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Baby's Position?

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Thought it would be fun to talk about how our babies are positioned!


This kiddo seems to be head down! Yay! I thought he was still transverse but my doula loaned me a great Spinning Babies booklet she got from a training she attended and it changed my mind. The booklet is a little easier to understand than the website, lol! 


So yeah, LO is head down, feet kicking either the left or right side of my uterus, rarely the front. As I type this I'm feeling his hiccups in my bottom. ;)

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Hehe, probably should refresh my browser before I post a thread. Just saw kateaton posted something about baby positioning a couple hours ago! Oops!

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I had no idea what his position was until I felt him hiccup for the first time yesterday (and again twice today). I read that if you feel hiccups low in your belly, that means the baby is head down, which is where I feel them, so I hope that's right!

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Mine has been head down for a long time, though I'm sure it spins around here or there, based on the insane pain/stretching sensations I get sometimes during massive movement. Typically head down, back along my belly, butt sticking out on my right side under my ribs. The feet are all over the left side ribs, and elbow out the navel.

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Baby is head down for all of his/her appointments.  I can tell some flipping is going on but mostly I think its a whirlpool kind of spinning.  :)  Then again, last baby was head down until that last darn ultrasound, so maybe as long as I stay away from those, we'll be good.

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Mine was sunny side up (posterior) at my 30 week check-up. I've been doing pelvic rocks on and off (reading Spinning Babies). My 32 week check-up is Friday, so we'll see what she's up to then.

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Head down here. I had an ultrasound last week and she had to get super low to get head measurements. I guess that explains all the pelvic pain.
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Not sure... the MW said she was head-down at the last appt (25 weeks) but I know they flip around. I'm going for my next appt tomorrow, so we'll see. This little girl bounces around a lot; I feel her everywhere!! 

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Mine has been head down, back against my right side but there was some serious moving around the other night.

Knock on wood my babies tend to go head down early and stay that way.

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Head down.  Sooo far down.  Tech had a hard time getting a good head measurement today.  But I knew that on account of all the pressure and swelling... and the hiccups in my hips.  Her back is mostly against my right side, I think and I'm getting elbows in the navel and hands sweeping across my pubic bone and bladder. 

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So far, the little one has been head-down at all of the prenatal visits where our midwife could feel distinct body parts. At her most recent visit last week, he/she was head down, back to my left, feet and hands to my right. The little limbs flap around level with what had once been my waistline, and I feel regular small movements lower in my pelvis. I guess those are the hiccups--or maybe the baby puts his/her hands above his/her head and flutters them? 

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Every appt the past couple months, baby's been in the favorite position. Head down, back firmly against my right side. I think this is going to be a lefty like Mama. I know this kid (aka Twitchy) is always rolling around all the time. I swear it feels like I got scratched the other day. Twitchy's SO always moving around too. Seems active to me, but I don't have another baby to compare to. :)

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Went to my midwife today and she confirmed what I thought: LO is head down, moving his bottom from right to left side whenever he feels like it. Yay! Very glad about this! Hope he stays there!

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