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When did your morning sickness end?

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I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my third child and suffering with morning sickness (all day).  I didn't have it at all with my first two pregnancies, but this time I can hardly eat anything and diclectin only takes the edge off.  Really hoping there is an end in sight!  Anyone else who has had morning sickness, when did it finally go away?

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My morning sickness was horrible this time around too, with my third. I lost 10 pounds and couldn't even look at a cracker without feeling like I had to run to the bathroom. I hope you feel better soon. It ended at around 11-12 weeks for me.

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With my first, I was nauseous and threw up several times a day until I delivered at 32 weeks (unrelated to the morning sickness).


With my second, I think I started to get some relief around 26 weeks, but was still nauseous until delivery.  But I'm one of the "lucky" ones who gets hyperemesis instead of just typical morning sickness.

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mine ended about 13 weeks or so. queasies are back, at about 29 weeks,but not like i just want to go to bed and sleep til its all over like it was at the beginning.

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I believe the "textbook" answer is that it peaks on average at ~10 weeks, and should be mostly over by 12 weeks-- but that's probably on the early side of average, in the experience of most people I know.  That said, it started tapering a bit at 10-11 weeks for me, and was basically completely over by 11.5 weeks or so.

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I was still super sick at 14 weeks, but 80% better by 16 weeks. I did have HG, and lost over 30 lbs in those 16 weeks and was hospitalized 5X. For most people it is not that bad and dont last that long. I am almost 8 weeks now, but started zofran as soon as I found out and it has made a world of difference for me. 

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Week 12 for me is when things started to ease off a bit, and I could finally eat some fairly normal stuff again.  Evenings are still a bit rough though.

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For me it was around 9 weeks when the all day stuff started easing, but it was until at least 12 before I could manage the mornings without some kind of nausea

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About 17 weeks for me.
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Mine lasted until right about 20 weeks, b ut it gradually improved from about 14 weeks on. I also got a break at about 10 weeks where I was way less sick, before it was back with a vengence.

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Mine subsided by 10 weeks thankfully!

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With my first I had HG and with the second just regular crappy all day sickness but with both it ended at 18-20 weeks unfortunately. I pray yours does not go like that.

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With my first it ended around 12 or 13 weeks. I'm in the thick of it (7 weeks) with my second pregnancy, and I'm really hoping it ends with the first trimester!

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Thanks, everyone.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it to end with the first trimester, but we'll see.  I haven't told anyone yet, so when my parents serve up sausages at suppertime it's all I can do not to run away!

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Mine started to subside at 10 weeks, but was not totally gone until 15 weeks, and still have some lingering food aversions, but those are 75% gone now at 16.5 weeks.

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Diclectin helped my first pregnancy, but I was still taking it to the very end because I was still mildly nauseous the whole way though, but I stopped throwing up by 20 weeks. This time I started diclectin early and also added ondansetron, which has been very helpful.  

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I'm 22-ish weeks and still have nausea, only throw up about once a week now.  Zofran/ondansetron helped a great deal this time around.

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My morning sickness just officially went away at 13 weeks, but I discovered an almost miracle cure that helped it 90%.  Anyhow, it's bentonite clay...I took Yerba Prima brand because I already had some on hand, but it worked wonders for me.  I didn't gain any weight in first trimester, but I didn't lose any either, and I'm sure I would have without it.  I took about a tablespoon of the liquid in a tall glass of water a couple of hours away from multivitamin and it seriously was amazing.  I hope this helps others!  

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17 weeks with my first. It was all day sickness until then even on Zofran.

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I can't remember with #1, but I'm 13w3days and I'm still just as sick as I was earlier on.  In fact, I think it's worse!  Shorter burst, but more intense when it does happen.

I was also on Diclectin, and it didn't really help, mostly because there doesn't seem to be any pattern with my nausea would hit, and so I had trouble timing the pills.

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