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Good call, LibraryMo.


grouphug.gif Attention all September 2012 DDC cervixes: Open sesame. grouphug.gif


Not the most elegant, but hey. ;)


40+1 here. Definitely had my own little meltdown this evening, which started with not having realized that StubHub stops selling tickets two hours before game time and ended in me being mad at an unborn baby. Totally saintly, magnanimous person over here. ;) Dispiriting, but I did get a second date night in a row out of it, bless my husband's heart. It has been really nice to get out of the house with him this weekend. We'll see how many more outings we can sneak in soon enough.


Love and labor vibes to those needing either of those things right now. I'm going to attempt sleep- have been up since just before 2, and it's 4:30 now. I might feel this tomorrow (today).

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Well, I think the mamas with the pg insomnia gave it to me... I woke up at 4 (to DS's feet in my face, no less) and could not go back to sleep! I hope the 3 am cervical opening went well and some things are starting to happen for you guys!


WCM - Sorry about all your EDD confusion... I have a little bit of that too but am hoping my first one is right winky.gif


Judy - I HATE the  "your'e STILL here?!" comments... I have been laying low this last week so I haven't anyone except family. If DH is getting any questions at work he (wisely) hasn't told me about it lol


I called my MIL last night cause I had a couple of things I needed to talk to her about, and she sounded soooo on edge when she answered the phone... Poor MIL, she has two grandchildren due in the same week so anytime the phone rings she is probably going to have a mini heart attack!


Anyway, I hope everyone ELSE is sleeping well!sleepytime.gif (always wanted to use that one!)

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I just know I will check in and there will be a massive list of births...everyone is so very ready.

Sleep- I've had insomnia for at least 2 months. Plus DS stopped sleeping as soon as we moved. He's 4! Ugh. At least I'm used to it. But today he got up for the day at 4 am. He suddenly has a fever of 101.5 and I am terrified of getting sick and keep crying about how I wanted today to go (c-section tomorrow...) and what will happen if DS can't come to see his brother. Emotions are on the edge- this is just not how I want things to go.
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No contractions for me last night lol. Slept from 11pm til 6am. Not bad. But i woke up to my hand a little swollen. Makes me freak out because of my blood pressure issues. It's not super swolen but i can feel something isn't right when i close it. I'll ask mil for her blood presure measuring thing.

Labor vibes to everyone who might need it. Good luck mamas.
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Wow, I actually slept through 3 am. I missed the circle! Funny how now i'm disappointed if I don't wake up with cramps. I think I might start trying acupressure. There's a cervical softening point, I believe, that I thought I'd try.


I find it hilarious that dtd is actually making my sore pelvis feel better, and my cramping has subsided. I thought this was going to wake things up in there, not settle them down! I'm going to read that link, Judybean. We all need some peace of mind. It would be so much easier for us to have it if the government wasn't breathing down our necks.

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Tomorrow is 42 weeks for me. Still very few, almost not noticeable contractions. I was trapped at the hospital since yesterday on almost constant CTG monitoring. I'm on a 3 hour break now, so at home with my cat but have to leave soon, it takes me 35 minutes to walk from home to the hospital. I have almost 24 hours of perfectly healthy fetal heartbeat except for two episodes of reduced heart beat, which is normal sometimes (for example the fetus might move in such a way that it compresses its umbilical cord and then move away from it again) but they want to keep up this monitoring in case the placenta deteriorates and stops giving the baby everything it needs. I've had a foley catheter balloon in for almost 24 hours (it will be removed when I go back to the hospital soon) and it hasn't fallen out, so I'm still less than 3 cm. Next they want to use misoprostol, even though me and the fetus are perfectly healthy. I only have my mild (not opening my cervix yet) contractions when I am walking, nothing when I am lying down, so all this monitoring is really not helping me start labor. Everyone working at the hospital is amazingly kind and I feel like they are very competent, they take time to talk with us and answer all our questions. I understand that they want me to go into labor while the placenta is still giving the fetus everything it needs so it has energy for the birth. That makes perfect good sense to me. I just worry about the risks of the hormonal induction overstimulating my contractions, and would like to discuss with them the risk/benefits of that (although obviously I know that their protocol is to use the misoprostol starting tonight). Blech. 


Good luck to everyone to birth your child before 42 weeks so that you never, ever have to have a bloody tube hanging out of your vagina :).  

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Jend:  My DS is 4yrs. as well and will still get up during the night and we haven't moved or done anything different - he is just a bad sleeper.  I hope your DS is feeling better soon, so that he can meet his new sibling.


I was up unfortunately up for the cervical opening party last night, although I was puking during it.  I thought it was either the start of labor or food poisoning, I still don't know what it was, but at least it stopped and I feel better now.  I got nervous that my water had broke - nope, just peed my pants while hurling up dinner.  My stomach felt better afterward, but boy did that burn my esophagus.  Gross, I know...

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Mole- Sending you wishes of peace during your labor & birth goodvibes.gif

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Hope everything goes well Mole and that you have a peaceful and positive birth!! Idk what a foley catheter balloon is but it doesn't sound so great...

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Oh Mole, that catheter doesn't sound fun! I also hope your birth can still be a positive one!

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Wow- maybe I should have joined in last night. Slept fine until 12:30, then up till 5 because my allergies have hit full force, and I couldn't breath. I am just amazed at how a person can be so, so tired, and so, so pregnant, and still not be able to sleep! I started taking claretin, a class B, because I was too miserable to go without. Baby is definitely lower- starting to waddle around and feel pressure more of the time. I can tell the baby is hanging out too much against my back- glad DH remembers how to do the sacrum pressure and hip pushes.
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Oh mole. Sending labor vibes your way. I had a foley cath when i was induced with ds but i was already on pitocin by then and they inserted the catheter so i could get an epidural at 3cm. Putting it in was so so painful and they blew it up and it fell out immediately and i was at 3cm.

Misoprostol is cytotec, right? I thought it was not recommended for induction?
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Thinking of you mole.  Hopefully you can get things rolling. Maybe try some nipple stimulation? and ask if you can do something other than lie down while being monitored? I will be sending t&p your way for a beautiful birth.


I slept well last night, despite the heinous reflux I've been having for the last several days. But the bowling ball in my butt feeling is not pleasant. I've never had a baby this low before until birth, and I can't say I like it. I sat down in the car today to go to church and felt like I was sitting on something in my vagina :/  I just feel kinda crappy beyond being uncomfortable, and I'm trying to be at peace wtih 2 more weeks of this. Struggling. And thinking of those of you who are already at 41 or beyond with lots of love.

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Mole-- I've been thinking about you and wondering how things are going for you.  I'm glad baby seems to be doing just fabulous while still gestating and you seem to have quite a fabulous mindset still.  I hope baby continues to thrive in that womb and that your placenta keeps on fully supporting that thriving baby as long as need be... and then, when the time comes, your body kicks into gear and everything goes as you hope.  Thinking positive birth vibes your way!


41w1d here.  Woke up and a spot on my lower right back is killing me!  ... I actually said out loud, "Oh, Body!  Why now?!" and yeah... I even chuckled to myself talking out loud to my body.  Dh and the girls are at church, so I got to get up alone!  (I didn't even bother helping him get them ready this morning and that felt fabulous ;) ).

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Originally Posted by Princessjules View Post
Idk what a foley catheter balloon is but it doesn't sound so great...


It's a foley catheter (what they use for collecting urine of bedridden patients) inserted into the cervix and inflated to dilate you to 3cm.  As invasive as it is it's not as bad as giving pitocin right off the bat.  I had one with my induction with DD1 @ 42 weeks.  They didn't turn my pitocin on until after the bulb fell out.  It wasn't so bad because I was bedridden, but I can't imagine having to walk around with one of those things dangling out of you :(  It feels like a monster tampon.



AFM- Today is starting off terribly.  My husband is being a jerk.  We share washing machines with the landlady and with the lady who loves in the basement.  Last night my husband did laundry, knowingly left it in the dryer and went to bed.  He woke up at 1:30am and asked me (dealing with insomnia and in a lot of pain) to get it.  I told him not tonight and that I would if I felt well again in the morning.  This morning he woke up expecting his laundry to be upstairs.  I told him I didn't feel well, so I didn't get it (we live on a very high second floor and it's a huge hamper of laundry).  He waved his hand at me and scoffed, "forget you then".  I totally blew up at him and huffed and puffed down the stairs to get his laundry so that I could apologize to the neighbors if they were down there (it's their designated day to wash today).


Last night he was also just as pleasant, wouldn't help me put away dinner, wouldn't help me put the kids to bed or give them their baths.  I finally got him to help with DD1s bath (she has water fears and is too much for me to physically handle at bathtime).  So I cleaned the kitchen after he went to bed.


There is just so much crap that needs to be done.  I've passed my latest due date.  The house is a mess!  It needs to be dusted, vacuumed, everything.  There are air conditioners and storage boxes taking up half of my living room because my DH is too darned lazy to take them to his father's garage to store them for the winter.  We are out of toilet paper, I need some things for homeschooling this week, and DH refuses to take me to the store (or *gasp* go himself!) because it's *his* day off and he has to fix his car.  He has to replace the starter, which takes about an hour and a half max.  He's been up since 9am and has all day to do this.  He won't even take me when he's done!


I'm just fuming angry and venting.  This is supposed to be my time to rest and focus on bringing a baby into this world.  I shouldn't be having to deal with all of this crap.  

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WCM--that sucks! I am sorry he's being like that! I wish there was another way to get to the store. :( My DH has been getting moody, too, but not like that. He keeps buying all this food at the store, and telling me he's "nesting". Meanwhile we are just accumulating snacks like there's a tsunami coming. I hope he changes his tune, soon! Perhaps when he goes to use the toilet...;)


Today was my initial ultrasound guess EDD. So...40 weeks. The next EDD will be based on conception, which is tuesday.

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Originally Posted by WindyCityMom View Post


It's a foley catheter (what they use for collecting urine of bedridden patients) inserted into the cervix and inflated to dilate you to 3cm.  As invasive as it is it's not as bad as giving pitocin right off the bat.  I had one with my induction with DD1 @ 42 weeks.  They didn't turn my pitocin on until after the bulb fell out.  It wasn't so bad because I was bedridden, but I can't imagine having to walk around with one of those things dangling out of you :(  It feels like a monster tampon.





So sorry you are having to deal with a moody DH...My DH and I have our fair share of arguments and what not as well, and during pregnancy it's even worse because I can't have sex very often cause of how much it hurts so we don't even get to make up like we usually would... I also have to deal with him being lazy about work and school.. NOT fun!

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Mole, sending good thoughts your way. I'm sorry you're being pushed into induction, but glad baby seems to be handling everything well!


Judy, hope your back is feeling better!


WCM, OMG I want to smack your husband for you. Mine's not perfect but I can't imagine him ever being that inconsiderate. I hope he's realized he was being a dick by now and has made it up to you. If not, I hope there's someone in your life who can tell him in no uncertain terms to Grow the F up, because it's totally, totally unfair that you're having to deal with that kind of selfish BS right now.


AFM, spent the afternoon at my cousin's 3 year olds birthday. It was actually great to be outside on a beautiful day, despite the large number of toddlers!

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Having contractions every 6 minutes or so.....Could it possibly be?!?!?!

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PrettyHippie, I hope it is! Healthy productive labor vibes to you! Rainbow.gif

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