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holy cow, Nukuspot! Congratulations!!

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Congrats Nukuspot that is one fast labor. I had to laugh about biting your husband I'm sure he understands. I've come close in some of my labors but dh saw it coming and pulled back in time.  

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Oh wow! that was fast!! And unexpected. Yay nukuspot!  Welcome to the world, little baby. 

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Okay, I HAD to post these two together, because it was just too awesome not to :) 



Originally Posted by nukuspot View Post

Awake at midnight. I'm crampy and can't sleep. Feels like I have to use bathroom but can't go. I've had this feeling before so not going to hold my breath that it's going to turn into anything but it's nice to hope! Hmmm I might have just had a contraction!? I seriously can't tell anymore after weeks of crampy feelings with baby at +1...


Originally Posted by nukuspot View Post

I had a baby! I had a precipitous labor last night, baby was born about 2-3am (oops I never asked) after about 2.5 total hours of labor and 4 minutes of pushing in the tub. I called my MW to tell her I was in "early labor" around 1230am. She said she was coming over, I said I thought it was too early. Good thing she didn't listen to me! About 20 minutes later I was screaming in the hallway to fill the tub. DH tried but it was slow and my labor was going so fast that I bit him when he said it wasn't ready yet. I feel bad but I was crazed! I had no idea I was having a precipitous birth. Finally I told the MW and DH that I was getting in no matter what and I got in the few inches of water and started instantly spontaneously pushing. Oops rest of story to come....Must nurse.


Elapsed time: 17 hours, 23 minutes :) 

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Congratulations Nuku! Sounds like a wild experience! Can't wait to hear more of the story and see pictures of your new baby!

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Judybean:  Last pregnancy, I went into labor about 8 hours after acupuncture- I am sure that is what got me there, hoping it will help you along as well.


Nukuspot:  joy.gif was your first labor fast?

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Yay nukuspot! Congratulations!


MonkeyKeeper- your method of keeping time makes for a much less dramatic storyline :).

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Aawww nukuspot...awesome birth story. Congratulations on your addition. smile.gif
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Congrats, Nukuspot!!! That's insanely fast! great job!

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Nuku ....so awesome! Reminds me so much of my daughter's birth...was also only about 2 1/2 hours but it was between 2 and 3pm lol.
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Originally Posted by mole View Post

I just checked our EDD list- Everyone earlier on the list than me has had their baby already! (EricaF and 5boysplus had their babies even though they aren't updated yet on the EDD list).
innocent.gif I'm on a trip and haven't been able to update! If you see someone I have missed updating will you all reply to the thread with baby's name and birthdate?
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Congrats nuku!!
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Congratulations, nukuspot!!!

No exciting contractions, just random ones. Dh called in sick to work so we drove 90 miles to the north just for a fun out-of-town trip smile.gif Won't have trips alone for quite a while after Baby Five, so why not?! Got some homemade fudge, RRL tea, castor oil (in case it's needed, but not for days), and papaya enzyme tablets. Headed back home shortly smile.gif
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My first birth was....50 hours! So this was a super suprise. I think that's why I bit DH. I thought I was going to have 50 hours of contractions that intense. It was like my first labor all rolled into about 2 hours of contractions, each contraction this time equalled 100 of last time pain wise.

Anyway, when I got in the tub I felt my vagina. Cervix was right there and membranes were intact. I think I was about 6-7cm? Anyway checking myself caused the biggest contraction ever. I screamed at the top of my lungs and pushed. I was on my hands and knees in about 4-6 inches of water screaming for someone to pour water on my back. Then I felt ring of fire. I pushed again and out came the head. I heard her cry and I was really confused because I don't understand how I could hear her crying under the water and through an intact bag of water? Turns out there was so little water in the tub that even though I was on my hands and knees, my vagina was out of the water and the bag must have broken in that few minutes between checking and head coming out!? The midwife said to wait for the next contraction but there was no way I could wait. (I did this with my other DD too.). I pushed even without a contraction and she was born to her chest. I yelled for someone to pull her out. When those feet came out it was the biggest relief ever. I couldn't even move or look at her or grab her I was in so much shock. DH held her for a minute until I was together enough to flip around over the cord and get in a sitting position. I delivered the placenta in the tub then was asked to get out because it was hard to assess bleeding in such a small amount of water, they were used to seeing it in a full tub.

My daughter's name is Mora Wren and she was 8#8, 20.75 long, born at 41+1 at an unknown time (I'll ask the midwife when I see her on Saturday.)

I wouldn't let anyone touch me or do any heart tones or basically anything the whole time. I was like a wild animal. What a crazy birth!
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Wow! Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you are recovering well!!
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Awesome...what an inspiring birth story.
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Congrats Nuku! Sounds shocking and amazing all at once. Reminds me of my daughter's birth. 

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I think i'm in for another round of contrax tonight. Why do they always start in the pm?
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Way to go Nuku!!! Congratulations on such a wild and wonderful birth and a beautiful (i'm sure) baby girl.

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Congrats nuku! That actually sounds like my first birth, even the prequel of being crampy much earlier.
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