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What to pack for the hospital?!??

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ok i know we've disgussed these things already and i should know this already being that this is my second birth but i feel like im just drawing a blank...so fare i have a onsey a little hat, a receiving blanket and little one socks and mits..i also know i need some comfy postpartum cloths for me...but other then that im like...DUHHHHHHH uh i should probably find some comforting oils....idk i cant think lol i asked DH today what am i not thinging of ??? and he was like I DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR SUPPOSED TO PACK!!! and i was like...we'll what did you guys take to the hospital in your bag when you had your first??? and he was like"uh i took a book....im sure she packed a bag but idk what she put in there"............irked.gifoh joy im really getting a good feeling about him being my birthing partner...my mom had better get here before labor does thats all i have to say

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What I can think of...


For baby:

-Lanolin.  Really, if you have nursing issues, or raw nipples, the little sample tube they give you does squat.

-Disposable baby wipes.  They don't have them in the hospital and meconium is STICKY. 

-Clothing:  2 pairs each of: Cotton hat, booties, mittens, t-shirts (maybe more t-shirts).  My DD2 was allergic to the hospital hat.. she broke out in a rash.  Better to be safe than sorry and have clothing on hand that your baby will likely not react to, even if you don't use it.

-Swaddling blanket if you don't care for the hospital ones.

-Going home outfit, if that means something to you.

-Photo outfit for when the photographers come around.


For mama & partner:

-Birthing things if you're using them.. like hypnobabies stuff, birth ball, focal points, whatever.

-Toiletries for both.  Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, whatever you normally use.

-Cozy throw blanket for each, can be kept in the car until after baby is born.

-Cell phone chargers, cameras, things to keep your significant other occupied (book, ipad, etc)

-Changes of clothes for your partner
-Clothing for yourself- for me, I couldn't stand the mesh panties so I bought a cheap pack of Hanes cotton underwear, threw them away once I was done.  Also a nightgown or two for in the hospital.

-Going home clothing for yourself- opt for comfy sweats.

-Nursing bra
-BREAST PADS.  Oh my goodness.  I have overzealous boobs that produce way too much milk way too fast- so this is a must for me.


Car seat.


That's really all I can think of for now... I likely won't pack all of that, and packing a hospital bag does feel odd for me seeing that I'm planning an out of hospital birth.. but just in case, yknow.  

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I didn't pack a bag with my first because he came early so you'd think I'd have one packed now...but I don't!  I have finally settled on a repeat c-section so I know I will be in the hospital for at least 3 days...starting on Monday if I make it to the date. 


I really don't plan on bringing much:

- Shorts and 2 nursing tank tops for me; flip flops for walking the halls 

- Yoga pants or similar to wear home

- Underwear for me 

- Outfit for baby to wear home (I'll keep him in hospital clothes while there.)

- Light blanket to bring baby home 

- Travel size products like shampoo plus my toothbrush

- Camera, camera charger, cell phone charger (DH will bring his iPad, I am sure!)

- Breast pads 

- Gift for DS when he comes to visit


That's really it for me.  I don't really feel like I need a lot, but I also won't be laboring so I don't need things to bring me comfort for that process.  

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not planning to got to the hospital but definitely bring snacks for you and partner (like fruit cups, coconut water or the like, crakers, jello that doesn't need fridge, partner might like some microwaveable soup things incase its a long night). Oh..and if you don't like the hospital maxi pads..byo
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Are those of you planning homebirths packing a just-in-case hospital bag? My husband keeps talking about it, but.. I don't wanna? I have directions and phone numbers to hospital printed out, but I don't know how much more hospital prep I want to do. I should probably at least do the 'baby care in case of transfer for emergency c-section' plan, but a bag? :(


ETA, so this is potentially helpful and not all about me- I've seen mentioned that some people like to bring a pillow of their own since hospital pillows might not be the most comfortable. I've got a wonky neck and travel with my own pillows so that stood out.

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Maybe i should have an emergency bag, but i don't.  in case of transfer anyway.

We'll have all the baby stuff right there anyway for the homebirth so i'd just throw it in a bag or pillow case.  I'd have DH grab me some jammies and a bra, my camera bag, maybe a blanket and a pillow, which will be right there anyway.  I'd be good with that.


I can always have him run to rite aid or something and grab a toothbrush and a travel toothpaste if needed.

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Hyde, I have a just in case bag packed. Our midwives suggest it, plus last time I didn't, and ended up with a hospital birth so maybe if I pack one I'll get to stay home? lol. (I risked out at the last minute rather than having an emergency transfer, so I had time to pack, but still, I wish I'd packed ahead of time as there were a few things I forgot.)


I've got clothes and stuff together for me and baby, but I haven't put in my toiletry bag or any food yet. I figure if I have to leave too fast to gather up a few of those sorts of things, I'm not going to care much about a toothbrush anyways. Plus, we live about 10 min from the hospital so DH can always run back home to grab me things if absolutely necessary.

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I didn't plan on a hospital birth, and therefore had pretty much nothing, but it was really okay.

I started with laptop, iPad, cell phone, iPod, camera, and used all those waiting for and during my version. I ended up with an emergency cs, and DH brought me a nursing bra, shirt, hair clip, deodorant, outfit for DS and that was it. I used hospital pants and undies or just the sheet/gown. They had diapers and wipes for DS in the bassinet and some toiletries for me.

The funny thing is that I was so going to pack my 'in case of HB transfer' bag but would have brought a ton more stuff to keep track of, and it was kind of nice to have just the essentials and focus on DS.
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Here's what I'm taking:

- cell phone, charger
- camera, charger
- going home outfit for me
- going home outfit for baby
- homemade baby blanket
- slippers
- chapstick!
- toiletry bag (contact solution, glasses, razor, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, brush, pony tail holders, toothbrush, toothpaste, mascara)
- nursing sleep bras
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