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Balancing work and home

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I am so exhausted! Working, trying to raise my DS (4) and maintain a home is starting to wear me down. I love what I do and I love being a mom but boy am I tired. I started working out to help manage my stress levels and it's going fine, but I'm still tired all the time. I feel as though its time for a quick vacation. One where I get to sleep a full uninterrupted 8-10 hours.


Any other moms feel this way? Am I wrong?

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Oh, honey I so hear you!  I have been regularly excercising for a year and I keep wondering when that "energy" is going to kick in.  lol  Every couple of weeks I definitely feel like I just need one weekend where I can just sleep.  It never usually happens, because when I do get down time I'm usually trying to cram a billion other things into that time.  lol  I just keep going... I started drinking coffee again.  I think my body actually prefers me to not drink it so much, but I find myself nodding off at work, and coffee seems the only thing to combat that.  I hear there is light at the end of the tunnel once the littles get a little older and can do a lot more on their own.  :-)

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Hugs. grouphug.gif It's hard, but my advice? Give up on the home. So, there are toys everywhere, dishes in the sink, a science project in the fridge and the basboards need to be cleaned and your mother's eyebrows are up near her hairline. There are bigger priorities like you going to sleep at 8 when your son goes to sleep and sleeping the whole night through.... ahhhhhh..... sleeping.gif
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Hugs! You are not alone, it is tough! Kudos to you, it takes a lot of stamina and work to keep going every day when it feels like there is just soo much on your plate. My current bedroom fantasy involves 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep :)

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You're definitely not alone--it's HARD, and I agree that it seems like sometimes something has to give.  For me, it's the house.

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sadly, i am now a regular at starbucks... the house is a mess, and we are always tired...im looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, but its a long ways off im sure! hang in there mama!

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Good to hear I'm not alone. Hang in there mamas!

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I am right there with you all! Sometimes I just feel so burnt out. Both my DH and I work full time. We have 5 kids, 2 have special needs. Between soccer practice, girl scouts, tutoring, therapy, oh the list goes on and on  . . . I am exhausted. Each child only does one or two activities but with so many kids the calender is packed. I also travel for work. While my coworkers without children are complaining about noise in the hotel keeping them up, I am thinking 'wow really I just slept 8 hours straight!'

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OMG 8 hours of sleep?! I haven't seen that in at least 4 years. LOL

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It gets better as a the kids get older, really! My advice is to get your son helping you around the house as soon as possible. We have the kids helping pick up, clean kitty litter, feed cats, clear and put away dishes, do their laundry, etc. Spreading that stuff across 4 people instead of 2 has worked wonders.

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