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Successful home vbac- added link to birth story blog 9/30

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I can't type too much because I'm nursing and attempting to type with one arm on our glitchy iPad 1. But after 24 hours of early labor, 8 hours of active labor, and 50 minutes of pushing, baby Annabelle was born at home into the arms of her mom and dad. A successful home vbac! Can't say enough great things about my birth team- dr. Fischbein, his midwife karni, and my doula jennifer. Annabelle weighed in at 8 lbs 15 ounces. I'll type more about her birth later. Recovery was a little rough as I tore and needed stocked and one tear below the urethra that didn't need stitched. Lost a large amount on blood and put on strict bed rest for the next few days but hanging in there. Still in shock that I labored that long. Annabelle looks great and nursing well.


Link to birth story blog
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HOORAY, ALLI!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOO happy for you and your successful VBAC!  I've been thinking of you and hoping all was going well!  (just posted about that in the weekly chat! lol!).


Happy birthday, Annabelle!  Happy birth day, Alli!  Enjoy your babymoon!!

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yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gif
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Yaaay alli...so happy to see annabelle's birth announcement. Congratulations to the family. Happy baby mooning smile.gif.
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Yay! Thanks for keeping us informed =D Hope your healing goes quickly!!

Can't wait to see pictures!!
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Oh Alli I am so happy for you! You got your VBAC and a sweet baby girl.. Can't wait for the pic! Hope you're feeling well.
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Congrats Alli!! :)

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Big congrats Alli!joy.gif  Can't wait to see pictures!

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Congratulations love.gif

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Congratulations! joy.gifI was so thrilled to see your update! Welcome baby Annabelle! Alli, rest up and heal fast. Enjoy your new baby!

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YAY!!! aww cant wait for pictures!!! joy.gif congrats mama!!!

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YAY!!! Congratulations Allie and family!!!!  WHOOO-HHOOOOO

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Yeah for more September babies! Can't wait to see pics.

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Welcome Annabelle! Congratulations Alli!

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Congratulations Alli! you inspire me with your home VBAC. I am hoping to be as successful as you. 

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jumpers.gif Yay! Congrats!

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congratulations -

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Nice job Alli and welcome Annabelle!

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Wooo hooo!!!  Congrats on your HBAC and welcome to the world, Annabelle!  Sorry to hear that recovery hasn't been great but YOU DID IT! 

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Congrats Alli and welcome to Annabelle!  I hope that you are up and about in no time! 

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