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Does all of this worry and anxiety have a huge impact on when baby arrives? It seems we are all feeling frustrations of some sort. I hope not, because it seems that everything is either worrying me or pissing me off.


Today I found out our landlord plans to visit on Friday, which is two days before I hit 40 weeks. He doesn't know we're doing a home water birth, because frankly, it's not his business. They have storage in the converted garage, so that's the one room we don't have access to, but sounds can be heard through the locked door to the garage. I'm now worrying that I'll go into labor Thursday night (which won't happen now because I jinxed it), and be screaming to holy hell the next day squeezing this baby out when they arrive to go through some storage. The thought of it is making me nervous. I'm thinking we might have to ask them to postpone their visit, and just mention that I plan to "labor as long as I can at home", so they get the idea that we don't want to be disturbed and if they hear screaming, not to be alarmed. Or perhaps they'll get the picture and just not come.


I don't even know why I'm bothering to write this, I should just suck it up and deal. The problem is the birth pool is near the garage door. It will not feel like a safe space if I hear rummaging and talking from strangers.


I seriously hope all this works out.

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Ascher, I imagine they won't want to be anywhere near a stranger in labor. It's definitely worth explaining that you may well be in the early stages of labor (not mentioning that you may also be later on in labor...) and requesting that they postpone.

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I definitely admire Mamanf for her 11lb baby!!! Huge bragging rights!!


WCM- I hope things pick up for you and you get the birth you have been planning for!! sending labor vibes your way!


As for Sex - I feel like such a terrible wife. Sex is so uncomfortable and I COMPLETELY lose interest during pregnancy, DH and I had it on Saturday for the first time since at least my third trimester started... I hate going for so long without it, but it really is no fun for either of us. I have been wanting to DTD a little more lately but mostly to see if it makes anything happen. irked.gif It's frustrating but I guess not frustrating enough for me to initiate. Poor DH... ok pity party over, thanks! lol

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WCM - I think I like Nova Trinity the best. :) Scarlet Sky is pretty too. You have lots of great options, so I'm sure one of them will seem like the right one when the time comes (which will hopefully be soon!)


FaliciaGayle - I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, and baby is no where near engaged. My midwife isn't worried about it at all, but maybe if baby seemed to want to flip breech it would be a bigger deal.


Nuku, MissE, Ava'sMom, Rachel - Hoping things get going for you soon!


Mole - I love your attittude towards being post-dates! I might have to print out your post to read as a reminder in another couple weeks.


Ascher, I think it makes sense to ask them to reschedule. You need to feel you have a safe, comfortable place to labour in!


Sex, ahahahaha. no. just not happening here.


AFM, I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. At my appointment today I'm measuring 40 weeks, so I figure this should be the cut off. lol. Everything else looks good, and other than a few random contractions here and there, there's no sign this baby is in any rush to make his or her appearence.


Other than sleeping like crap, I'm still feeling amazingly good (way better than at the end of the 2nd tri) so I'm in no rush, despite the fact that everyone else seems to be. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I don't have any problem with waiting another couple weeks. However, the logistics are getting complicated. DH has a team meeting for work in Toronto he'd like to attend on Sept 25th, 26th and then he has a shutdown he has to work at over Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend (which is Oct 6 - 8). It's only about an hour away but they are scheduled for 12 hour days. He's also considering taking holiday time starting on the 17th and I'm worried he's going to waste most of it before the baby even arrives. He does have a lot of vacation time built up, but I don't think he'll feel OK with taking more than a couple weeks, even though right now he's saying he'll just extend it if he has to. Plus, if I have to deal with him sitting on the couch for 2 weeks, I might lose my mind.


  A bunch of in-laws (some who I'm really not thrilled to be seeing) are planning to come up for Thanksgiving and stay for a week or so, and while I'm pretty sure this baby will have arrived by then, it would be nice to be past the emotional upheaval of the first couple weeks before they get here. Oh, and my bio-FIL apparently will be in town from Sept. 20 to Oct. 14th (so 40 weeks, 1 day) which is another thing I don't want to deal with. I`m seriously considering moving into a dark cave somewhere no one can find me and staying there until baby is born, whether that`s in 2 days or a month!

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Ascher, I understand the worry about laboring with landlords possibly within earshot. We haven't told ours we are planning a HB either and he sometimes comes in the garage (our place is in a storage barn, so we have a small part of it for the garage but the rest is his) and he always drives past the house to feed the cows. I am also hoping that he plans on staying away if he hears anything : / It can be kind of a strange subject to bring up... I hope you find some peace about it. Sounds like mentioning to him that you plan on laboring as much as possible at home would be a good compromise... Most people, like teegan said, don't want to be around a stranger in labor anymore than the stranger wants them around... lol

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Oh, baby.. ROP? *Now*? And we were doing so well!


Midwife just left, and after weeks and weeks of being ROA, little one has flipped to posterior. I'm guessing that has something to do with all of the reclining I did in the last five days while trying to deal with that upper right quadrant pain. (Which, btw, was 95% gone as of this morning.. and when I went to the chiro, she confirmed I had a rib out. Mystery solved?) Babe is apparently 2/5 engaged (UK-trained midwife, speaks in fifths) so maybe we can still do something about this.. inversions, hands and knees.. any other suggestions to get back to anterior? Success stories? 

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Thanks, Teagan, Carlin, and PrincessJ. We talked to them. So now here's more of the story:


We got the landlord to postpone, but now there's an even bigger issue, which is really none of my business, but the landlord is making my business. I guess they converted their garage into a room and bathroom so they could still claim it as their residence (it's a big deal for monetary reasons, I think). So the county wants to charge them $8,000 because they don't believe they live in that little room. So landlord asked me today (yes, he came by today, surprise!) what I would say if someone from the county came by. 


I was like..."well, I'm not going to lie... but I'm not privy to what goes on in that space, so if someone asks me if you live there, I'd say that space is your space and whatever you do there isn't my business." Then he starts wondering if we're planning to rent again and tells me about possibly needing to sell...I told him we hadn't discussed it yet, but it would be hard to pack up and go with a newborn. So I tell DH all this at work after he leaves (why he wouldn't discuss this with both of us makes me aggravated), and he calls him and tells him to talk to HIM if he wants to discuss renewal of the lease.


Well, I go to take a bath and possibly take a nap, and the dogs start barking like crazy, but I'm in the bath, so after enough time I get out and put something on...go to the door, and I hear landlord hashing it out with some other guy (guessing he was from the county) and I'm not sure if they knocked on the door. But I also didn't really want to get involved, so I call up DH and he tells me not to go out and see what's up, but just wait and see if they knock again. Nope. Landlord drives off.


What a mess. I kinda feel bad for not answering the door because I was in the bath, if he did knock, but at the same time, I'm about to have a kid. Like, literally going to have a baby any minute now, and you're trying to get me wrapped up in your personal affairs? The theme of today is: Poor planning on your part does not mean an emergency on mine. Sometimes I need to remember business is business and not bother with people's personal problems, but I feel like I am constantly a dumping ground for people, always have been. Ugh.


If you actually read this, then thank you.

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Ascher, ugg for the stress. That's a great quote though. I think for the rest of my dealings with the inlaws, I'm just going to chant it quietly to myself and they can figure themselves out.

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Hyde- I've birthed a posterior babe before.  First baby, 17 years old, pit induction, she tried to fly out of the birth canal.  Stayed posterior the entire time.  I guess she wanted to get a good look at the world!  I had terrible back labor but there's no telling whether or not it was her positioning or the pit.


Carlin- If you happen to find that dark cave, let me know where it is!


Ascher-  I'm sorry you have to deal with the landlord issues.. glad they postponed!  Here's to hoping everything gets sorted out.  I renewed my lease (new one started in September) half because I didn't want to move with an impending birth on my hands.


Thank you everyone for the wishes!

AFM... The castor oil hasn't had the digestive effects yet (despite being taken 5.5 hours ago!) .. I'm super nauseous and having hot flashes though.  I decided to lay down for a little nap at 3:30pm, woke up at 4:15 to a huge contraction.  I've been having them since then, and they're painful and strong.  I'm not sure how far apart they are but I'd guess every 7 minutes or so.. maybe a little more.  They're definitely not Braxton hicks... false labor, maybe, but ouch.  Still having bloody mucous, but I'm too squeamish to check my cervix now that I had my membranes stripped... maybe later, lol.

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Oof, everyone is on a posting spree again this week. It's only tuesday, goodness! 


This have been progressing for me slowly and steadily. My midwife mentioned I was 75% effaced, engaged and 1 cm dilated but we all know that doesn't mean much. She also had a tough time finding my cervix because it is so "soft" in there and she's been doing this for over a decade. So that made me feel waaaay better about having no clue where it was. ha! I DID start having warm up contractions this morning around 5am. (: I went on a 5 mile hike today and they were evenly spaced 5 minutes apart the whole hike but have subsided now... but ohhhh how I wish they were the real deal. (: I'm pretty sure I'll be going over EDD though, but I do dearly hope I'm surprised and go early. =p 


As for the rest of you: Goodness gracious! Everyone seems to be really getting down to it this week! I guess that makes sense for a Sept DDC... but it's oh so exciting to see how you all are progressing. I'm SO sorry for all the complications (big or little) that each one of you have been going through. I think it's so important to focus on the fact that once this kid starts coming out, that's all you'll have to think about. (: I love how natural the whole process is, on a deep level. 

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Thanks everyone. I am pretty proud of my vagina. ROTFLMAO.gif


No word from Alli? Did I miss it?

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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

Thanks everyone. I am pretty proud of my vagina. ROTFLMAO.gif

No word from Alli? Did I miss it?

Lol id be pretty proud, thats for sure!

No word from alli, but if I had to guess, I think she's babymoonimg.
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hyde so glad the chiro figured it out!

mine sure tried l babe.


baby can flip to anterior during labor..try not to stress about it. I sorta had to promise myself to not reading any more spinningbabies.

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Just lurking and waiting, and wanted to say Hi.

39 weeks tomorrow, first cervical check on Friday, baby lower and trying to get baby into LOA (and also trying not to obsess about it!), more pelvic pressure. I finally feel like baby is big enough to come any time- last week, I think s/he was still too small. Mushy brain.

LOVING the birth stories- details, pain descriptions, and all!!!
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Checking in...


Contractions got harder and closer together when my DH got home, around 6:00.  I got the kids ready and in bed at 7:30, as I felt the "effects" of the castor oil were about to hit.  They did, and they weren't too bad.. probably because I actually needed a laxative and I've eaten very well today.  Anyways, at that point the ctx were really really bad.. terrible cramping in between.  I decided to get in the shower (wise decision!) to try and slow them back down.  It worked, and I'm back to manageable contractions that are stil painful, just not right on top of eachother.  I've been having cervix twinges, and when I was having the insane amount of contractions I had a bit more bloody show (it had just about stopped from my sweep).  Baby's head is really, really low... very uncomfortable!  Hopefully tonight or tomorrow this little one will find her way out of here.


ETA: 5 minutes apart now at 9:00pm... please oh please let this be real!!

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Yay!! WCM I really hope this is it for you.  Lots of good labor thoughts heading your way!!thumb.gif

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More labor vibes your way WCM. Sure hope thus is it for you.

I have gone from checking this board maybe once a day to checking ALL.THE.TIME. smile.gif
So exciting.
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38+2 today. I haven't checked in yet, and there are already 75 posts. Yikes! We really are getting down to business this 2nd week of September!

I lost a tiny amount of mucous plug at the doctor's office today whilst giving my urine sample, which made me realize that I still haven't bought a new hose or an adapter for the fishy pool. Tomorrow!

I'm having my baby shower on Saturday, which is exciting. We requested a "sprinkle" of boy clothes and some newborn disposables/wipes for the first month, and my mom is coming up and there will be a ton of snacky-type foods. Anywho, baby has my full permission to come any time after then.

Best of luck, WCM & Alli!
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Thinking of you, activealli!  Hoping you're babymooning and just eating up all that delicious newborn girl goodness!!  <3


Thinking of you also, WCM.  It's been quite a ride for you and I can only imagine how lovely it will be to finally just hold your little girl in your arms!


AFM -- had the midwife stop by.  Declined a VE because 1) I didn't want to hear that nothing was happening (just in case... I just dont' think I could cope with it mentally, though with dd4 I had a VE around 40 weeks and NOTHING was happening, yet dd4 was perfectly birthed at 41 weeks all in her own time and all was good!), 2) They don't really indicate anything, and 3) I just wasn't feeling like stripping down.. LOL.  It's hard enough to put on underwear and pants already because lifting my legs like that can be quite a chore.  I *can* still paint my toenails, but lifting my legs in certain ways is just a bit tricky!  Otherwise, excellent blood pressure (HOORAY! Though I've had plenty of good readings since that One Bad Reading, I do still get a bit nervous!), good pee, etc.  We did discuss potentially utilizing natural induction type methods if needed and after 41 weeks I'm willing to consider.  But for now I'll sit tight (hopefully) and just roll with whatever happens.  Possibly thinking about some accupuncture on Friday since my chiropractor does that and she offered to do so for me if I wanted (it helped her go into labor in June and she was just about 42 weeks... with her 10lb 2oz VBAC!).


After the midwife left, since dh had taken the girls to MILs... well... (TMI alert), some afternoon delight was had since the midwife did mention the prostaglandins and dh was more than willing to help out ;)  (though, I must say, there has been quite a bit of sex had around here lately -- when dd4 decides to sleep at night which is hit or miss -- and I'm not sure it's doing much... but.. maybe?).  So.. that was kind of a fun, spontaneous connecting point.  Doesn't happen often since the girls are always here (homeschooling and such). :)


I have been having more pressure it seems... and maybe some quite mild contractions this evening.  I'd be completely happy with a 9-12-12 baby!  I'm just dying to find out boy or girl!


And... I need to get my kids to bed.  I said they had 10 more minutes of reading time..... 20 minutes ago ;) 


Thinking of all the lovely September mamas that are happily content with continuing to bake their babies, those who are DONE and ready to birth, and those who have already birthed their sweet babies earthside!

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Oh WCM I so hope this is it for you!  Come on baby girl...

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