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Favorite potty?

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DS turned 2 at the beginning of august. We introduced the potty sometime after 1 & had some success around 18 months. It's the simple baby bjorn one that is just 1 piece of plastic. We never pushed but always offer but he pretty much has had no interest for the last 4 months or so, & sometimes refuses quite adamantly. Wondering if a different potty might help. They have a toddler size toilet at his school /daycare that he seems to like.

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what about a seat cover for your normal toilet if he likes the toddler potty at school?  We have the baby Bjorn 2 piece potty and I would not recommend it as DD2 has pinched her fingers at least 5 times between the 2 pieces.  

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See I have the baby bjorn potty chair and smart potty (both 2 piece) and we love them. DD is 17 months and potty time is part of diaper changes. She has never pinched herself between the pieces and they are super easy to clean. The little potty OP has may simply be too low for a tall 2 year old. The toilet adapter seat is a great idea but some kids are a little scared to be that high off the ground and have trouble relaxing enough to go. You may have better luck with a higher potty chair although it's hard to know what your LO will like. Good luck!
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We have both the small one piece baby bjorn and the larger two piece ones, two of each. I've had them for years (4 kids), we've never had a finger pinching issue. We've had two other potties as well over the years, Fisher Prices ones perhaps, i did not like those. The larger Baby Bjorn potty is my favorite hands down.The seat that goes on the big potty, we have one as well, larger kids seems to like it. When my kids first start potty training or are smaller, they seem more scared of using it. 

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We used that small one-piece Bjorn for a bit when DD was super small (18m) and now we use it in the car. Generally both preferred the regular size bjorn. (We've tried other designs at people's houses and I've hated them all) My ODS really preferred it for a long time, probably because his balance wasn't very good. It was easy to get on to poop and didn't wiggle. YDD still uses it sometimes in the middle of the night. We often had it in the middle of the living room (cement floors) and having it portable and available was awesome for early training. But she started to prefer the big potty pretty early on and didn't like the seat reducer. She figured out by herself to wiggle on and off when she was half his size.


I think the best things is to provide lots of options and let them choose what appeals.

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We have the 2 pwice baby bjorn and love it. We also have a built in toddler seat on the toilet that my son is just starting to use. We have a large wrap around stool around the toilet and that helps a lot. 

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