  Poor DH can't take a breath without me coming up with a new major task for him to take on with me.

All of the food everyone is making sounds WONDERFUL!  My appetite is back with a vengeance!  Breakfast today:  waffles, eggs, pickles, and peach/blueberry cobbler.  Yikes and yum all mushed together.

Thanks all for sharing your trials/tribulations as well as inspirations...hope you have a lovely week!

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This is indeed one fabulous group of moms. I feel so blessed to be among you all. It's amazing to see the season begin to change and feel birth approach. Our wintertime pregnant lady mascot up there in the corner looked so odd to me back in April and now she seems more appropriate each day. I love the stories of harvest and food and meals. Fall is such a great time to be nourishing a baby and eating for that purpose. I'm working on gathering up enough blackberries and rosehips to make some jam soon. This energy of gathering up and turning inwards is such perfect preparation for birth. Today we spent some time with friends who have a baby and it really hit me all over again...we're going to have a BABY, a real baby! So amazing. Here's to a great week!
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Hi Mummas!


Hahaha cieloazul "We're going to have a baby, a real baby!" I totalyy get tht feeling!!! DH and I had a moment a few days ago that went like this


DH- *Pokes the bump* Where is he today?

Me- Dunno, he is quiet right now

DH- *Prods bump harder* Hello where are you? Where is he?

Me- I dunno. He is sleeping right now.......... OH MY GOD THERE IS A BABY IN THERE AND IT IS SLEEPING! THAT IS SOOOOO FREAKING WEIRD!!!!!!




Esp- glad to hear your appetite is back! It feels so good to enjoy food again doesnt it? Last night I made a double batch of crepes and sat down and devoured them with my friend, and just loved the feeling of eating lol!!!


DarkBlue and Sego it sounds like you two have been having some magical afternoons/evenings with the families! Dancing under the lights and seeing twin dears :) love love love!!


AlaskAnna- Lol i love that feeling when people notice that Im pregnant!!! Its soo fun and feels so special! I m so excited that you are experiencing it now too!! Post a pic when you can!!!


AFM- we had an appt with our midwife yesterday! Did i mention i just LOVE her!! she talks to the baby and rubs my belly with oil. Its just sooo special!! She even palpated for position yesterday and the baby tried to squirm out of her reach! It was hilarious! And my whole belly moved as s/he squirmed! DH even saw it! Was so nice!!! Half way through the appt I went to the toilet, nd apparently our midwife looked at DH and said "Wow that woman is so strong! She is so strong emotionally!".. I am really touched :)


NOT LONG NOW MUMMAS!!!! weeeeeee!!!!!!!!

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Wow ladies, yep...I still can't believe how far along we are getting! love.gif


I don't know if it's nesting or what, but I spent what seemed like a gazillion hours cooking today and am a little achy and tired but still have more energy than I'd expect.  We did 3 loads of dishes today.  The insanity of a big family and lots of cooking I guess.  Made potato salad today, it's actually my *first* time making it.  I'm not much of a potato salad person in general, but felt like trying something different and I had mayo in the house (which I never do) and needed something to use it up in.  Made it with bacon and actually tastes pretty good.  However, took forever, MUCH longer than coleslaw which is my preference in general for BBQ side items.


I will say too how much I enjoy reading everyone's updates and the positive energy here everyone exudes!  

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before I forget, sego--have you ever seen/heard of this book before: On the Day You Were Born ? your description of the conversation among the adults reminded me so much of that story. I read it to my older son every year for his birthday, and then tell him his birth story. (DS2's bday is only 2 days later, and he usually doesn't want the story again, but only to hear his own birth story) Anyway. I love it.


It sounds like everyone is keeping busy busy busy. We are, too. The boys had their first soccer games of the fall season yesterday. My 7yo scored both of his team's goals (he doesn't normally go after it on offense) and had an awesome kick save on defense. My 4yo had a good time at his game, too...and we had fun at the birthday party we all went to in the afternoon, shoe shopping for myself, and about a zillion other errands. Today was slightly less busy, and with such great weather, we took our dog to an awesome dog park with lake and wooded trails. 


I am now officially exhausted beyond belief. I also pulled out my Bradley class notes from 8 years ago (!!!). Apparently I just don't eat enough protein during pregnancy as a general rule. :/ 

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Sego, I had insane amounts of hiccups with DD. I felt hiccups before I felt kicks! I loved taking a bath because the hiccups would cause ripples and it was this observeable way that she was interacting with the outside world. And she went 5 days past the due date. So who knows.


I'm so excited about fall as well. Darkblue, apple picking and dancing is what fall is all about! DD starts soccer today and I'm starting a knit bodysuit for the baby.


I've put myself on a 30 day exercise challenge. I've been slacking big time lately. I started yesterday and so far so good...

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Yes stegan, I know that book - after reading it 4,967,538 times, it still has the ability to make me teary ;)


Jackies - thanks for the hiccup story. Makes me want to go take a bath!


We are really fortunate to have this group. I remember when I was pregnant with DS2, I was on a forum on Yahoo, I think, that quickly dissolved into all kinds of drama - no respect for others choices was the main issue - and it was too mainstream for my likes anyway. I was lucky to find another group that Christy & I were both on, and many of those ladies have remained friends for years - our 'babies' are all 11, or about to turn 11. Some of us even went on to form another support group, the XMoms, for those of us that needed to find a place for support for our 'radical' life-style choices (like unschooling, extended nursing, etc). Anyway, I feel like this group is not only supportive of one another, but that we generally like each other, too. I hope to remain in contact with many of you for years to come!

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Originally Posted by segolilymama View Post

I hope to remain in contact with many of you for years to come!


Me too! The online moms group I joined with DS six years ago is still connected. It's wild to live in an era where you can become so close to people you've never met in person. We'll get back what we put into this circle and there's certainly been a lot of good stuff added to the mix in the past few months. *hugs to all*

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Hello mamas! Love all the autumn themed meals and rituals you are sharing. I am loving the cooler weather too. Went to the renaissance fair, Making roasted eggplant with bruschetta, chili, zucchini flax muffins. Yum.  Sometimes I eat two breakfasts because I am so hungry :) 


This past week was nice and calm, but the two weeks prior were kind of a chaotic bummer. My poor husband's father died, after a week in ICU and only eight hours in hospice. He was only 65. So, lots of sadness and family events. And it was a little overwhelming for this pregnant mama. I was so tired one day that I burst into tears for 1/2 hour, just needing space and private time (and not getting it!), and then took a nap for two hours with our two year old.


Now I'm trying to pick up cheap stuff at garage sales, and thinking about spending some money on some new newborn cloth diapers.


Have an appt this week with my doctor. I think this baby is breech, which is a drag because she will likely stay that way, but I'll confirm this week. I'm thrilled to be up and active, and not on bedrest this pregnancy! Preparing myself and my dh for a VBAC, which feels a little scary but exciting.


Looks like I have to run - toddler meltdown impending. We had a lovely bike ride to the playground, and he's sleeeepy.

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Yep, this is a good group :-)


Put me in the 'so tired I just start crying' category for today.  My energy is actually pretty good, just all used up.  This is my start-up month at work (new program year) and I worked 9 hours yesterday, 9 hours the day before, and the evening in between I still had energy so I kind of just kept going when I got home instead of resting.  Bad idea: this morning felt like I was back in the 1st trimester: got up, spent an hour eating/feeding/dressing self and kids, and then crashed.  DD wanted to play with me and I just couldn't - ended up curled up on the couch with a blanket crying out of tiredness and fell asleep for an hour and a half.  DH was nice about it, and so were the kids, but it makes me feel bad.  And now I'm back at work for another longish day and I really just want to go take another nap.  Bah. 


But enough complaining out of me.


Sunseeker: I'm so sorry for your loss.  May your family's mourning process bring lots of connection and healing.


Sego: honestly, the hiccups = breathing idea doesn't make much sense to me since hiccuping interupts breathing (very briefly).  I mean, they're related, but I wouldn't think in that way.


Everybody: your food sounds amazing.  I wish I felt like eating enough to get inspired to actually cook some of it.  Although now that it is actually a breezy fall day today I really do want some pumpkin pie . . . maybe I'll make some later this week.


Take care!

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Well we picked blackberries for just half an hour yesterday and have a ton now.  Made blackberry tarts for the kids and I for a late breakfast.  They're my favorite easy treat to make.  Just make some butter-y pie crust (Martha Stewart's pate brisee is my all time fav), roll it out into about 6 in rounds, pile a generous heaping of blackberries and a couple TB sugar and a bit of butter and nutmeg in the middle, fold the edges up to just leave some berries showing in the middle, brush with whole milk or cream, sprinkle with more sugar and nutmeg.  Bake at 375/400 degrees for about 15 -20 minutes.  Heaven.


Not much to report here pregnancy wise - all is good.  Baby is kicking a lot, and sometimes when I wake up in the night she's positioned herself in a way, right up front, where I can feel crazy details of hard little baby body parts - very surreal.  Everyone is talking about what position their baby is in, but mine is still moving all around at this point - or it sure feels like it anyway!  Kind of twisted my ankle last week, but I think I'm recovered enough now to finally start my prenatal exercise videos.  um, yay!  haha



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kel, you literally have me drooling over here! We had wild blackberries growing all along a property line at my (rural) house growing up, and had *real* blackberry everything anytime we wanted. My mom makes a killer blackberry cobbler--I tried using farmer's market black raspberries, but there was something missing because it just wasn't from wild berries, I think. MMMM. Sorry about your ankle.


mamabeakley, we had a rough day today because I was so friggin tired, too. :( I hear you on the inability to motivate to cook anything anyone is posting...which is why I liked the raw pumpkin smoothie and chia pudding recipes I linked to. No cooking necessary--but I do need some freaking hemp milk (intolerant to something in damn near everything else) to make either of them and we only get paid on Friday. <insert sad face here>


sunseeker, eggplant bruschetta sounds divine!


AFM, baby girl decided to flip from LOA to ROT while we were riding in the car Saturday. (I felt like crap all day Saturday, btw--almost like my (mild) version of 1st trimester nausea!) It was nuts how much more uncomfortable it was with her in my friggin ribs there than it was with her nestled in on the left side in the "sweet spot." I guess she flipped back last night, because she's back to LOA today, thankfully. I would just like her to stay there until she moves out so I don't have to worry about wrapped cords or back labor or sunny side up birthing! 


A coworker of my husband's says she wants to give us *all* of her baby (girl) equipment and things. I'm not certain of the details, but I think they lost their baby late in pregnancy a year or so ago, and maybe she feels better about giving it to someone else who just had a loss and is having a girl?  I'm not sure, but DH says she is super-kind and that she just wants her things to find a home now that she's ready to move on (again, don't know details, but they aren't having any more). I'm so grateful, yet sad for them, of course. 


...hm, and a bit of lightness to close with, since that felt kind of heavy: My 7yo was stomping (his version of walking) around his room, playing this afternoon, and managed to come down on a LEGO and bruise his foot pretty badly. Arnica+ice, and he could manage (with some limping) a goalkeeper clinic tonight, but I think I won't have to lecture on WHY IT'S IMPERATIVE TO CLEAN UP THE DAMN LEGOS anymore. mwahahaha! 

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Sunseeker, so sorry to hear about your family's loss. Such a hard thing. 


Kel, I want to come share your blackberries! Those dishes sound amazing and I would love nothing more to bake delicious things right now.


Sego, interesting on the hiccups thing. I'd be curious to hear more about it from people who have had early/lots of hiccups and when they ended up going into labor. The Wee Baby Jones has been hiccuping like crazy, and I also feel like he's constantly moving around in there. I think he's still transverse, but I'm hoping he'll go head down soon enough and stay that way! I love your yurt story--and also, how cool that you are going to give birth in a yurt by a wood stove! That is amazing.


travelmumma, I love that you're loving your midwife! So glad everything worked out well, and it gives me hope that whoever we end up with once we get to the UK will hopefully be the perfect fit.


mamabeakley, I hope you get a good nap in soon! The changing seasons tend to make me more tired/nappy anyways, and being pregnant certainly doesn't help kick my energy up. I'm always daydreaming about a softly sunny spot with a good crocheted afghan blanket...mmm, divine.


Yesterday was, well, dreadful. My Facebook status from this morning pretty much sums it up: "Final Monday tally: 1 broke car, 1 fried truck battery, 1 fried cd player and 1 rattlesnake killed after midnight in the garage. #mondaywon" :-P My car still needs to be towed and I'm pretty sure it won't be worth fixing (we are hoping to leave in 3 or 4 weeks, and the car has 258,000 miles on it anyway). It's going to be tricky with one car since I work an hour away and have to commute. Yesterday was also rough as far as waiting goes -- every day that passes by seems to be harder and harder as we wait to hear back on approval for our visa sponsorship. We are soooo ready to make plans, especially since I don't technically know who will be helping with our birth (augh). I am trying to let go and relax and enjoy the time of not being able to do anything, but it is really hard some days. Today has been easier, and I'm hoping the week goes by quickly -- and that at its end, we have an official approval in hand! 


The Wee Baby Jones seems to be doing well, and I don't have any swelling or anything like that yet. I'm really hoping that drinking lots of water and eating well will keep me comfortable until our transatlantic flight, which will probably be around 28ish weeks. It is so hard to believe that today is 25 weeks for me! There is still so much to do, and time to do it in seems to be ticking away so quickly (funny how that works).

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Wow, lots to catch up on! I love the group too and hope we can stay connected after!


OMG all the food sounds so good, esp those blackberry tarts that Kel made. I must try that.


About the hiccups - I'm at the opposite here I think I felt the babe hiccup for the first time this weekend and maybe again last night. Maybe I'm just not recognizing them as hiccups... Babe definitely moves a lot.


Travelmumma - so glad you love your midwife - especially with all the troubles you had finding one that worked! Whew!


We finalized plans for our baby shower this weekend! I'm excited and this means I have to do our registry. I'm dreading it for some reason... ugh. Anyone have some good practical ideas for what to include. We really want to minimize the unnecessary baby stuff that people give... not sure if we can avoid that though. I would really like for people to purchase things used, but that also seems a bit impractical for some folks...


Oh, I broke down and went and purchased a new bra yesterday - got fit and everything. My old bras that I was fit for just before I got pregnant were SO not fitting! Well I went from a C to a DDD! But that is a little misleading since they also put me down a band size too - that was surprising. So maybe I really just went from a D to DDD, but that is still crazy! The sales woman told me that they recommend people come and get fitted for a nursing bra about 2 wks before the baby is born - what are other's experiences on this? It seems that your breasts grow again after the milk comes in, so does it make sense to go before the baby is born. But I guess it might be usefull to have something for when the baby is born... Good bras are so expensive so I hate to purchase more than I need to!


Happy Tuesday!

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Hi mamas! I always get on here late at night, read a few posts, and then realize I am exhausted and tell myself I'll respond later. It sounds like everyone is doing well :) The conversation about food makes me crave fall food. Pumpkin please! And blackberries... YUM! Makes me miss our wild blackberry bushes and picking blackberries with hummingbirds and bumble bees buzzing all around. *sigh* Looking forward to the day we can do that again! Good times!


Baby moves around a lot and hasn't settled into a particular spot yet. He/she does seem to prefer a low-lying transverse breech position, but no concerns here. 28 weeks is just too early to worry about that yet, right? I do have to take it easy. Apparently I've been pushing myself too hard and my body let me know through contractions.... every 5 minutes, that were painful enough to make me double over looking for relief.  Took a bath, relaxed, laid on my left side, and drank lots of water. It took a few hours to calm them down each time it happened, but everything looks good and the Dr. isn't overly concerned. She just made me promise to get to L & D next time it happened just "to be safe", and it hasn't happened since. Taking it easy with 3 other kiddos to care for isn't an easy task though. My home is slowly becoming a pit, but we do have clean dishes and clothes. And my kids are awesome at picking up after themselves, including my little guy!


Lulu, Around 20 weeks with DD1 I had to buy new bras and I wore those until a few days after the birth of DD1and the LC told me not to buy more then 3 (1 to wear, 1 dirty, 1 in the wash) because I would need a different size in a few weeks. She was right on... a few weeks later and I was buying more! Luckily, I remained that size for several months, until I stopped pumping. And I still have those first bras I bought after the birth of DD1. I wore them for such a short time that I figure they are OK to wear and have done so for the first couple weeks after birth with my other children.

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Kel - so jealous of your blackberries!  Growing up in Washington I remember picking wild ones by random roadsides.  Yummy.  


Lulu - this is the registry I found - http://www.encorebabyregistry.com/  

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Personally, I doubt there is a bra in the world that would fit me in the engorgement phase, which lasts up to a week or so from a few days after birth for me.  Think the torpedo shaped things Madonna had on her chest in the '90s.  So I tend to go bra-less during that time.  I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy bras, which were all cheapo exercise bras anyway.  This is not what I would like, and they are definitely a bit small, but I just absolutely cannot afford new ones right now. :-( 


Madis, my baby seems to like being down low a lot, too, and I'm only 25 weeks so I'm definitely not worried (oh, no I'm not worried - who am I kidding?  I can worry about ANYTHING, lol.)  But mostly I'm not worried, just uncomfortable, since it is (for me) alot more uncomfy to be getting kicked down low and to have baby body pushing on my pelvic bones than otherwise.


At some point I started to make a registry on Amazon and literally could think of 4 things to put on it - one of which is a luxury I really don't need and one of which was a car seat but then I realized my brother has one he's done with.  After 3 previous kids, and with lots of family with kids who trade around stuff, we really don't need much if anything.  I think my work is probably going to do a shower of some sort, and I'm trying to think about how to politely tell them that money (and maybe some meals DH can pick up from a central location) would be the most helpful thing they could possibly give.  We put our MW fee on a credit card and our financial situation is not great anyway due to not being able to sell or rent the house we own far away from where we actually live, so . . . yeah. 


Sorry about your car, Chica.  Although it sounds like relatively good timing in the long run!


AFM, today was the first day of the homeschool coop we decided to join.  I think it went pretty well but walking home, pushing DD in the stroller, all I could think was 'I'm so tired, I'm so tired, I'm so tired!"  I'm making Mexican Pasta Salad for dinner, which should be good.  And I gave myself a treat - I love lime or lemon halves or slices dipped in sugar and then I suck the juice out.  So I did that with some of the lime I was using for the salad.  I eat very little sugar normally or while pregnant . . . but that was gooood.

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