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New & Looking for advice.

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Hello ladies smile.gif  Im looking for some advice on TTC. My DH & I have 3 beautiful boys and are excited to hopefully add a new little face to our crew. We have been TTC for about a year and a half with one possible MC as I did show a + on a test and was over a week late. Then things started falling apart. That being said I am very nervous that this has taken this much time... our last child was a one shot deal and no issues with the previous 2. Im not willing to use fertility drugs Im looking for a more holistic approach & natural ways. I go to a Chiropractor 2 times a week. drink organic red raspberry leaf tea, incorporate cinn into my daily diet, Im a vegetarian & eat a healthy organic whole foods diet, take a whole food vitamin everyday... Im going crazy! LOL! My son stopped breastfeeding in April just after his 3rd birthday. I do still lactate if I hand express but only drops out of my left breast.. Idk if my hormones are messed up? My periods are VERY normal which also is discouraging as I feel like I may not be ovulating then??? But when I chart I do have that temp peak but only water/creamy CM (sorry if this is way TMI) so idk if I get ready to O and then don't?? It is just frustrating! Thanks for taking the time to read this love.gif

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--If you're charting your temps and you see a clear temperature shift during your luteal phase and then a fall when you're period comes, you're most likely ovulating.


--You mention that you don't get any ewcm.  Did you in years past with your other pregnancies, or is it something new?


--Are you using any sort of lube?  Which kind?


--Are you using OPK's to help with sex timing?


--Why do you assume it's an issue with you?  Has your husband had a semen analysis done?  If not, I highly suggest getting that done asap.


--Why are you going to a chiro 2 times a week?  That seems like a lot.


--How long is your luteal phase?


--Do you have any online charts that we could take a look at?

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Also, if you haven't already, I highly recommend reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"  asap.  It's an amazingly practical book that makes all of this stuff easy to understand.  You'll wish you would have read it years ago.  



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I do get temp shifts... I just thought maybe I got ready to O then possibly didnt

I don't get EWCM & have in the past... So it is something new. I think in the past couple years I've gotten it 2xs.

No lube & haven't tried OPK's yet.. Just BD before, during & after O

I'm assuming it's an issue bc I have always been called "fertile mertile" & we have been TTC 2 years in November. That's a long time... DH hasn't gotten checked.

We use our Chiro as our primary... We get weekly adjustments for optimal health.

Lethual phase is 13-14 days. M very regular on. 27-29 days cycle.

I am on FF bu have no idea how to post them.. I'll try.

Thank you for responding & the book suggestion. I will def read it
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I should also add (I have my period right now and it just reminded me) that I will get my period for about 3 days then it goes away for a day comes back for a day then goes away for a day then I will spot for a day... weird. Has to be hormone related right?

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