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Aww, thanks guys! girlspn, I totally went through the same thought process as you did when my DS was the ages that your DD is...There were some minor things that I could try to work on, but ultimately none of them was going to increase fertility on their own.  Not trying to micromanage things was better for me too, and I also think being a bit more relaxed helped things along. 


And at 13 weeks my supply is still going strong, although DS did take it upon himself to start eating 3 meals per day plus snacks (which totally through me through a loop!), where he had only been eating a minimal amount of food before...so I have faith that things will work out for the better, no matter what happens.

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Congratulations BabySmurf! I'm actually in the same boat: expecting in July. DD will be 27-28 months at the time (she's not quite 20 now) and she nurses a lot too. she has recently cut back to one wake up overnight (thank goodness) but nurses throughout the day. I'm only 6 weeks or so along but so far she's still getting a good amount of milk. My only plan is to offer and nurse as much as I possibly can to combat the supply drop. If we come out of this with her only nursing once a day, I will be ok with that. Something tells me that when baby comes and my supply is up she will nurse with gusto once again. I was very worried about weaning for a while but somehow that has fallen by the wayside. I'm just following our routine and have faith in my body and her instincts to maintain the nursing relationship and welcome our new addition. She nurses to sleep so I feel I'm kind of guaranteed 1 or 2 sessions a day even with low supply.

Congrats to you too! I agree that it's best not to micromanage things...our bodies are pretty amazing things and if you are able to both follow your instincts and allow your DD to follow hers, things will work out the way they are supposed to.  I am actually hoping that we are able to tandem nurse for at least the first few weeks.  At first I was really scared by that idea (and my family a bit weirded out), but I really think that it will help my DS accept the new baby as a part of our family rather than a replacement. 


Good luck ladies!!

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Congratulations skycheattraffic! :) When did you get ppaf? And how many cycles did it take?

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Girlspn, I was one of the "lucky" few to get AF about 5 months pp. I know some moms would kill for that but I was not amused. I was hoping EBFing would buy me a year at least with no AF lol. As for how long it took, well DH and I thought we'd be ok if pregnancy happened now and didnt prevent once. One time. It was his birthday lol. Again, feel free to throw things but I was hoping to actually try two or three times. I think I inherited my mom's fertility. I asked her once if they had trouble getting pregnant the second time. She said "oh heck no! All your father had to do was look at me and I was pregnant." lol Great. I think DH will have to get the snip snip after baby #2 or it will be the "no glove, no love" policy. We are not big family people. Two is plenty. Well three if this one turns out to be twins... Can't exactly send one back lol.
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skycheattraffic, I think it's awesome you're so fertile! LOL. It took us 2 years to conceive dd... Although I am glad I didn't have to worry about pregnancy in the first year of breastfeeding, now I wish af would just come back already! 

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