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Building a well stocked first aid kit

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What do you think belongs in a well-stocked first aid kit? (this is my big one, the one I take camping or on road trips)


A few non-typical things I keep in mine are:

a paper clip and wire cutters for removing a fish hook

organic lollipops to distract a kid while I extract a splinter or clean a wound

emergen-c electrolyte powder

Arnica cream (I dunno if it actually helps, but it definitely has a placebo effect on a kid's bruise. That and a little bit of vet wrap)

Emergency dental filling/adhesive

Albuterol inhaler

Epi pen

A tiny wedding favor sized bottle of bubbles - great for cheering a kid up

ginger and peppermint candies for nausea and motion sickness

Rescue remedy, spray and lozenges



Also, I have the usual:

bandaids in various sizes, including some superheroes and fairies

gauze pads, tape, vet wrap

ace banadges




triple antibiotic with lidocaine





insect repellent

hydrocortisone cream


In my pocket one, which I always carry, I have


ginger chews


triple antibiotic with lidocaine


kids tylenol and benadryl

adult benadryl

1 lollipop


I'm curious what things other folks think are indispensable. Can we please try to keep this a brainstorm thread and not tear down each others ideas?

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Not an essential but a SAM splint can be useful and doesn't take up much room.
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OOH! Now I must have one ...

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I like to travel with an instant cold pack. I also have steri strips, super glue a CPR mask and my favorite salve.

I LOVE vet wrap. I use it for everything ;-)
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I, have more than once, had a cold pack rupture and leak, wrecking everything in my kit. Do you pack them in any special way>

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Originally Posted by catnip View Post

OOH! Now I must have one ...

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I don't pack it is any special way but I've also never had one rupture. Now I probably will ;-). I store everything in a first aid kit I got at the container store
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I bought a bunch of stuff for our birth and wasn't sure what to do with all the leftovers and now they have a list up of how to use it in first aid kits... http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/gift/mamas-herbal-first-aid-bundle.html

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Would a small wetbag work to contain the cold packs?


What kind of containers do you use for holding everything? I need something for car travel and my pack for hiking. Also do you keep a kit in the car? I am afraid the heat would ruin everything so I don't, but I would like to have something with us as we drive a lot between towns. Maybe leave by the front door with purse and keys?

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Er, could you explain uses too? I am a little embarassed that I don't know what half this stuff is or how it would be used. I was pretty proud of myself that just this week I got some neosporin and bandaids in the car plus some tweezers.


Five years after my son was born....

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We keep first aid supplies in the car, along with our other emergency supplies.  We have a minivan and I used to keep it all in a flat Sterilite box in the trunk but the lid kept getting cracked when the trunk was loaded.  We now have everything in one of those space bags under the back bench seat in the van.  Some of my leftover birth supplies (chux pads, sealed sterile gloves) also went into the car.  I keep an extra chux pad in the little holder on the back of the driver seat because I know at some point, someone is going to have an accident in their car seat or booster and I'll be glad to have it!  I'm ordering some barf bags to go in there since DD1 gets horrible car sick (even with Dramamine) and now I want a SAM splint to add to our home first aid kit also.  I think the only thing I have in ours that I haven't seen listed is some Burn Free gel, we haven't had to use it yet but it made me feel better to have it on hand.

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Mine is mostly herbal. So among other things I make sure to have emergency-C or a home made electrolyte type powder, a couple of balms for cuts or bruises, an anti poison ivy soap, blue healing essential oil blend, a rescue me flower essence, echinacea tincture, an immune system booster tincture. I also have bandages and a few homeopathics in my kit.

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