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NewbornScreening Awareness

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Hello All- I am a momma from Texas with a daughter with a suspecte mitochondrial disease...

I am trying to spread awareness about metabolic disorders and newborn screening...as my state Texas only screens for 28 of the nearly 60 recommended disorders....



September is Newborn screening Awareness month...

please help mee by educating another mother....


Here is a post I wrote about the basics that you can share on your facebook wall, in an email or on your blog so that other moms can read about it....


10 Finger 10 toes, 10 facts about newbornscreening you should KNOW




thanks a bunch- in advance!





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Hi there and welcome to Mothering!


I think your initiative is great and I'm sure plenty of parents here appreciate you sharing it. love.gif


Check you PM box for a message from me. thumb.gif

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