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Weekly Chat - September 10-16

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Thought I'd get us started.. Good labor vibes for activealli, Yeeska, and MamanFrancaise!


Kind of exciting to see that my EDD falls within the timeframe for this week's chat.. time has flown. :)

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Yes!! Good labor vibes to all those mamas working their way towards birthing these beautiful September babies!! And maybe even more twins? Haven't heard from mamalovex2 in a bit?!

From the end of last week's thread, Monkey Keeper, I just realized another thing I need to do since I haven't installed the infant car seat base! Kind of a big deal too. Maybe I'll make dh do that later today!! Aaaand, I totally hear you on suddenly feeling like Superwoman or something when I can go RUNNING at this point. Makes me think I'll be that freak who really CAN be pregnant forever wink1.gif

hyde-- YAY! So exciting that your EDD is this week! Always one day closer to meeting your baby!

Afm, I'm supposed to count the collections plate at church (I've done so every Monday for about a year now), but i might ditch it in favor of a walk even though I'll probably be missing at least the next month after baby. I just feel like focusing on me a bit.

40+2 here today. Feeling kind of mellow about it right now... and i FINALLY got some sleep last night!!! I feel like a new person! Today will involve grocery shopping and maybe some more general cleaning while I wait!
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Looks like today is going to be the day!
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Yay, Alli!!! What's going on? 


I lost so much mucous overnight, it was gross. LOL I think there was a little blood as well. But still just a few sporadic contractions this morning and nothing more. I'm waiting for a call back from my midwife about what to do next. I might go do some acupuncture today if I can get in.

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Hooray, alli! So excited to hear about labor and birth of your little girl!
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Go alli!  Can't wait to hear about your amazing HBAC :)   


Sending you some labor vibes, MamanF...

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Yay Alli! So excited for you. Can I have some labor vibes too? I'm in a similar boat as Maman. My ctx stopped overnight but lots of mucus. Heading to acupuncture at 1:30 today for labor stimulation. I'm also on day 2 of a homeopathic protocol. I'm 40+4 today.
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Comin' at ya, nuku!

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I ran a mile and walked a fast mile. No baby. I feel fabulous. *shrug*
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Contractions every 7 ish minutes. Strong enough to make me stop, breathe through them, sway.can't lay down or sit during them. Lots of moaning. Lots and lots of mucus. Well see how long it takes from here. Not much sleep last night. Couldn't sleep through contractions. Not painful just really uncomfortable. Dr and doula notified. Water still intact. No blood yet.
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Sounds promising Alli!  Hope it's the real deal!


Everyone else teetering on the brink of labor:  good luck and I hope this week ends in babies for you all!





AFM- yeah, nothing going on here.  Braxton Hicks are sparse and weak.  I'm just feeling really lazy today... I woke up, made some muffins for breakfast/snacks, started dinner in the crock pot, and vacuumed the living room.  DD1 is angry at the world right now and is playing by herself, DD2 is sitting next to me talking me ear off about the baby.


Sleeping is getting difficult.  For weeks I was alternating between couches, and once that proved ridiculously uncomfortable I tried moving back into our bed.  It's alright, but I sleep between DH and the sidecarred crib and oh my.. it's a pain trying to get up in the middle of the night to pee... which is happening more and more frequently.


I've also started vaginal EPO.  Here's to hoping it helps my cervix out a little.  I'm having my membranes swept tomorrow, so I'm a little hopeful that I may have a baby by the end of the week.

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Yay, Alli! you can do it!!

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Good, easy labour vibes for Alli, MamanF,  Nuku and anyone else feeling close!


I'm feeling no where close. Other than having a really tough time getting a decent night's sleep, I'm feeling pretty good. I've had a few random contractions on and off through the weekend, but nothing that even makes me wonder if maybe this is it.


I'm a couple days from 39 weeks, and physically and emotionally I'm still fine with waiting. What's annoying is that things are getting complicated logistically. DH's work schedule and everyone planning on coming to visit would be way easier to organize if this baby cooperates and arrives before his or her due date. I'm sort of getting frustrated with everyone who seems to think I have some greater insight than anyone else into when this baby will arrive! Believe me people, if I knew, I'd tell you!

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Alright, Alli! How exciting. :)


Nukuspot, goodvibes.gif

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Hi, ladies! I know I don't post here very often, but I just wanted to wish everyone who is at the brink of having a baby good luck!! I come on here a lot more often now to check and see how people are doing :) I've got about 10 days til the first of my three due dates (gahhh), so I'm not really thinking I'm close, but it's fun to keep tabs on those of you who are very close!

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It is weird to see my first EDD as the last date on this weekly chat range. According to that date, I am 39 +1. I have a week until I'm 40 weeks. Crazy. Not feeling much physically. I'm starting to feel very anti-social. I don't want to leave my home, I don't want to chat with people (mostly because I know they just want to find out if I'm close and i don't have anything to tell them). I also just want time to really contemplate and get myself prepared mentally for the work I need to do. I've been leaving my cell phone next to the bed and ignoring it. They can all call my husband. I'm terrible, I know!

Originally Posted by Carlin View Post

 I'm sort of getting frustrated with everyone who seems to think I have some greater insight than anyone else into when this baby will arrive! Believe me people, if I knew, I'd tell you!


Carlin--I agree about the insight! I even said so on Facebook today: "Just thought I'd mention that I also have no clue when this baby is arriving." and my mother says "well, you have some clue!" and I'm thinking, what do you mean? Sure, I know that I will have a baby by October. How is that different than what anyone else knows?


I will have a baby eventually. I suppose part of me would like to know when. It's just another way this pregnancy has challenged me to give up control.

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Well, I also think today is the day! I've been having consistent contractions all afternoon... had another sweep at 1pm and was nearly 100% and still about 6 but she could stretch me to forever and a half so the stretch wasn't really doing anything. Baby is -1, so not quite putting enough pressure to dilate more... Midwives will be dropping by at 7 tonight to assess.



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Aaawwww MAMANFRANCAISE and ALLIE....good luck and happy birthing your way. That is awesome. I can't wait to hear the birth announcements in the next few days.

I must admit, i'm jealous of all of those who are laboring. i feel ready for her to come now and i get a bit jealous of those who have already had their babies or are having them within the next few days. I have even considered going into hiding from any birth board but then again...i'm just too curious and i feel like we have been around each other more or less for the past 40 weeks, to not come here and check on baby pics and congratulate the mamas smile.gif.
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Wow, lots of labor-ish action!  Horray Alli, Mama, and Nuku!  Can't wait to hear the news!


AFM - We finally finished our home renovation and it is listed on the market!  So, I feel like maybe we can actually have sex, go on  walks and try to get things moving.  We had both guessed today would be the day, but aside from BH contractions, not but is going on.  Maybe Wednesday?  I am 40 + 3 today.

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Yay MamanFrancaise!  Hoping things kick into gear for you!  Maybe some walking and bouncing on a yoga ball (if you have one) will help baby find his or her way down.  Best of wishes!

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