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Babyland covers?

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Hey ladies!


I've been revamping my stash, and I'm hoping to have 30 in-super-great-non-leaking-shape covers (they are all BG 3.0's in really good condition) . I have 25, and I also have about 10 BG 3.0's and 5 Flip covers that aren't great at holding pee. Im thinking about spraying that PUL stuff on them and trying to get a few more months off of them.


It's worth noting that I dont really use my 3.0's like pockets. I have sewn microfleece onto one side of their inserts (plus a bunch more inserts)  and I just lay the insert inside the cover and use it. So, Ill be using my BG inserts with the babyland covers. I have about 50 inserts, plus 30 really good prefolds just in case.


Anyway, a good friend of mine gave me 6 Babyland covers. She never used them, and has no idea how well they work. So, here is my question:


Can I count the 6 Babylands as part of my 30 really good covers? Are they good enough? They seem really lightweight, but I'd love if they saved me $100.

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Nobody? Anybody used Babyland covers?

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My babyland work, but I wouldn't consider them good covers. The fit isn't nearly as good as my higher quality pockets, and I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't hold up to the regular use I give my better diapers.
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