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I wouldn't sit down and have a talk with her because I'm afraid it would hurt more than it will help. This might very well naturally get better as the kids improve.
Now, when similar things have happened to me, I've kind of interjected, but in a kind voiced way. Like, "Oh, yes, Sophia accidentally scratched him but she was trying to catch him for his game. It wasn't on purpose. I'll have to cut her nails so she doesn't accidentally scratch people so easily." And, "Oh, Michael had taken the ball from Sophia and she had just taken it back from him. Maybe we should take the ball away right now if it's causing problems." I guess what I'm saying is I woudln't necessarily stand back and not do anything, but you can get involved with a kind gentle voice and it might improve things rather than make things worse.
But as they get older she'll eventually back off some too. I think all parents stop hovering at some point. It's more a question of when they think it's appropriate, not if they think it's appropriate ever. Your disagreement is probably more about when. She still sees them as little enough where you have to stay right on top of them, and you see them as having grown past that. I'm one to step back earlier too, so I'd be on your side if we had our kids playing together, but I don't know if the two of you are as far apart as it might feel like you are at the moment.


Oh yes, I'm not advocating being a doormat when dealing with a Miss Bossy Pants. Stand up for yourself and your kid. :)