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Dexter's Birth Story

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I had been having prodromal labor for about week and was becoming pretty frustrated. I went in for a sweep at 40+3, again at 40+5, each time I was significantly dilated (4-6cm and soft and stretchy). Right after my last appointment I got really sick with a cold and any signs of labor disappeared. I practically slept for 2 days straight and I finally started to feel better on 41+1.


Went in for my appointment on Monday (41+2) afternoon to get checked out. I was still 6cm, 100%. Midwives told me to go home, see what happens and they'd be by later that night to see what we could try to get things started.


After leaving their office, I began to have contractions about 15-20 minutes apart. Then they skipped to about 8 minutes apart. Nothing bad at all. I was still talking and laughing through them but I could tell they were productive. Midwives were really worried about another fast birth (and not making it) as my last one was less than 30 minutes so they came over at around 7:30 to set up their supplies. They checked me and I was 7-8cm and bag of waters bulging.


At 8:15, my water broke and shit started to get real. lol.gif 


Danny had been setting up the pool while I was being checked out. By the 3rd contraction after my water broke, I was feeling pushy and let the midwives know. A few more contractions later and I was in serious pain. I knew it was going to hurt but it kind of took me off guard. By this time, they were less than a minute apart and I wanted to get in the pool.


I got in the pool and suddenly the contractions were right on top of each other. I was in immense pain. I was probably in the pool for a max of 20 minutes but it felt like a lot longer. Contractions were ROUGH. With each one, I pushed. Sometimes it felt good, sometimes I wanted it all to stop.  


As I pushed him down, he began to crown and holy mother of god that hurt. I was on hands and knees and for some reason they made me switch to a leaning back position. At one point it got so bad I thought I had for sure tore all over the place but then the pain subsided for a little while. I took this to mean his giant head was out. Then I hear the midwife say "he's almost here, his head's almost out". And I screamed "HIS HEAD'S NOT EVEN OUT YET?!?!?" And I started to cry. lol.gif


Turns out the slow birth of his head stretched me out enough so I didn't tear. So looking back, it was a good thing.


My girls were there. When I got loud, Genevieve was a little scared so Hannah gave her headphones and music to listen to. luxlove.gif Hannah watched the actual birth of her brother. She said she was a little afraid but felt much better once he was born (that makes two of us).


Then another contraction came and I pushed his head out and then the rest of him just came flying out. They did ask me if I wanted to feel his head or catch him, as I had asked them to do but I told them no. I kept my eyes closed. I didn't want the pain to be real. For some reason, keeping my eyes closed seemed like a rational thing to do. lol.gif 


At 9:22pm, right after his head the rest of him came flying out accompanied by an immense feeling of relief. I literally felt him give a kick inside me! It was amazing. I saw my slimy chunky rolled up baby and instantly forgot the pain. He was so pudgy and sweet. luxlove.gif


I just hugged him and said hello baby boy! And asked if someone had confirmed he was a boy. lol.gif Nobody had, so I did. I also noticed there was no blood in the pool which I thought was weird since I just "knew" he must have destroyed my vagina.


After about 10 minutes, baby was a little cold so they took him out and then I delivered the placenta and very long cord. All was well. Got out of the pool, midwives checked me out and I had a teeny tiny scrape above my vagina that wasn't even bleeding. Everything else was intact and perfect!


As I came out of my bedroom, they were weighing Dexter and everyone was like, "Erika he is ELEVEN POUNDS". I said "shut the hell up!". lol.gif Sure enough he was. After that I demanded my baby. I snuggled and kissed him everywhere. He was so smooshy.  Of course they suspected GD and had to prick his heel twice. Both results were normal. He had some bruising all over his face so we opted to give the vitamin K shot. Through all of that, he didn't cry. He was so alert and mellow. Nursed really well immediately, too.


I feel really great. Surprisingly well. So glad he's finally here!


Dexter David

11lbs 1 oz

21.5" long

9:22 pm September 10, 2012 (on our wedding anniversary!)

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Congratulations!!! 11 lbs - what a chunker! You are amazing.
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You ARE amazing Maman!  You are such an inspiration.  I'm in the early stages of labor and every time I have a particularly rough contraction, I think, "Maman did it!  I can too!" ;-)  Filled with joy and gratitude for you!! love.gif

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Amazing story!! Congratulations!! You are quite incredible! bow.gif

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great story!!

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Love your story - what a big boy!

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Way to go mama! We must see pictures of your chunky 11lb baby!

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Congratulations MamanF, and welcome to the world Dexter!  Man, you are amazing!!  What a darling chunk of boy he is too.  Lucky lady!

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I love your telling of Dexter's birth story!  It's perfect and amazing!  And I absolutely 'get' how closing your eyes is a totally rational thing to do!  If you can't see, then it's clearly not THAT bad, right?!?!  What a beautiful, perfect birth!  And on your anniversary too :)


Congratulations to all again!!

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Congratulations, Maman! Welcome to the world, Dexter!
Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

At 9:22pm, right after his head the rest of him came flying out accompanied by an immense feeling of relief. I literally felt him give a kick inside me! It was amazing. I saw my slimy chunky rolled up baby and instantly forgot the pain. He was so pudgy and sweet. luxlove.gif

Also, thanks for this- it is going on my list of affirmations!!!
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Congratulations love.gif

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What a great story!! Enjoy that adorable chunky monkey!!joy.gif

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awww... tearing over here.  LOVE it!

I'm sure he's the sweetest pudgiest pefectest Dexter David ever!

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Same as Judybean, I totally see where closing your eyes makes the most sense! I am astounded that you didn't tear, and so so happy for you.  Enjoy your chunky guy, thank you for posting your birth story, I loved every word of it :)  Dexter David - such a sweet and perfect name <3

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Originally Posted by MIrandaM View Post

Same as Judybean, I totally see where closing your eyes makes the most sense! 

I spent the entire pushing phase with DS with my eyes closed! It totally can seem like the right thing to do--helped me concentrate and block out anything but the work.

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Loved reading Dexter's birth story! And how awesome that he was born on your anniversary!!

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WELCOME LITTLE BIG GUY!!!!  Congratulations mama you did AMAZING!!!

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