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September chat thread

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Hi Ladies,

Just wondering how you and your babies are doing...  Miekka is crawling all over, into everything, as she pulls herself to standing at every opportunity.  She's also really into food, though I'm being pretty restrictive with her- only whole, simple foods and no grains, no sweeteners except for stevia, no fruit except for banana/melon.  She's doing great with it all, my first baby didn't eat, so this is a whole new ballgame for me.  My hubby's still gone- he has been since late April and won't really be home until mid November.  We miss him.  Oh, and we've had below freezing temps the last two nights... all the fall colors are out and intense and fallen leaves are everywhere.


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wow, crawling! not sure I'm ready for that.


Lola is wonderful - her mellow nature has continued thus far, and with a 4 and 2 year old to care for - I am totally enjoying my good natured baby. She is getting on to her hands and knees and rocking, but no crawling yet. I really hope she stays immobile for a bit longer, I'm not totally prepared to start worrying about my son's lego pieces on the floor or having to keep my eye on one more kid at our pre-k co-op.


Sleep is eh. I'm going to bed too late which is a problem but I still feel tired a good portion of the day. Since she is my last I keep telling myself I only have a year left of night nursing and then I never have to do it again!


She does love to be held though - I get 10 minutes or so out of her playing by herself on the rug, and then she wants some attention. If we are outside, she will sit in the sandbox or grass for a lot longer.

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No crawling here either and ds doesn't have much interest in it. He prefers to scoot around on his butt. Our big advancement was learning to wave..too cute!


Brody is loving the foods even though he only eats 1-2 tbsp per day. He hasn't found anything he doesn't like (we only do single foods and no grains). We actually all get to eat together now which is great, no more passing baby around while one of us eats. His food consumption (including nursing) really hasn't gone up much. He's pretty light (just under 18lbs at 7.5 months) but all kinds of chubby. His Halloween costume is way too long, but fits just right on his big ole belly.


We're loving the fall too! We've been out apple and pear picking and enjoying all the little fairs. I'm worried about the cold. He spends all day outside otherwise he gets cranky. That's been fine with me, but once the snow starts I don't known what we're going to do.

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Phina has been crawling since 5 months, she does an army crawl but has been working on her hands and knees crawl. She's also pulling herself up, mostly on me in bed. She also does a lot of yoga! Downward facing dog while nursing is her favourite. :)


She's starting to throw baby tantrums when you take stuff away from her! She's still easy to distract and its only crying and angry yelling. The other day, she was crying in the car, so I gave her her toy and she angrily pushed it out of her car seat!

She also dramatically fakes coughs. She sticks her tongue out and everything. Too cute!

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Wow, not crawling here either. He does occasionally roll to get a toy and scoots in circles. So due to lack of milk supply and baby not gaining weight we started him on food. He eats twice and day and eats EVERYTHING! Any food he can get his hands on and eat he does, including my pizza last night. :-/ He's pretty much tried everything but meat which is on the plan for this week. I think his FAVORITE are blueberries and bananas but we don't let him have banana very much since it stops him up. 

It's funny ramzubo mentions waving. I def think he was waving to people in the store yesterday but dismissed it b/c I didn't think they learned that till much later.


The other new thing is screaming at bed time. Naps are fine but when bed time comes around he screams and screams and screams and nothing helps. Not holding him, not nursing him, nothing. Very strange.

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