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belly binding???

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Hello all,

I was just wondering who here is going to be belly binding? I did a bit with my last kid and it made a difference. Since these ones are even closer in age I plan on doing it a bit more "hard core." 


Before my MIL wrapped tightly a sarong around me and it worked, but it bunched and got annoying. Then I went to granny panties. Also helped but not the most comfortable. 


I think this time around I'm going to use the bellefit http://www.bellefit.com/


Was wondering if anyone else is going to as well?

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On one hand I've heard good anecdotes about it... on the other hand I read some criticism about how some of the muscles might not, at least at first, get as strong as they would without support.  Right now I'm torn between it - if I do end up doing it, I will probably just re-purpose one of my woven wraps and wrap several times around... not sure if that would work, but I know we're not going to go spend extra money on a belly band, money is kind of tight right now.  =/

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That's what I did last time around and it helped. Women from where dh is from do it and it makes a difference. I definitely noticed a difference between not doing it and doing it. Plus the current baby still isn't walking at 16 months, so when this one comes he will still be new at it. He's a big boy, so I'm going to need the extra support. Then I also plan on strengthening things through walking,hiking etc and whatever yoga I can manage.
Also it's something that I can continue to wear if a particular outfit requires when I'm performing etc so I plan on getting good use out of it. smile.gif
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I heard about this when I was pregnant with my DS, but I don't remember doing much research into it. However somewhere around 3 months after I gave birth I ended up living in shape wear. In fact I wore it so much I started to lose feeling in my legs. It was not a good thing. I do plan to wear shape wear again after I have this baby, just not make it a daily thing again so I probably won't put much effort into researching any exact way of doing actual belly binding, although I do see where it would help, I just don't want to have problems with my legs again.
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Wow that's crazy!!! Perhaps the shape wear was too tight?
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I am not sure if it was to tight or just wearing it to long. I would seriously wear it all day long, every day. It was probably a combination of both factors. Like I said I will wear it again, just never on a daily basis like I was.
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