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raspberry leaf tablets but no braxton hicks help?

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hi i am 36 weeks pregnant i am currently taking natures sunshine raspberry leaf tablets. i take 2 a day each tablet contaibs 1500mg of raspberry leaf. what i am confused about is i have no braxton hicks what so ever not even really little ones any one lbow why.
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I was not aware that there is a connection between BH and RRLT. Do you think that BH will help with pregnancy and birth?  I can tell you that I drank RRL and didn't have BH and had a nice birth. 

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Another to reassure, I drank RRL all through my first preganncy and never felt any BH to the point where I wasn't sure about early labor being labor as I figured it was probably my first BH at 38 weeks. And remember, just because you can't feel them, doesn't necessarily mean you aren't having any! Oh and my birth was great and fast, just a bit of tearing I think mainly because her hand was up by her face.
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Wow its my number 5 baby but i did not know this at all. I thought braxton hicks signaled a strong utururs which is what rlt is meant to help you with. And i also thoughtt braxton gicks meant your cervix is ripening. So was quiet worried thanks ladies for the reassurance smile.gif
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So kinda thought it meant my uturues was weak and my cervix wasnt ripening
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I really don't know, OP. I think RRLT is thought to be a unterine tonic and is thought to help with the first stage of labor. There's a HUGE thread on this forum called something like "Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Tribe". I took it, felt like it couldn't hurt but I never thought of it was something to ripen the cervix nor to bring on BH contractions. I am not aware, either, of any correlation between BH and a toned uterus. 


I do think that RRL may be more commonly taken as a tea, which may be something to look into. 

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Thanks for the info ill have a look soon. I have allways taken the tea with all 4 other pregnancies but taking tablets this time as tea is the weakest way to have something. And a tincture is the strongest. Tabs are a bit more effective from what i understand from all my herb studies over the last few years
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Ah, your 5th pregnancy, I can definitely see why you are concerned if you always had/felt BH before! Hopefully someone who felt them in one pregnancy and didn't in another will chime in, I'm sure there are ladies out there!
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This is probably covered on the mega thread posted above, but RRL is high in calcium and minerals which can reduce pain associated with muscle contractions and in high enough doses, magnesium especially, can keep BH from happening (so I've heard from a MW I know).

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