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So my last period was on August 28 and lasted three days. Im not the type to have a consistant 28 day cycle but an online ovulation tracker told me it would be about september 11 . So on the 10th me and my husband had unprotected sex in hope to catch ovulation. It is now the 12th and i checked my cervix just being curious and it seems pretty low and firm like a 'nose" i guess you could say. Could this mean that i havent even ovulated yet or that i hit ovulation? We have been trying for sooo long :( i am emotionally worn out and really need advice.

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from what I've read about cervix positioning is that it can change in a matter of minutes, so that makes it not the best way to determine ovulation.

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Hi, I suggest charting your temperature and looking for cervical mucus in addition to position. I would not take the word of an online period tracker unless you already know that you typically have 28-day cycles and ovulate on exactly day 14.

When I was TTC my first, I had slightly irregular cycles, but not too irregular--it varied by just a few days. But my ovulation window was always closer to day 20 than day 14. I didn't realize this until I got consistent about charting and I was like, "ooohhhh!"

Now, even though I'm not charting, I can always tell exactly when I'm ovulating--it gets easier to tell (or it did for me anyway) after years of practice. I think every woman should learn to chart whether she's TTC or not, because it's a really useful tool to give you insight into what's going on with your body. It puts the power in your hands.

Good luck!
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It will be easier to know when you have tracked for several months and when you are tracking multiple things.  One month isn't enough.  Usually the cervix is high, soft and open when you are fertile.  It closes up and gets harder after you ovulate.  Good luck!

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Read: Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  You'll wish you would have read it sooner.  It will help you understand how to chart your temperatures, interpret your cervical fluid, and opk's. I personally don't bother with checking cervical position, but I know many do.  All of this info will really help you be more informed on timing if you want to get pregnant.  It will probably take a lot of the mystery and frustration out of it for you.  Unfortunately those online ovulation calculators are not really going to help.



Link:  http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Fertility-Anniversary-Edition/dp/0060881909



Best wishes!

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