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I'm going to join in too! I have a history of significant weight gain in each of my last two pregnancies (50-60lbs), and usually about 15lbs in the first trimester. I don't get nauseas, I get hungry! But rather than trying to diet, I'm focusing on making healthier food choices, and exercising! I'm a runner, but it's never felt good during pregnancy to me, so I've been going for brisk walks, and mixing in a little jogging here and there to keep my heart rate up. I'd also like to break out the prenatal yoga dvds, and I also have this hilarious bouncing excercise ball video for preggos, I can't remember the name. I'll start that in my 2nd trimester.


I keep track the old fashioned way- with smileyface stickers on my calendar. I aim for 5/week. Last week I got to 4. This week I have "planned" 6 days, so life can get in the way once!


Keep up the good work girls!

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Well I was able to meet my goal for the week :) I am going to try to make the same goal for this week as well. Do you girls want me to start a new thread each week or maybe at the beginning of each month? 


I did my prenatal yoga video yesterday..having never taken a yoga class, I can only hope I was doing it all right!! I actually got warm while doing some of those exercises!! I did a 10 min segment of prenatal pilates this morning, and will hopefully get a run in later this afternoon. 


Keep up the great work everyone :)

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Well I was able to meet my goal for the week :) I am going to try to make the same goal for this week as well. Do you girls want me to start a new thread each week or maybe at the beginning of each month? 


Once a month works for me, but whatever everyone else wants. :-) 

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I'd like to join in as well!  My work offers a program where you get rewards for healthy behavior including exercise.  They require 30 mins 3 times a week in six week chunks for points.  Translates into $50 per 6 weeks!  That goes a long way to making a dent in baby expenses!  I've always had a love/hate relationship with working out.  I'm generally a thin person but put on some weight when I was in grad school.  The biggest I got was 150 lbs at 5'7'' which isn't terrible but I wasn't happy there.  I lost about 20 lbs last year (and sadly got rid of my larger clothes which could come in handy now-next july) and then gained about 10 back over this year thanks to a super stressful time selling our condo and buying a house and hadn't gotten back into working out quite yet but the moola was getting me motivated and I figured I should get in better shape before getting pregnant...course we got our BFP on our first try so now it's been about the moola and being healthy for baby, labor, and delivery.  This week's exercise (5 times this week!) marks the end of my first 6 weeks!  


I've mainly been walking since I got the bfp nearly 2 weeks ago but I plan to increase activity and intensity slowly.  I know it sounds horrible but I really don't want to put on too much weight.  My mother has given me crap for years about my weight and has held the fact that she was skinny too before she had kids over my head for over a decade so it's safe to say that I may have some body issues when it comes to pregnancy and getting my body back afterwards.  i also know that the healthier I am the easier labor and delivery will be so that helps motivate me too as I'm a wee bit terrified of that (yup, it's my first, how did you know?).  


We just got a treadmill before we got the BFP so at least as it turns cold I have something non-intimidating to do at home.  We have an eliptical  and i have videos but sometimes walking seems easier if I'm not feeling well.

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AmandaLynn, I'm jealous of the treadmill. I joined a cheap gym nearby so I could use one in the winter last year, but having to get bundled up to get to the gym was a huge obstacle. I still have the membership, though, maybe I'll keep it through this winter, and try to be more disciplined.


Well, life got in the way twice this week, so I exercised (brisk walking or prenatal yoga video) 4 out of the 6 days I planned on. Not bad, especially with Rosh Hoshannah this week. Yom Kippur's Wednesday, and then I have some family droppping in from out of town, but I think I can plan 4 days. 5 if I count the dancing I'll probably do at the wedding we're attending tomorrow.

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Good job ladies!  I know it's frustrating when life gets crazy but it seems like everyone is fitting something in most of the time!


I think I exercised most days this week.  I got up early for a walk once and did some exercise videos the other days.  There was supposed to be a yoga class today but nobody was there shrug.gif so I just ran errands instead.  We are having people over tonight so I am doing lots of cleaning and cooking-does that count?  Probably not.  I actually am ahead on things so I should do it now.  Maybe I'll go for a walk.

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I'd like to join in too. I have a friend that keeps me accountable for the most part, but I could use all the help I can get. :)


I also have a history of major weight gain in pregnancy. I am hoping to avoid it this time.
Started 180 with first and ended at 235 (ACK!)

Started 189 with second and only got to 213 so, could have been worse, but still made me sad

With my third I thought, oh I'm gonna be fine. I started out at 169 and got down to 163 in the first trimester and well... I ended up at 211 :(

This time I'm 160 and I'm hoping to get in the 150s and think it'll happen. (I'm only 4 weeks) My ideal healthy weight would be probably 140-145 when I'm not pregnant.


Anyway, just giving my reason for extra motivation to be accountable with exercise and with food too.


Today I did wii zumba for 30 minutes. BTW zumba has been the thing to burst really break through and help me to continue with my weight loss. I also love pilates. I'm still doing my regular pilates videos though, assuming all continues well, I expect to be doing prenatal pilates soon because doing moves on your stomach while pregnant just doesn't work. LOL

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Hi, I just found this thread and I think it is just what I needed... I will break out the wii fit and do some yoga and running on that. A good goal for me would be 30 minutes of any activity 6 days a week. I will let you know how I do next week!

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I have been really happy with the treadmill even though I've only used it once so far.  Of course, had we known we were pregnant we may have gotten a cheaper one, lol.


Nothing yet to report for this week as m/s took me out Sunday and yesterday I just felt off.  Hoping if I can get out of my unisom haze I can walk today at lunch as it's supposed to be really nice out.  It's about a mile around where I work and I normally do 2 laps, maybe I'll do 3 today and maybe do a video when I get home (I keep meaning to do some yoga)...or maybe I'll fall asleep on the couch while DH makes dinner like I did last night.  I'm still not eating very much as I'm just not interested so I don't want to overdo it on the exercise even though the idea of losing weight is very appealing.

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Okay, y'all. I've gained 3 pounds ALREADY, and I'm 7w6d. This is #2 baby for me, so I guess that could explain it, but at this rate I'm going to be HUGE.


I've been going on 20- to 30-minute brisk, hilly walks 5 days a week, but...should I be concerned? Should I be exercising more to combat this weight gain?


Honestly, I'm POOPED after a brisk walk and the thought of more exercise makes me want to take a nap.



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20-30 minute brisk walk is good, but maybe you could try doing it twice a day? And maybe try prenatal pilates. Start slow with that though. I love the 10 minute solutions prenatal pilates. Then you can do it for only 10 minutes at a time. Do that at least twice a week. Personal thoughts. :) I am someone who struggles with her weight during pregnancy and all the time, but especially during pregnancy. Lost 45+ lbs before this pregnancy and actually lost a couple more lbs since realizing I was pregnant. The other thing is to make sure you are eating healthy meals and snacks. Veggies are a great snack. I put butter and salt over mine. Yummy.


Have you ever tried Walk Away the Pounds. That's really nice and easy to throw in on a bad weather day or when you want to do something different.

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I'm glad that someone brought this thread back to the top of the page!


I made it to the gym today and did 30 mins on the eliptical at a good, brisk, pace.  I didn't make it even once last week!  Brutal!  I twisted my knee the previous weekend doing work around the house and it was bugging me all week, so cardio was out.  I didn't have the energy to do weights.  So, back on track.  Weights are horribly unattractive to me right now.  I am just too tired.  Do you think I can give myself permission to not do them until this MS/fatigue ends, or should I stop being a whiner, suck it up and do my weight routine, but maybe fewer sets?


Snozzberry and Daisy, I hear 'ya.  I weighed myself and I am at 164.5lbs (8 weeks, 5 days).  That is up 2.5lbs from 3 weeks ago (5 weeks 5 days) and it is up 10lbs from my pre-pregnancy skinny weight I was in may of this year.  It is about what I weighed when I got pregnant with DS.  I lost 5lbs in the first trimester with DS and ended up up at least 40lbs (I stopped looking at the scale after about 30-35, it was too depressing).  I am trying to be gentle with myself and not get upset, but just resolve to make better choices, and try not to snack when I feel nauseous even though it seems to help.  Just eat when I'm hungry, cut out all juice (not that I drink a ton normally, but I've been craving it), and make better choices about what I eat.


My goal will be to do yoga once this week, and cardio 2 more times.

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nstewart, I would still do your weights at least twice a week (or other strength training exercise) otherwise you will regret it. Personal experience. I told myself last time I would only stop for the first trimester until I felt better, basically, I ended up not feeling like doing any exercise the rest of the pregnancy. Bad idea. :) Only allow excuses if it's for real. Like if you have threatened miscarriage or pulled a muscle or something.

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Hi, everyone!! I am 7 weeks today. I am definitely feeling the fatigue and nausea more, but I am trying to not allow that to keep me from exercising. I am still running, but I did slow the pace some and instead of running 3 miles, I run only 2 and then walk another 2 miles. Even though I really don't feel like doing it when I start, I feel so much better after I do. Weeks 8-10 usually are my worse weeks in the first trimester, so I am hoping I can keep this up. I think everyone is doing great. Keep it up, girls :)
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I'm joyfully hopping in on this thread too wink1.gif. I am due April 30 so that makes me 9ish weeks. I have been pretty good so far.... don't think I've gained any weight, maybe a pound or two. I bike to work (15 mins each way), walk A LOT at work- 2 12 hour shifts a week, and have been making it to spinning classes 2-3 times a week. On other days I try to do some yoga at home and some good 30+ min walks in. Mainly, I am trying to do something physically active each day. I gained 40-45 pounds with my first pregnancy and would definitely like to gain less with this one. I was 17 days overdue with DS1 and really wasnt keen on stepping on a scale in thise last few days smile.gif but I had a really hard time exercising through the morning sickness first tri with that one and believe I gained some unnecessary lbs then.
What's hard for me though is with morning sickness I also get shakiness and lightheadedness thus making me feel like I need to eat something (which def makes me feel better so I'm thinking its low blood sugar). But of course this equals me eating 'more' than I normally would. I never quite reached my pre-preg weight but since I'm still nursing, kinda felt like my body was hanging on to a little extra weight for that reason. So, basically I am having those typical "girl" feelings of "I'm fat" etc.... why does my brain go there? I'm growing a baby in there!!!!
Anyways, we have our first mw appt today, hoping to hear HB with Doppler and if not I told hubby I want an us so I can see some action in there smile.gif. We had mc in Feb so I am a bit nervous. I'm off to walk with bubs and then maybe some yoga later, happy day to all you girls!
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nstewart- I second the idea of keeping on keeping on with your weights. Maybe you could decrease the weight a bit or do a few less reps and that would help. I started incorporating weights into my lunge routine and that kills two birds with one stone smile.gif
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Thanks for the pep talk ladies.  Part of me hoped you'd let me off the hook easy, but I'm glad for the honest advice. smile.gif


I think it is a combo of fatigue, and bordom with my routine.  My gym buddy has been really busy lately and not making it to the gym with me.  He usually motivates me and comes up with more of a variety of exercises than I do on my own so lately I'm bored.  I'll have to drag him back to the gym.


Plus I think I need to just go a bit slower.  I usually do circuits, which means no breaks between sets or reps, you just keep going, and that's pretty tiring.  So maybe I'll see how it goes today if I do my regular routine but rest between sets.  It'll take longer and I won't get my heart rate up as much or for as long, but if it means I can keep up with my weights...plus maybe in a few weeks I'll have more energy again.


Aunaturalmama - are you still finding the spin classes ok?  I was spinning probably 2x per week when I was pregnant with DS and cut out spinning because my heart rate got so crazy high.  I was never sure whether or not to buy into the "keep your heart rate under X", and didn't really, but did worry spinning was a bit much (for me).  Not to imply you shouldn't be doing it, just curious how you are finding it.

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Aaaand this thread is officially making me feel like a slacker with my piddly little walking routine.  I suppose I have to step it up, eh?  Damn.

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nstewart- there have been a few times during spinning that I feel yucky so I just sit in the back and slow down when I need to. Also, I see your first was born July 2010, so was my sweet Nathaniel Henry smile.gif. July 20th. Looks like we are on the same baby making track. I really admire your committment to EC and would live to hear more about that from you. I go back and forth with wanting to try it with #2 but worry about the mess/work load of it all.
I just got back from first appt with mw and we saw the heartbeat- yay!! I'm do excited!!!!
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Aaaand this thread is officially making me feel like a slacker with my piddly little walking routine.  I suppose I have to step it up, eh?  Damn.


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