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Sub sandwhiches: friend or foe?

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I am due early April, and for the past week all I seem to want is fruit (strawberries, oranges, tomatoes) & Subway (wheat, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, black olives, mustard, and a pinch of mayo- THE WORKS!). Not only could I eat a 6in, but I could do a foot long in one sitting if I allowed it. Which is completely out of the norm for me, considering (prior to baby) I eat kids meals. I have only eaten one sub (six inch) due to the mixed reviews on being pregnant & deli meat. Is it a modern day myth? Could the possible bacteria intake put myself or the baby at risk? Should I be cautious, or indulge?
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I am craving Subway so badly that I can't stand it! I have avoided it, simply because I've already gone through one miscarriage and I know that if I had another, I would blame myself with every little thing that I did wrong. HOWEVER, at my doctor's appointment Monday, my OB doctor told me to start "cutting back" on processed meats and deli meats, simply because they aren't as good for you. He plainly stated "You don't have to just quit cold turkey" (no pun intended, haha!), so it probably isn't as big of a deal as some have made it seem. 

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I still eat at subway, and I eat lunch meat at home. BUT I try to not eat Subway more then once a week and I buy all-natural lunch meats for eating at home and they don't hang around the house very long once they're open.

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I thought deli meat has to be heated to at least 160F to help kill the listeria bacteria that can be found in deli meat? Yes? No?

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I thought they bathed most lunch meat now adays in a viral soup bath to purportedly kill the listeria. 


Here is one article on the subject, I'm sure you could find a lot more.


Might make you think twice about the lunch meat for different reasons though.

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I had deli meat(cold) with both my other kids, and minus my son is a little crazy, they turned out find ;) I wasn't told there was anything wrong with cold cuts with either pregnancy, it wasn't until a few months ago I was told it's not recommended. *shrug*. To be on the safe side, I might have it roasted so the meat is hot.

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