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Bad(ish) news

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Doctor just called and said that my bloodwork from yesterday said my thyroid levels were elevated again... They were at a 7.5 in the early first tri, dropped to 4.3, and now they're back up to 5 point something. (It should be like... under 2 IIRC.)  Not cool.  Dr Google tells me that there's a 1 in 20 chance of stillbirth for these levels and a decrease of an average of 10 IQ points as well as much higher risk of prematurity (which has already been a concern).  I hate Dr. Google.  Seriously.  Why do I do this to myself?


Incidentally I have no other signs of thyroid issues... not depressed, lethargic, dull-witted, dull-haired, dull-skinned... nothing.  I feel pretty great, actually.  Ugh... Wasn't expecting to hear my meds weren't working.  Hopefully the increased dosage will help bring it to normal levels but a) most of the damage to the fetus is done in the first tri, which is already passed, and b) there's still a risk of the stillbirth/second tri loss/prematurity thing. 


Did I mention I hate Dr. Google??

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So sorry to hear this. I also hate Dr Google, but at least you can prepare yourself in case something does go wrong. I do hope that your med increase will fix it all and everything will go perfectly though.
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I know that Dr. Google can certainly stir up a lot of scary thoughts and that 1 in 20 sounds like "inevitable," but it's not. Let's interpret this as Dr. G. saying there's a 19 in 20 chance baby will be just fine! Try to keep focus on the more positive side of the story for sake of your sanity! I know nearly nothing about thyroid issues and how to manage it so I have no other advice to offer than to bug the crap out of your doctor to monitor it and bring the levels to where they should be, doing whatever might possibly have the slightest chance of helping. And talk to that little growing baby every day!


I spent about two months of my last pregnancy knowing that there was at least a 90% chance (statistically) of stillbirth for my baby--and then if live born, only a 50% chance of survival--and I can tell you the only thing that got me through it was focusing on the 5% chance that he'd make it, singing to him in the shower and tickling him when I lay in bed. No matter what, the time you spend with that baby will be important and precious memories you'll always carry with you.


know it is hard and there will still be times that the worry will overwhelm you, but try keep the likelihood of a beautiful January baby in your sights. hug2.gif Hugs and I'm sorry you've got this worry on your plate right now.

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