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making a list something specials about the birth/early days

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 a long time ago, I posted on being wishywashy on hb plans, partially for a very odd reason. I felt sorta let down but the "any other dayness" the hb (like no one cared b/c locally no one there to care ). Last week my MW asked if I had any special desires for the birth or right after. I don't. Maybe b/c my last labor was too intense to care about anything like music or candles that I don't have any thoughts in the "settting" direction or maybe I'm just to otherwise occupied to think of what I want. But....I don't want to regret this last opportunity to do something special.


Do you all have any specific things to make the big day or first days extra special (w/out spending a fortune)? I just can't think of anything and maybe thats okay?

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How about meals?  Anything in particular that you love eating?  Homemade or takeout.. maybe it could be available after the birth as a celebratory meal?


Are there any favorite smells you have?  My plans are to throw a loaf of bread into the oven as labor starts, and put some (premade frozen by me) lentil soup in the crock pot during labor to feast on afterwards.  The aromas are very calming to me.. which is reason #1 for doing it.  Reason #2 is because I get to eat them =P


Do you eat your placenta?  If not, you might consider doing placenta prints after the birth, or in the days following, on a large canvas, or several smaller ones.  Maybe one with baby's foot/handprints included?

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not so much meals but champaign and beer sure sound good right now!!!! 


that's a good idea on the print w/ the placenta plus babes. I did the print last time too but maybe I could at least get some pretty paper this time. we did it on large graphing paper last time.

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We have a bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge, ready to go, and I'll make a birthday cake if I am aware of early labor. Otherwise, Nana will take over that project.

Not sure what to have ready/in freezer for the immediate post partum meal. I usually prefer bland comfort foods at that point, but right now, that sounds so boring!!
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I haven't really thought about food, but DH brewed a batch of Berliner Weisse beer (we're calling it the Baby Berliner) just for the occasion. 

I've wondered about music, too, but I don't know if I'll want something empowering or something super mellow or what. I keep thinking I should make a playlist, but then I end up thinking I ought to make 3-4 so I can choose one depending on my mood.

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This is a fascinating topic I should give more thought to. I'm with teegan though on having no clue what kind of music I'd like. I might just have to.use my phone and the Songza app and flip through playlists until I find The One. I have an old set of computer speakers that I have down in my sewing room and I plug them into my phone's headphone jack and have an instant stereo smile.gif I'm clueless on foods though. I've always thought the idea of baking a birthday cake sounds fun... except I tend to prefer brownies to cakes! Maybe these apple muffins my mom makes that I absolutely ADORE...

Lots to think about. Looking forward to all thoughts!
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Well, some things on my gramma list for DS and gramma to do together is bake cookies.  I REALLY want oatmeal and craisin cookies (like NOW) but, they can make them.  I think that will be great!


I don't have any scents I love, music is no biggie.  I can turn the radio on if i like. I'm sending my placenta off to a friend for encapsulation and will invite a few select people over in the first days to oohh and aww.  I'll also be doing more newborn photos then I did with DS.  I didn't really do any NEWBORN photos.  This time I will.  The whole set up.  

With DS we just snuggled in bed and were just together.  :)

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