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Fall 2012 Love for the Preggo Bajingos: Having #1 in our 30s

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heartbeat.gifWelcome to the TTC #1 in Our 30's Graduates Thread! heartbeat.gif


We are the ladies of the Bajingo Juice Club who have gotten our BFPs.

All due dates are welcome.


Are you pregnant with your first and in your 30's but never heard of the BJC? 

Welcome! Please join us!


Let's keep in touch during our pregnancy journeys.

The more the merrier!




January 2013

01~ pitchounette



Trickster- spring 2013

SamSarah- ??



March 2013

?? Matrima- GIRL



April 2013

8~ Mayday- TTC 8 months- one MC

18~ MainCoastMama- got BFP quickly after wedding day!!

20~ BrendaLee- 2 MC, surgeries, did not think she could have babies and she got her BFP!!!


May 2013




18~AmandaLynnH- conceived after one month off the pill!!


June 2012

08- Espion- BFP after MC

15- Bebelove- TTC since 03/1



Congratulations Mamas!!!


BOYS: 12



Cathleleni~ Rose born 9/18 at 5 lbs 11oz 

2sweetsparrows~ Augustus Neale born 9/17 at 11:19pm 8.0 oz 19"

ericaf ~ Ruby Mae born 9/1/12 at 9:52 p.m. 8 lbs 4 oz, 20"

andaluza ~ Baby Boy M born 8/23/12

Lilytiger ~ Piper Ingrid born 8/13/2012 at 3 a.m. 7 lbs 6 oz, 21"

Bootsvalentine ~ Lyle George born 8/3/12 at 6:28 p.m. 8 lbs 6 oz, 20"

Scowgirl ~ Evelyn Linnea born  7/16/12 at 10:30 a.m. 8 lb 0 oz, 21"

CACountyGirl ~ Juniper Lee born 7/3/12 at 1:01 a.m.

Calycanth ~ Cara Laurel born 6/29/12 at 10:51 p.m.

Dandylez   ~ Adair Seamus born early 6/28/12 at 3:35 p.m., in our thoughts! stillheart.gif

Bel718   ~Twins born 5/31!!! Baby Boy M 5 lbs 9 oz; Baby Girl A 6 lbs 10 oz

RosieL ~ Odin born 4/7/12 at 12:15AM

Ramzubo ~ Brody Alexander born 1/29/12 after 27 hours of labor

birdie.lee ~ Baby Boy L born 11/20/11 after just five hours of labor

Tank ~ Elliot born on 11/8/11 at 11:38AM 

Hykue ~ Raven Brisa born 10/31/11,  8lb 2oz

ValH ~ Jacob born 10/4/11 at 9:55AM

Tear78 ~ Baby Girl A born 7/15/11

LivingSky ~ Kayden born 7/14/11

Meander ~ Alaric born 7/3/11

Blanca78 ~ Baby Girl E born 4/24/11stork-boy.gifstork-suprise.gif


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Hi All,


Hope you are able to check in here- and I hope Bajingo ladies will join as they get BFP +++++ YAYA!


Quick Update:  I went to the 'deciding' appointment on Tuesday, my baby is about 8 1/2 lbs at 38 weeks.  It looks like he will be very large and that may lead to complications, I know that this is all and estimate and this has been a very stressful decision to make because we just really want to avoid c-section and deliver a healthy baby boy.  We are opting for the induction, which will mean that we will go into the hospital at 6pm on Sunday September 16th- they will administer cervadil, and we will spend the night.  They will start petocin in the morning, then try different things according to how I react- some of which are striping membranes and a foly catheter bulb.  I am super excited because I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced so I will be starting out with a 'favorable' cervix therefore it is more likely I will react favorable to the pitocin.


Everyone asks me if I have been experiencing contractions- and I have not- until last night- I had my firs episode of 2 hours of mild contractions- they were rhythmic so I really thought this was it and tried to get sleep, I was so excited my mind was racing and I could not sleep- then I waited and waited and they did not increase- I fell asleep and me and dh woke up at 10am!!!   I am our natural alarm clock and I was not that this morning- so he MAY...MAY come early???? I would really love that- it may just be prep- but any prep is better than non- I am just not going to take it as seriously next time though.  


Whew, my mama comes in tonight- think I will feel better once she is here and I have everything in order for the hospital.  

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HI everyone! Nice to see you here. I just got my BFP 2 weeks ago so the whole "I guess I'm pregnant" thing is still sinking in. I'm looking forward to having this community to hear what is in my near future.


Looks like a lot of you have a little one out in the world now ... congrats!!!  joy.gif


and good luck to sparrows as you prepare for your new adventure!

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Kimble, welcome and congratulations on your BFP!!! It takes a while for it to feel "real." Like a couple of trimesters. orngtongue.gif


Sparrows, you have to do what you feel is best for you and the babe based on the information you have. Good luck with the induction! How exciting to think your little Ert will be joining the world so soon! I'm glad your mama is coming to help you out. You'll definitely appreciate the extra set of hands when you come home.

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Yeah Sparrows!  This weekend we will have one more little guy.  I hope he decides to beat the docs to it, but if not I hope the induction goes smoothly.  Glad your Mom will be on hand.  Can't wait to hear your news.  

Welcome Kimbie!

Hi Caly and cutie Cara.

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Calpurnia had her little one a month ago from the post here.  She had a cute little girl a month early.



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Sparrows, thanks for starting a fall thread. I hope lots more Bajingo ladies will get BFPs soon. Lilac has been so great running the TTC thread and we're due for some more!

I totally understand your decision to induce, I was almost there myself. I am happy for you and your cervix, yay! I bet the induction is going to go well, that is a good sign. We will support whatever decisions you make for your birth. So glad your mom is with you and I'll be thinking of you all weekend. One thing I will say, though is please don't let them scare you with the stupid shoulder dystocia talk. That is SO rare (less than 2 percent), but they tell every woman with a baby over 8# that. Bah humbug!


Welcome and congratulations, kimble!

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Hi! I'm not sure if this is how...but may I join you? I am due April 18, and I am 32 years old:) 

I am relatively new to the site, began TTC with my husband on our wedding day, July 7th, got my BFP on August 10th and saw the little one in u/s for the first time this past week. joy.gif  

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tiphat.gif Welcome Kimble- Congratulations on your BFP and Welcome to the thread- we are so excited to have some 2013 babies YAY- how are you feeling these days?  


tiphat.gif Welcome Maincoastmama- guessing you are from ... Maine- my Best Friend is in Portland with her fiancé right now meeting the parents- she loves it.  Congratulations on your BFP and please keep us updated, are you going to find out the sex?  



Thanks Boots, I know you had the whole big baby kunundum oh it is just a hassle, but I am felling good about what we decided and have a positive outlook on the benefits vs risks, I hope to avoid a c-section and birth a healthy big boy!!


I a getting close- just putting away clothes, hanging up pictures and putting in the car seat- enjoying a lovely September day.  My doula is not responding to my calls which is weird but I let her know what the score was- I am not sure if she agrees with my decision but I am sure she will be supportive.  I kind of want to touch base with her though.  I have not had many contractions- a bit of crampiness- think I will go on a good walk and bounce on my birth ball to kick things along - I hope I can start at al least 75% effaced, and 2cm to have a favorable cervix.  I am feeling read and super peaceful about the arrival of the baby- and feel no need to stress about the imminent pain I will experience- I'll just deal- so excited!!!

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Thinking of you, Sparrows!

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I hope that everything goes well, Sparrowsflowersforyou.gif You may not even need the pitocin, I was close to not needing it, but the epidural seemed to slow down what the cervical ripener had accomplished. Can't wait to hear your news. 

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blowkiss.gifThanks so much for the support ladies, I am super excited, feels like the little guy is pretty big, and I am not sure if I am like all prepared for breastfeeding but goes we'll jump into it head first. Here we gooooooooo!!!

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Go sparrows!!!
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*walks in shyly*  What's Bajingo juice? Um, I'm 33 (34 on 10/31!) & pregnant - 9wks today! :)  I had 2 m/c as a youth, but have had much pain & a few surgeries on my reproductive system since then.  Though I wasn't TTC in the past (well, some half-hearted attempts at certain points in my former marriage), I've been told I basically won't be able to have kiddos.  SURPRISE!  *grin* Honestly, I wasn't wicked interested prior to getting divorced anyway (in many ways, my ex was a child in a grownup's body - perhaps that's why? *smirk*), so it kind of worked out.   
So, being pregnant now is a huge shock! A delightful shock, to be sure, but shocking nonetheless! :)


KIMBLE - I totally know what you mean! *lol*  I stared at the plus sign on that stick for about 20 minutes, head completely empty, trying to take it all in. OMG, the 'positive' line started showing up before the pee even made it up to the control window! Heh heh heh.  I think it's only been in the past week or two that I've finally gotten (mostly!) used to the idea - and I've known since week 4! ;) 


SPARROWS - good luck tonight!!! :) :) :)   


I hope no one minds if I sit in! :)  Oh, and I'm due April 22, 2013 (coincidentally, that's my ex-husband's birthday. haha! However, it's also Earth Day, so that's what I'll refer to. heehee!).

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Aw, excited for you Sparrows ! It's great that you are feeling so at peace. I wish the same for myself!:) Yep, we will find out the gender, it's my first baby and I just want to know. 


Welcome and congrats Brenda. We have the same due week. How are your 1st Trimester symptoms going? I think mine are easing up, except the fatigue does seem to come and go.

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So here is the low down over here (in my opinion) Bajingo Juice was a term created back in I think like 2008- it is for cervical mucous.  I think it refers to that because as you have experienced most of us TTC or pregnant in the 30's for the first time are TRYING to get pregnant so these are things we pay attention to and it is funny and a sort of tong in cheek playful name for the thread .   There are three threads here on Mothering Dot Com dedicated to these ladies- one for TTC, one for being pregnant and one for having your babies.  The neat part is that we keep the thread up my season here and month at TTC, by passing it to someone who keeps the thread running and others join in and it has been going since 2008- how cool!!!!  I am the thread keeper for the first time.  


I ended up mostly posting in here and here are the reasons I love this thread-


1.  It is not too big- in my Due Date Club- the weekly chats were so long and complex I had a hard time jumping in- keeping up and following.

2.  FOR ME- (this is very personal) I found the ladies in their 30's very funny, mature, knowledgable and supportive, there is lots of support in the DDC but a much more diverse set of mommies whom are in VERY different circumstances than me- (on their 7th pregnancy- with twins) and 29 etc.  I am just here in my 30's trying to wrap my little mind around #1- so I felt a kinship here that works well for me.

3.  Some ladies post in both frequently and even just copy and paste the same updates- that works too.

4.  THis group tends to stay under about 15 so you can really be open and get to know the trials and success and series each person shares.  I feel like I have far off friends.

5.  You can stay on the journey together because we post in all the forums, and continue on the 'graduate' forums.


SOOO please don't be shy take off your shoes and stay a while- you are in good company- WELCOME!!!


We did just had our baby boom- like 5 babies were born over the past two months and the thread was dwindling a bit I am the last of this phase- so I am SOOO HAPPY to have new BFP's over here!!!

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Great to see some fresh bfps around here, Kimble and Brenda! joy.gifjoy.gif Wishing you wonderful and healthy pregnancies.


Sparrows, about bf, I let M find his way to the breast and latch on on his own right after birth. It was amazing to see his little eyes come into some sort of focus and his mouth discover the nipple. I will never forget those first moments together (plus dh got a video). The baby nurses and lactation consultants at the hospital were helpful to varying degrees with different positions and suggestions on the latch. Also, at least in my experience, the first few days are pretty constant suckling and some sore nipples (Lansinoh hpa lanolin soothed them amazingly) but by the time my milk came in the soreness was gone and M was latching effectively and without causing me pain. I now am amazed and appreciate at how effective the baby is because the pump is killing me. 


Again, I hope everything goes really well tonight!


We are going to try going out to a late lunch with my parents and M today. I am pretty nervous, but once we start driving he tends to like being in the car seat and we can keep him in it in the restaurant. He's done well at the pediatrician and supermarket in the car seat (no fussing), both mobile and immobile situations, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Welcome Brenda and MaineCoastMama! Congrats to you both! As Sparrows said, the Bagingo threads really are wonderful, and I hope you'll stick around!


Brenda, I also married and divorced young and had NO interest in having children with my first husband--and, at the time, I thought that meant I had no interest in being a mother, period. Finding the right person to have them with made all the difference. smile.gif


Sparrows!!! Any news yet?

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Thinking of you, Sparrows! I hope all is going well (or has gone well!) and you are able to relax and enjoy some downtime with your little one. You deserve it, mama!


Welcome Brenda and Mainecoast. As Sparrows said the BJC (bajingo juice club) is a great community - I really  enjoyed having people my age dealing with trying for #1 in the TTC thread and feel a bond with them. It's nice to have a couple April babies due here - I'm due May 9 and am looking forward to sharing this journey with you both.


AFM, this weekend I became an aunt! Our SIL was due in mid-October with #1, but the baby had other plans ... she arrived at just shy of 35 weeks at a healthy 5 pounds and with great lung function. We visited them in the hospital and it was good to see SIL so happy and baby so young. I think BIL is still trying to fit having a daughter into reality, but he will come around. It's nice to think about next summer when we can spend parent time together. DH is already planning a trip with his brother to the park they went to a lot as kids.


Have a good week, everyone!

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Ugh, I was 9wk yesterday, and seem to have been sicker than ever since! *pout*

Annnnd...my DP is young. Very young. Like, just turned 21 a bit over a month ago. bag.gif He also lives in another state. I *was* going to move there, but a 1st pregnancy is a big enough change!  I need to be where I know how to get around, with people I know & that will support me. I can't be stuck out in another state, with only DP to support me! And...I liked his mom when I met her, but now that I'm pregnant & he's moving here...I think she's miffed & taking it out on me/us?  Like, stupid petty things, such as deciding she needs to use the phone RIGHT NOW when I literally called less than 2 minutes previous. Or deciding to start talking to/demanding things of him when she realizes I'm on the phone.  When we told her about the pregnancy, she said "Well, you know, the most important thing for you right now is to be with the father of your child"  (??!) and in the background I heard DP say "Yeah, I'm moving there" & there was a little sputter, silence, then a changing of the subject.


I dunno, it's not as though it's her first gkid, or even her oldest kid having one (his older brother already has 2 children, one just a few months old).  I don't know. I don't know if it's just her menopausal symptoms making her completely batshit crazy, or what. Poor, DP - surrounded by hormonal women no matter where he looks! ;)


I'm trying to relax, I had 4 days of bright red spotting - 1 quick spurt once per day, but alarming nonetheless. It hasn't happened today, so that's good. :)  I really really wish my partner were with me right now, though.  It's wicked hard to not have him by my side!


It's also hard, because not only is he really young & I suspect hasn't put a whole lot of thought into the 'having a baby/being a parent' thing, I've been working with children for 20 years and have some rather firm ideas about the process.  Of course, I'm open-minded, but...I dunno. I'm pretty staunch about bf, cd, family bed, etc. I haven't figured out exactly where I am on the vax subject, but I'm also very anti-circ. I'm desperately hoping for a girl, to avoid the topic altogether (at least for now!). He also wants to name his son after himself (he's named after his father), and I was named similarly to my mother (mom's Brenda, I'm Brendalee) and I *HATED* it growing up. Also, I feel like DP's name is, well, DP's name! I don't want to give it to my child, it belongs to him! *lol*  So, we'll just have a little princess, and not have to worry. ;)


Well, eating's been difficult for me today, so I'm going to try to force *something* down & go rest! :)


SPARROWS: what's the good word, darlin'??!?

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