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I lost some plug Saturday morning, and then nothing all weekend.  Blessingway yesterday afternoon, felt GREAT afterwaord.  Then last night, fell asleep super early, and then had 2 steady hours of ctx from 12 to 2am - they were 4-6 min apart lasting 30 secs each.  I don't know what to think!  I'm only 38 weeks.  Both my chiro and midwife's asst told me last week they think I'll go early, but who knows.  Kind of hoping something starts back up tonight, but we'll see.  Can't believe we haven't seen more babies!

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So I've been reading all your posts, but not posting. I'm now 41+ weeks, and getting a little tired of being pregnant! I had a "TO DO" list, and I finished it.  Made another "to do" list, and finished it.  And I know I should make another one, but I'm just TIRED and I want to be on maternity leave already LOL.  (by maternity leave I mean in my bed, resting with a new little baby while someone else referees the other kids).  I have a hard time not getting all depressed every morning when there is no baby, and no signs of a baby.  


All that being said, I have been able to get an amazing amount of work done this past month, which is somewhat validating. And my babies usually come late, so I should expect it. . . . .but we have house guests/re-modelers coming in two days and I wanted the baby to be a week old when they got here.  I've been doing vaginal EPO for the past few nights, have had mucous every other day. . . and TONS of BH.  So I know this means I'm getting closer.  Hopefully in the next few days!  I am going to have my mw come up tomorrow and try to stir things up a bit if there is still no baby by then


I'm excited for you  Alli and MamanF!  . The only thing that has helped is that there are so many on this board who have "late" babies. . . .makes me feel like I'm not so alone, when all my IRL friends who were due the same time as me already have little ones to cuddle. It's no fun being the last :-)


Okay, enough with the pity party already. Sorry about that.  I'm going to go sweep my floor now.  It's really bad! 

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I'm in the waiting room of the acupuncturist for some labor stimulus treatment. Wish me luck! The receptionist sounds sick. I'm trying not to breathe.

Alli, so excited for you! Maman, we have totally different things going on with our cervixes. My baby is +1 and is soooo low I can barely walk or sit. But my cervix is only 3cm and not totally effaced. If we could merge we would have babies by now. I really want another sweep. I don't have one scheduled until Friday. I'm kind of wondering if I could ask the MW to come earlier...But I also don't want to push eviction on the baby either by doing sweeps more than once a week...
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YAY!!!  I'm so excited for you guys, well, all of us, but most especially for Maman, Allie, and Nuku who seem to be a step closer then the rest of us in meeting our babies earthside.


Had a mw appt this afternoon.  I'm normal, baby is normal, slight bh -normal- I'm happy with this.  I don't want baby to come soon, i'd like at LEAST another week.  :)


Oh, my niece's first birthday is on the 22nd. that is 2 days past my edd.  hmmm.... I'd like to go, but 1. money is TIGHT and a trip up there, while it's a day trip, is still at LEAST 30-40$ (gas and ferry) and 2. I could be having a baby.  So, we'll see.  

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Going on 20 hours of early labor and havent transitioned into anything active. Still having contractions 7 minutes apart. Im tired! Trying to get moving and find things to do  and maybe a walk to get things going??? I didnt really prepare for this part..... its definitely labor as I have regular contractions and they are enough to stop me dead in my tracks and have to breathe through them but water still hasnt broken, no bloody show and contractions are not getting closer together.

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hug2.gifHang in there Alli! You can do this! I'm guessing there's no way you can sleep? If not, a walk might help. You could also take a look at the spinning babies site and see if there's anything there that resonates with you!

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Well, my contractions have gone from 15 to 8 minutes apart now. Midwives are on their way to visit. These contractions are not pleasant at all! I feel like there is a knife in my cervix with each one. But I can still talk through them. So either I will have a slow, mellow labor or transition will come on fast and furious once my water breaks like last time... who knows!!


Alli - I'm so sorry you're going through such a long early phase! Definitely check out spinning babies. Acknowledge any fears you may have as well. Anything you need to get off your chest? Anything you're worried about? 

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Alli---my first labor was like that, 5 minutes apart for 24 hours before anything active happened. It was very frustrating. I went for a walk, ate, tried but failed to rest, and finally watched the daily show while bouncing on the birth ball. That finally put me into active labor! Just try to distract yourself the best you can. Can I say that I am jealous of you and MamanF who are actually having contractions? Mine fizzled out, acupuncture so far hasn't brought them back....
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Go, alli!  Go MamanFrancaise!! ... and... Contractions come back for nukuspot!!!


This body right here, ran a mile this morning (and walked a very fast mile as well with the running!) and I took a picture.  Because it keeps me occupied.  And sometimes my body amazes me.  Sometimes I'm not sure it should feel this good, but if it does, I guess I'll keep using it.  I *am* a bit sore now though.  Like my whole lower abdominal region is ex.haus.ted. and any time I walk I have a hard time figuring out if I'm getting BHs or just tired muscles.  Meh.





Beef and broccoli for dinner was de.li.cious.  ... I did go to the grocery store and picked up some things that make for easy dinners/lunches for after Baby Five comes (if he/she ever decides to arrive).


At the grocery store, the other day a lady asked me when I was due, I mentioned it was in two or three days or something (it was last week, I guess) and she said, "And you're still up and walking around?!" and I just smiled.  ... Then... the next question, which is asked by many if they don't actually know me personally (and this cracks me up) is always, "Oh, is this your first?"  I try to stifle any giggles or anything and politely answer that it's actually my FIFTH child.  The reactions by people are predictable from here on out.  Everybody suddenly freezes... and I swear, they slowly back away, lest the crazy is contagious.....


LOL.  I'm okay with it though.


Still 40w2d.  Not thinking this baby will have a 9-9 birthday.  Bummer.

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Alli, hang in there!

Labor vibes to Maman and Nuku.

There are babies in there, ladies and they have to come out one way or the other. Mine is on the boppy, passed out in a milk daze on my breast. joy.gif
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Mine is in a milk daze on my chest in the moby. innocent.gif

Labor vibes all around! goodvibes.gif
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I can't stop baking/eating muffins.  eat.gif


That is all.

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Lol WCM smile.gif
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Okay, so I have been really REALLY bad about posting!!  I've read and read and read, but only occasionally posted.  Bad me.  I gotta say, I'm kinda shocked we don't have more babies by now!  We're just going to get a huge baby flood all at once I would bet.  I'm sitting on 40+3 and I'm so freakin' ready to have this baby.  With my other two kiddos I had sciatica that was pretty bad.  Well, with this baby I've not really had that at all, but it's been replaced with this HORRIBLE tendon/ligament pain in my crotch.  All those tendons and ligaments that run up the inside of the upper leg are so, so sore.  The rest of my pelvis is slightly sore too.  I can hardly get my pants on these days because it hurts so bad to lift my legs off the ground.  And getting into/turning over in bed.....yeah, SOOO painful!!  Basically anything that involves needing momentum and strength from that area (the adductors) is a no go.  Bah!  I'm still taking care of the sheep and chickens everyday.  Somehow I manage to waddle out there to get everyone fed and watered.  We're basically ready for baby to get here, just keeping up with some cleaning.  Not that I've been too good about it the last few days.  I had this wave of energy last week and got a lot done but the last few days I've literally felt like I could sleep all day.  Today I was able to get the kids fed and changed, only to have to put on PBS for them and to lay down and watch them from there.  It's nuts.  We're homeschooling DD and at this point I've managed to stay on top of that but man, some days are such a struggle.  But then I get these late night little bouts of energy...hence why I'm on here stalking for baby news!!  Okay...enough for now.  I'm going to go get into some mint chip ice cream......


Good luck Maman and Alli!  I can't wait to read your birth stories!


Night all.... 

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Rachel- Ahh, I totally feel you on the pain.  Rolling around in bed is such a challenge.  Between the pain and being woken up by contractions that remind me that my bladder is a little *too* full... ack.  Hopefully we can both catch a break soon!  And I wonder if there will be one weekend or something where we'll just have the baby flood.  We shall see!


Currently, I'm fighting the fact that I'm fighting the urge to go to bed.  I don't want to get in bed because of the whole pain thing... and I keep waiting until I pee so that I'll get a longer "sleep stretch".. but it seems that every time I get up off of the couch to go to the bathroom, I decide to also get a small snack and water.  Totally counterproductive!  


I really should just suck it up and go to bed.  I have the whole membrane sweep thing tomorrow morning as well as ALL of the laundry to do.  Hopefully I'll get to either washing guinea pig bedding (because I can't change the cage till I do so!) and washing baby clothes & diapers.Maybe baby will come out at that point...


Oh, and also.... we don't have a name for this baby. duh.gif  Anyone want to offer up insight?


We have a few but DH and I always end up arguing over them.

We're likely going to just wait and see what she looks like.  We have one darker skinned/haired child and one fair skinned/haired child, and if their names were swapped it just wouldn't fit.  I'm hoping that this baby has some striking feature that leads us to her name...


Josephine (Josie) Catalina - Both names are names of DH's late-great-grandmother and grandmother.  I'm not *too* keen on them but the meaning backs them up.
Nova Trinity - Really, really one of my favorites.. 

Charlotte (Charlie?) Nova - I like this one a lot.  Co-workers of mine think it's a very flexible name.  Charlotte can be an adult name.  If she's more feminine, she can go by Charlotte or Char.  If she's the opposite, Charlie works as well! 

Scarlet Sky - We have an acquaintance with this name, she also shares our last name!  DH loves this name, it paints a vivid picture for me, but I don't know how I feel about it.  Scarlet is also a good "kid to grown up" name.

Willow Sky/Storm/Trinity - DH likes Willow because of will smith.  It's nature-y!  I'm okay with it.. 


Baby is likely going to be some combination of those.  Bleck... this is hard work, lol.

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Wondering how mole and anyarose are doing? Haven't heard from them in a while?

It's 4:42 am....back to bed...no baby in sight.
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WCM - I really like Josephine (Josie) and Charlotte (Charlie) especially because of the knicknames. The formal names are on the more popular side, if that's ok with you guys. I also love Nova and Willow. I guess that makes me almost no help!

38w2d here and sleep is a distant memory. My DS has been sleeping like a champ, too, so I have no one to blame but "pregnancy insomnia". Awesome.
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WCM- it seems like Nova Trinity is really sticking for you!

Sleep- I get none. Since we moved last week, DS has been having an even harder time than usual so he wakes me over and over PLUS I roll over every 10 seconds and get up to pee about a million more. DS has taught me how to get by with no sleep but I am dreading the thought of two beings waking me over and over...

We are pretty settled in the new place. There were many bumps in the road- some unresolved- but I am trying not to dwell. I really wanted to go into having this baby in a different place mentally so I am going to try to get there. We'll see. I am setting a deadline of Friday to get through my lists and STOP stressing. I really need to stop.

I am wondering how Alli is doing???
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Alli- how ya doin? I hope things either pick up for you so you have a baby or slow down so you can get some rest!

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At the grocery store, the other day a lady asked me when I was due, I mentioned it was in two or three days or something (it was last week, I guess) and she said, "And you're still up and walking around?!" and I just smiled.  ... Then... the next question, which is asked by many if they don't actually know me personally (and this cracks me up) is always, "Oh, is this your first?"  I try to stifle any giggles or anything and politely answer that it's actually my FIFTH child.  The reactions by people are predictable from here on out.  Everybody suddenly freezes... and I swear, they slowly back away, lest the crazy is contagious.....


LOL.  I'm okay with it though.

My mom gets the same reactions, I am the oldest of 7, and I have also gotten similar reactions because my two will be so close... Seriously at Wal-mart the other day an older couple was asking me how old DS is and then asked when I was due. When I told them in a couple of weeks they said "oh." ... ??? I'd rather them not say anything than give me the condescending looks and everything irked.gif I am, however, hyper sensitive during pg so I will blame that lol


AFM - I am thinking I will go late again... I am 39w 2d today... had some movement last night that was VERY similar to the night before DS was born. it kind of felt like he was pushing off inside, trying to get out ! hope that makes sense. Anyway no cntx yet but i really am not crazy about a 9/11 baby so it's cool by me to wait...


DS turned 1 yo yesterday! we had  party for him on Sunday where he had his first cupcake, it was adorable. I had to stop singing "happy birthday" to him though because i started tearing up (as I type I am starting to again!). He got some great little presents, including a push toy which I am hoping will encourage walking *fingers crossed*


I also started attending a women's Bible study that will go for 10 weeks, which I am excited about.. I have been trying to get out more with new people since the bfing incident and also went to the local home school group's park day with my mom and bros so that was fun too. I am not sure if I want to home school, or for how long but DS LOVED playing in the dirt lol I have been feeling a lot better the last week or two.. a lot happier, so that's been nice!

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I'm still pregnant! I'm actually at work right now (despite being on maternity leave) because we had a meeting I wanted to attend and I wanted to meet with someone I supervise. I'm 41+1 today and I don't feel anything is changing. At the acupuncturist yesterday she did some new points on me to help start labor, and WOW they hurt! She went around to all the points and was rotating them and making sure I really felt them strongly. It made me sweat like crazy, and afterwards she said my pulse felt a lot more like labor would start soon, but still nothing. Biking to work today was kind of painful in a stabby way, my crotch is very sensitive now, but I still prefer it to walking. Ugh, walking ;). Last night was the first time I actually had insomnia this pregnancy, and every time our cat would walk across my stomach it was so sensitive and painful I had to keep pushing him off of me. Happy laboring to everyone who's got something going on now. Good luck with your long haul, Alli. I hope you get the rest and strength you need, and that your baby come out soon!  

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