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Dexter is here!

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Dexter was born, at home, in the water after just over an hour of hard labor at 9:22 pm.
My monstrous baby weighs 11lbs 1oz and is 21.5" long. No, I do not have GD and his sugar levels were normal. LOL
His head was a whopping 15" and I.didn't.even.tear. 
It was fast and intense and it hurt like hell but he's here. 
The pics below: 1st one, he *just* came out seconds before. I was soooo relieved.



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Congratulations! Welcome to Dexter, omg he is so adorable. You did a great job mama joy.gif

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Congratulations mamanfrancaise and welcome to the world little big dexter.
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That's amazing and those pictures are so beautiful! Welcome Dexter!!
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You are amazing! Congrats and welcome to Dexter!
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congratulations! amazing!!!!!! can't wait to hear more, though what you shared is already making me teary. enjoy your boy!!!!!

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Congrats, mama! He is beautiful! What an amazing birth!

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Congratulations!!!!!! You really needed to be stretchy! Terrific job!!

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Yay!! I was hoping to wake up to this news! Contracts! I guess it explains why he didnt just fall out, lol. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Hooray!! Congratulations, mama! Happy birthday, Dexter! Happy birthday, mama! Enjoy your babymoon!!!
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congrats!!!! I guess that means the MWs stayed after the visit? good thing! You were only really 1 day off your planned birthing day! pretty impressive!

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YES! :D Congrats! So exciting. :) Welcome, Dexter!

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Yay!!!! I'm SO thrilled for you!  Congratulations and enjoy your precious bundle! blowkiss.gif 

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Wonderful!!!  Congratulations, maman!!!


WElcome, Dexter!

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Wow!!! Amazing. Congratulations. I guess that means we all really do have a baby in there smile.gif
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Yippee!  Way to go Mama and Dexter!

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Congrats. What a big guy, and go you + your body on the birth!
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I've been dying for this post!!!! So happy for you, he is a chunker <3 <3 <3 <3 DARLING baby!!  And you look so beautiful and radiant in the photos! xoxoxox

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ahh so amazing!!! congratulations and welcome to Dexter!!!!

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