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come on Nova, come out already!!
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Anddddd ctx stopped suddenly.  This is SO.MUCH.FUN. eyesroll.gif


10 days until c. day... the idea of just not showing up to it scares me.. But *no one* is going to cut me open without true emergency.  I can do this...

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UGH WCM! that is so frustrating! I assume you've tried the breast pump? Will you be getting another sweep soon?

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Darn WCM, I was really hoping this was it. FIngers crossed that baby is just giving you a few hours to rest before the main event!

Sending mega labor vibes your way! goodvibes.gif

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Haven't tried the breastpump, but I have to express milk a few time/day because one breast is already in full production mode and I get plugged ducts.. expressing does stimulate ctx, but I have an oversupply as it is so I have to be careful with it.  It seems that even just stimulation causes letdown and more milk :(  Which is great, if you actually have a baby to feed!


Bleh.. took another shower to help relax me, got out and had a few contractions, decided to take some blue cohosh under my tongue and see if anything happened.  Nothing, lol.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  I'm going to get some rest.


Thank you for the [much appreciated] labor vibes!

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Argh- more frustration for me (though not as much without the looming surgery). Painless contractions for a couple of days, pretty regularly. DTD this evening (first time in many weeks that it wasn't just for prostaglandins!), read a little, then tried to go to sleep. 3 hours later, I finally gave up so here I am. Tons of contractions ranging from 3 to 15 minutes apart, baby is having a circus any time I'm laying down, and I just can't sleep. If I'm not more tired in another hour or so, I'll take a bath, but that wakes up DH. Having snacks and thinking of all the things I could be doing if it were daytime. That part really sucks because I know how tired I will be when everyone else is up and I am actually *able* to get stuff done.
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I'm up too. But not from contractions or anything good like that. Dd4 keeps waking and Baby Five in my belly is acting like a free-falling octopus desperately trying to grab hold of something with constantly flailing tentacles! Holy moly, kid. Space is kind of limited at this point and between a big baby and spastic movements, it's rather uncomfortable.

Finally dd4 is laying back down. Now do I lay back down to or go read and bounce on the yoga ball? :S
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What are you reading right now, JudyBean? I can't seem to focus on anything at the moment. I've finished my pregnancy/birth books. If I didn't have to deal with my usual schedule all day tomorrow, I would just go play Civilization 4, the most engrossing video/computer game imaginable.
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I just got the Game of Thrones series in the mail last week in anticipation of the endless hours spent breastfeeding a newborn! With dd4, reading really helped me not feel like I was sitting and doing nothing all day (yes, I realize breastfeeding is a wonderful, admirable task, but after feeling like I did nothing more than sit, I needed something more). With dd4 I read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and quite loved it!
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I decided to start this series before Baby Five arrives so I could try to get a feel for the series and such first... glad I did because it's kind of overwhelming to dive into, but I'm just a bit in and slowly figuring out some characters and feeling things out!
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Ah, I am about a quarter of the way through the most recent GoT book. The most recent two have a lot more slow parts than the first 3- still worthwhile, but not so engrossing for me. Makes me want to just start over at the beginning just thinking of it. What I find amazing is how short of a time period is covered with the books so far- just a few years, I think. If I'm still up at 1:30, I think that is what I'll try (starting from the beginning, again)!
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I've heard the later books can get a bit slow (I felt that way about the fourth and fifth Outlander books too!)!

I was just about to maybe try and sleep in my own bed (currently laying by dd4 on her bottom bunk) and then she stirred. If I'm still up.at 1:30, I'll read too wink1.gif (we can have a virtual read-in together wink1.gif I'm just to the north of you in the Mountain Time Zone in Wyoming wink1.gif ).
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Lovely thought! Better give this half hour a reasonable chance, then, and turn off the silly computer! Hope we're both sleeping well before then =)
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Must go give sleep.an honest chance I guess. Especially after one quite large but seemingly random contraction. If I had any hopes it was working towards the Real Deal, I would probably want/need sleep anyway wink1.gif
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WOW, everyone seems so busy.  Same old same old here.  I THINK this baby will come before it's EDD, but who knows.  I'm perfectly fine waiting.  

I'm always up late.  I have another blackberry cobbler in the oven.  DH has been requesting these lately and since he'll pick the blackberries i'm happy to oblidge.  I'm trying a new recipe this time, we'll see how that goes.  before the crust went on top this time, you put the berries in the batter and it puffs up.  Fun stuff


In other news: my MIL has offered to pay for DS to go to a private catholic school starting next year.  DH is wavering because HE has dropped the ball on religious teaching.  (he's catholic, i'm not and he wanted the kids raised catholic.  since it's more important to him ....)  Well, the only catholic school around here, that i noticed off the bat, is a 30 min drive each direction.  Yeah, that's 2 hours of driving to get him to school and pick him up.  Fun stuff, NOT!  Besides we're doing really well Homeschooling atm and hopefully we continue that for years to come.


So, I'm looking into a sunday school program our local catholic church has.  1hr a week on sundays, in town.  MUCH better, imo, then a full school day out of town.  I think i'll call and see about coming in and talking to someone about that and getting this one baptised much earlier then we did with DS.

FTR, i consider myself more spiritual then religious.  I'm also NOT catholic.  So, I'm having a bit of a hard time with this.  I'd like my child to have a firm belief system.  Doesn't have to be catholic, imo.


Okay, so i'm calling tomorrow to go see someone on Friday.  (watch i'll go into labor LOL)


Off to read about MamanF's baby!

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Hi Girls!  I have also gone from checking this thread once or twice a day to checking it every 15 minutes!  I am feeling really emotional today.  DH asked how I was doing this morning and I almost started balling and then I started crying after I dropped DD at preschool because I was so proud that her preschool director said that she is turning out to be one of their leaders and is really thriving.  It is so hard to work and be productive right now!  I have been having some stronger BH contractions this morning, but I am not sure if it is because I need to go to the bathroom or not.  I have a MW appointment today at 12:45.  I am 40 +5 today :)

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Nothing much to report here but very excited to be waiting for all these babies!!  I had acupuncture and a chiro adjustment yesterday. While I had nary a contraction after either, the acu really settled me emotionally, which was wonderful. That and the nap ;)


My mom was hoping for today (39w on the dot) because 3 of her 6 grandchildren were born on the 12th of the month. But I'm thinking that's not happening! More like 2 weeks from now...

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Me too, Ava's Mama!  I keep checking this board obsessively.  It's so fun to see all of the babies arriving!  It's funny - I am very emotional today too.  I got upset dropping DS off at preschool but I got an overwhelming feeling that I just wanted to hold him and not let go.  I am tearing up even typing it.  I feel like during our move, I had little time for him and I know that a big change to our family dynamic is coming.  I am struggling with that and worrying about his feelings so much.  He is a very sensitive child and it's hard for me as a very sensitive adult sometimes!  


DH woke up today and is insisting that today is THE DAY.  I am 38w3d and don't feel anything so I really doubt it, but on the way to school DS said he heard his brother yelling that he wants to get out of there.  So maybe they are on to something?  I really don't want it to be today.  I have probably mentioned before that I was struggling with repeat c-section or VBAC.  I have decided on a repeat c-section for many reasons and I it's weird because I am almost embarrassed to talk about that.  Like I won't be a part of this community because of this decision - but I know that it's not true!  Well, I certainly hope not!  I know we all make the choices that are right for ourselves and our families.  This one has been a tough one for me - but there....IT'S OUT THERE NOW.  innocent.gif  So I am having a c-section on Monday and I am completely ok with that. I like the idea of going into labor on my own and would prefer that, but I just don't want that to happen right now.  I want my doctor who I trust.  


In really fun news, I haven't been expecting gifts as this is my second boy but I got a Moby wrap in the mail this week from a friend.  I am so excited...I really wanted one!  

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After a night of contractions (are they automatically BH if they aren't painful? These got stronger over the night, but not painful) and circus baby, I got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep. My midwife said that this can be signs of early labor that could pick up today, or last for a day or two before fizzling out or getting stronger. So, we know nothing! That said, I didn't sleep well last night, and my midwife has been up the past two nights, so I'm hoping for at least one night of 'real sleep' (read, I'll take whatever I can get at this point) before we get moving along.

Today is 39 weeks, and my only nephew's birthday, so it would be fun for the youngest cousins to share a birthday, but I'm still hoping for more sleep.
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...Baby Five in my belly is acting like a free-falling octopus desperately trying to grab hold of something with constantly flailing tentacles!



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