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wow nuku, amazing!  I posted my birth story under Brody is Here Thread.  I felt very animal like this time too, but midwife said I wasn't as loud as I thought I was, but I definitely swore like a sailer!

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Amazing nuku!
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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

I think i'm in for another round of contrax tonight. Why do they always start in the pm?


I've read that our bodies naturally produce more oxytocin in the evenings :)



HUGE congrats to you, Nuku!  What an inspiring story!  To think, you were posting on here about cramps and came back to post that you had a baby under 18 hours later!  Crazy!  Maybe this one made up for your long labor last time!



AFM- I am just exhausted beyond belief tonight!  Went shoe shopping for DDs today.. came home with NO shoes.  Why is it so hard to find shoes that I like?  Gah! 


I'm in for a busy busy week this week.  Looks like this:
Saturday: EDD #2.  Being dragged to a quinceanera until late hours of the night.

Sunday: SILs birthday, Mexican Independence day, huge feast & party at my MILs.
Monday: Homeschool as usual, catch up on what needs to be caught up on.
Tuesday: Midwife appt, membrane sweep.  Kids start gymnastics. Homeschool stuff.
Wednesday: More homeschool catching up...
Thursday: Membrane sweep.  DD1 has OT at a different time slot to give her more social interaction.  Stressful for all of us. Homeschool stuff.
Friday: Kids gymnastics.  More homeschool stuff.  DHs day off so maybe I can make him do everything!
Saturday: C-Day.  Hoping I have this baby before then, because firing my midwives (or being fired!) is nerve wracking.


I've had maybe four contractions all day long.  Not very productive.  I'm still losing my plug but it's not blood-tinged or anything.  Maybe I'll birth this baby when she's two..

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Love, love reading all the birth stories!

I'm 39+2 today, and my midwife checked me for the first time. Stretchy cervix with a little neck left, no dilation. Makes me even more frustrated at the week of contractions. I know it means nothing- that every baby and cervix will proceed at their own pace, but I'm so tired all the time. I'm only sleeping marginally better than I will with a newborn. I want to meet my baby, get to know him or her, and see if my body makes milk this time. Strange thing is, though, that other than extreme tiredness, I don't physically feel bad or uncomfortable. If I could put life on hold, sleep 12 hours/day, ignore chores and still eat well, and go to yoga each day, I'd feel great!
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WCM, if it helps, I had zero bloody show the whole labor. I have no idea where it went!? Maybe in the tub at then end?
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Originally Posted by nukuspot View Post

WCM, if it helps, I had zero bloody show the whole labor. I have no idea where it went!? Maybe in the tub at then end?


Maybe!  Then again, you didn't really have time to focus on looking for bloody show, did ya? lol.gif I am still so amazed and inspired by your labor and birth.  



I'm really fed up with this kid.  Her positioning is just weird.  She's LOT, or Left Occiput Transverse.  Her head is down, but sideways, so she's facing my right hip with the back of her head to my left hip.  Butt under my right ribs, shoulder towards my left just south of my belly button.  She keeps engaging and popping back up, and I feel almost certain that this is why I'm not dilating on my own.  I'm inclined to say better than breech... but a frank breech started dilating my cervix before, so...   I wonder what her personality will be like.

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41 weeks now (mountain time zone)... I go from confident that things are happening to totally giving up and thinking things will never happen and that somehow my body has forgotten what to do (because I betrayed it the first three times).

In trying to check my cervix or generally see what's going on down there, gosh... everything seems so much more swollen... like baby is really adding a lot of pressure... and what I believe is my cervix does seem to have softened/shortened and changed... but that doesn't necessarily mean anything anyway (even if I want it to!). Sex was had. As it has so often for the last few weeks (even more than once per day)... and still I'm here full-bellied.

Going to work on visualizations tonight. Relaxing. Wrapping this baby in love. Visualizing baby travelling down the birth canal, opening and stretching the cervix, and coming to join life on the outside.
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Timing contractions again. Dh woke me up wanting to dtd and i noticed i was having that same crampiness but WORSE this time. Sitting down or laying down is not even an option right now. Pacing up and down the kitchen sure does feel good though. Here's to hoping that this will turn into something.

Edit: dtd didn't happen....just could not imagine right now lol.
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MissE - if DH woke me to dtd, it would never happen, contracting or not! Heck no!

Nukuspot- congratulations! What a story!
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Misse--that sounds promising!


I didn't have the same kind of crampiness last night as the night before. I was up every hour, though. It's funny, now I'm sorta wishing for the crampiness to come back, since it was a sign of something actually happening. I was actually feeling less achey last night, so DH and I DTD, which felt really nice. My pelvis has been so achey lately I haven't been interested. Tomorrow I'm 40 weeks, according to some machine that measured at my initial ultrasound. I'm hoping I go on the 18th, since that is the date I've been thinking all this time, and is based on my conception date. But I have no idea. It's so hard to trust that this body knows what to do and will do it before 42 weeks! All I can do is hope.

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And it all disappeard around 4 am...just like the last time. This sure is annoying. I'm glad my mom is here. She'll send me back to bed later on. I never had any 'false' labor (or is it prodromal labor??) like this with my other two. I was induced after my due date with both so i'm happy to make that experience right now but maaaan it's exhausting. I can only imagine what WCM is going through.
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Happy Due Date to me!
Today is the second of my two due dates, and I've decided baby will just show up whenever she shows up.  She's not in my favorite position, but I've come to terms with it and know she can flip in and out of it.  I'm just going to have to trust baby on this one. (She's LOT).  I have so much to do around the house, diapers are still not prepped...

My Earthside kids just have so much going on this week, they really need their mama there for them.




Sorry things subsided for you MissE!  Baby's time will come.  At least, that's what I've been trying to tell myself!

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Spreading all my labor vibes around to those of you who want them!  Today is DS's birthday, so baby is NOT allowed to come today. Not tomorrow or Monday either... So you guys can have all of them. Not that anything is going on ;)

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Originally Posted by Monkey Keeper View Post

Spreading all my labor vibes around to those of you who want them!  Today is DS's birthday, so baby is NOT allowed to come today. Not tomorrow or Monday either... So you guys can have all of them. Not that anything is going on ;)

*Stay in till Tuesday Vibes!!*



Yeah, mine isn't allowed to come on Tuesday.  That's all I ask, really.  The kids start gymnastics.  I am the only person available at that time to take them.  Poop.

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My very very last ditch effort is gonna be castor oil on tuesday during the day. Until then i'll wait. If anything, i want to have my waters ruptured on wednesday or thursday if my blood pressure is high again (dd is wednesday the 19). I'm prepared for another induction and i know that i could still be 2 weeks away from birthing day but with my bp and 'history' of gestational hypertension (same thing happened with ds, i had lots of water retained with him too) i don't want to risk anything. I'm still confident i will be birthing vaginally though i think i'm at peace with another c/s IF it has to happen.
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Two Benjamins were just born! Maybe mine will take a hint...

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Sending labor vibes to all the mamas on a time crunch! goodvibes.gif


My SIL's EDD is on the 26th but she was told a few days ago that baby is getting too big and she needs to go into labor within the week. She also has too much amniotic fluid so she won't be able to have her HB she was planning and might have to have a C/S because of baby's size. I guess they are concerned about the baby's shoulders being so broad, an US showed the baby weighing at 11 lbs about a week ago, which I know is totally doable *shout out to MamanF!* but in combination with the high amniotic fluid isn't the safest situation and her MW can't deliver with that issue anyway... She said they checked for the possibility of GD and that she doesn't have it, but her diet is full of starchy foods so I am a little worried about her. I think her MW should have been a little more on her about her diet but whatever.. ANywho this will throw a monkey wrench in my plans because DS was supposed to go over to MILs if i labored during the day, but now it looks like MIL will be heading to Denver at a moments notice to be w/ SIL So now I am kind of hoping I have this baby before she has to leave, which at most would be in a few days. ARGH! I hate having to schedule labor around other people's lives but because DS is so young I can't send him with just anyone... Hopefully my dad will be able to watch him, the only thing is my dad might be watching my 5 and !/2 mo brother along with my other little bros, while mom is with me... I don't want to put myself on a timetable but this is just turning into (even more of) a logistical nightmare!!!


On the other hand I know how much of a surprise this was for SIL so I am not trying to sound selfish, I am just starting to worry... I guess worst case scenario is that my mom would have to help with DS instead of being with me... She was just such a HUGE help last time so I was really wanting her there again...


WOw I sound like a crazed lunatic.. rereading that paragraph I can just imagine if I were saying it, no one would understand me because I would be talking so fast...

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Originally Posted by ascher21 View Post

Two Benjamins were just born! Maybe mine will take a hint...

lol! I hope so too! It's so hard waiting for them to come out!

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Jules- that sounds crazy!  Asap labor vibes to you!  Well wishes for your SIL as well, that has to be rough.

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Jules - you have a 5 month old brother, plus a niece/nephew on the way and your baby on the way too?! Your family is crawling with babies. smile.gif
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