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So happy for the new mama's joining the thread,  

Sparrows- who is motherhood going?  How's baby's first week been?

Andaluza- 5 weeks old.   Sorry about the skin stuff.  My LO actually had a lot of heat rash her first few weeks too and no problems after about 8.  I hope that it goes away quickly for you too.

Boots-I hope it starts to cool down a bit- it has here.


AFM- Baby got overtired and overstimulated here tonight, since we had a busy day and then I took her out to dinner.  She screamed like crazy and wouldn't nurse and then sacked out once.  Woke up and screamed for a little while again.  Finally nursed and is now sleeping soundly.  She is usually pretty easy going,  I guess the night was just a bit much for her. 

Take care all

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I just wanted to peek in and say congrats to all of you mamas! <3 you!


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Hi All, We are so happy and in love, my super calm baby did his first actual crying fit for 1 min night before last then 3x for 1 min each at midnight when we are trying to go to sleep.  He is held all day from 7am- midnight by me, my mom and his daddy so maybe putting him in his co-sleeper is too much for him.  He makes lots of noise- he grunts and sings and makes us laugh.  I hope the crying does not get too much worse.  I will deal if it does.  Here are a few pics of baby Augustus:






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Sparrow- Augustus is beautiful and lots of dark hair like my LO.  So glad he is a calm baby.  Just curious- mamas with babies who were born with lots of hair- did you have heartburn?  It is an old wives' tale, but I did have more with this one than my last, who had less hair, and people keep bringing this up.

Tickle- Hello! :)

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Oh my gosh, baby Augustus is adorable!! Sparrows, I'm curious - when you say he's held all day, are you using any kind of sling/wrap, or just holding him? I'm trying to figure out what approach I'd like to take once the baby comes, and I'm intrigued by the baby-wearing possibility. smile.gif

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Sparrows, <3<3<3 him!


CountryGirl, I had loads of heartburn, and Cara was born with a pretty decent head of hair. It's patchy now though.


TT, much love to you! I hope you're doing well.

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Hello there--I'm hoping you have room for one more in the group!


I'm Kelly, expecting my first little one April 8, 2013. My partner and I have had been trying for eight months, and got lucky on the first cycle after a miscarriage. (Not sure it's really that lucky, as the m/c was awful.) I'm 35, so I was worried that it might take awhile, but here we are!


We had our first ultrasound at 6-1/2 weeks, and saw the heartbeat (the tech was very surprised to find it so easily)--and at my 12 week appointment last week heard the heartbeat (and a kick!) on the doppler. It was so lovely and reassuring!


I'll be thirteen weeks on Monday, and am spending the weekend figuring out how to tell my family! We're not close, haven't spoken in ages (I actually don't talk to my mother or sisters at all--I had a very abusive childhood) and I feel like I should tell them, but am dreading it.


And big CONGRATS to the new mamas in the group!

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Welcome Mayday- we absolutely have room for more Congratulations on your pregnancy!  


Wonderful to hear that strong heartbeat.gif seems like so long since I had those lovely milestones that get you through the pregnancy.

I hope everything went well with telling your family, your life is yours and all that matters is your little growing family- surround with love.



Thanks Caly and Chocolate!!!  I am so in love- 


Chocolate- Honestly I have an ergo and a moby- I have not even opened the moby and the infant holder in the ergo is like a little warm pillow- because we are having another heat wave here in California I can't use the ergo yet- we just hold him while sitting or walking around- with three people that is not too hard but when I end up being alone with him besides when dh is off work I will need the carriers- I hope to start with the Moby- would love to hear from anyone else on have carriers for around the house.


CA Country- it was funny that you mention that- I did have heartburn.  I was born bald and did not get hair until 6 months- I knew that there was a 50% 50% chance of out little one having hair and being olive toned like his dad or light and bald like me- when I was giving birth my dh said- "oh honey- head has got a full head of hair" right then I knew exactly what he looked like.  I wonder if there is actually a correlation between hair and heartburn....?


 TT- thanks you for the well wishes- we hope to see more of you TTC ladies over here soon much love to y'all <3


Boots- thanks for the link- I hopped over there.  


I am so excited for all the new ladies over here- how are your pregnancies going?  Are you going to learn the sex of your baby or wait until birth and are you going to have your babies at home- hospital- do you know yet- love to hear about your experiences!!

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I think DP wants to know the sex if we can see it, I'm a little more up in the air. We already know what our boy name is; in fact, it's our first parenting 'compromise'.  I didn't really want to name a boy after his dad, but DP really feels strongly about it. I feel strongly about circumcision. So while he would rather have Kiddo circ'd, he's willing to leave him intact to name him after himself. As I care far more about leaving my boy intact (he can change his name as an adult if he wants; he can't exactly get back his foreskin if he wants it!), we'll name him after his father & leave his penis alone.


That said, still hoping for a girl, personally. ;)


I'm so tired of this bloating, though! I'm 11wk, and I had to purchase maternity jeans today to accommodate the bloat. *facepalm* Not my finest moment, to be sure! I know that I'll likely start popping out sooner than some/most, since I'm only 5'2", but still! *sigh*


I thought I was getting better on the tiredness thing, but now it's kicking my butt again the last couple days. In fact....



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Hi y'all! I'm due in the first week of May! I'm so excited, I can't stop smiling. Except with the nausea, but I keep telling myself I'll feel better by Halloween. 

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Hi everyone!  I'm 7w3d due May 18th with my first, conceived on the very first month of the pill (so yea...make sure you're completely ready when you stop taking the pill, just in case).  Had an u/s to date the pregnancy since it was my first month off the pill and was saddened to hear that I was only nearing 7 weeks instead of the 9 I would be if it was based off of my lmp.  That added an extra 2 weeks of suffering through morning sickness.  Just got over a 5 day migraine and am now feeling as though I may die from fatigue.  


My immediate family knows and, thanks to my mother's big mouth, my grandparents on her side know (we didn't want them to worry so early since they're in their 90s).  My boss knows as well as my zombie impression at my desk was getting difficult to explain as allergies.  I have a difficult relationship with my mother because she has borderline personality disorder and treated (still does) me like crap for most of my life.  


First OB appointment is next Tuesday, assuming I'm still awake for it.  


Can't wait to find out this is a little girl around 20 weeks.  Planning a hospital birth with a midwife with some pain meds but hopefully not an epidural (though I'm a wuss so we'll see).  Undecided on breastfeeding although I know I wouldn't be able to do it exclusively.  


I think I covered all the basics but my brain has turned to mush so who knows...

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Welcome Megmoria and AmandaLynn!!!  tiphat.gif Congratulations ladies, wonderful to have you over here.  I hear you all on the nausea, I had hypermesis for 24 weeks and severe fatigue.  No fun at all, but I must say it does get better, then there is the last month and that is a whole other bag of discomfort.


Keep us updated on how you are doing, later this week I will get everyone listed on the front page.  

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Welcome, Amanda:) Maybe your MS will clear up early! 


I had my second appointment, today, at 12 weeks, and the doppler picked up a strong and steady heartbeat for little one. I'm looking forward to the next u/s in late Nov. when we do hope to find out boy or girl. My hospital has 5 midwives and 2 doctors on staff, so I have to see a few of the others than my usual midwife that I've always seen for prebaby stuff, in case she's not on when I go into labor. Today I met another midwife, and I can say from what little I know, I like her and trust her, and she made me feel like she's invested in our joy, so that was nice. 

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More new people! Yay! Hi everybody! wave.gif


Sparrows - thanks for the description about carrying Augustus around. I bet he's pretty happy being held all the time! I'll be interested to hear how the carriers work once you start using them. I feel like I need to find a place where I could try on a bunch of things to see what works for me - I get annoyed when I have to return things I ordered on the internet. smile.gif And I like experimenting!



Brendalee, I think I stopped wearing my normal pants by week 9! I was glad it was warm out, because I lived in very loose cotton fold-over waist skirts and culottes that I have for a long time. And now I *love* my actual maternity pants, because I would rather be comfortable than anything else! Part of it was bloat, but my belly also popped pretty quickly. I have friends in other states who have said, "ooh, soon you'll start showing!" And I say, "yep, that already happened weeks ago." smile.gif My midwives say sometimes that happens when you have a short torso... (We also haven't ruled out twins, but I'm not feeling like that's likely. But who knows?)


As for me, I'm almost 15 weeks now. I feel like I pretty much slept through the first 12 weeks. I am lucky enough to not be working, and I was just SOOOO tired. My brain also went to complete mush, which I was glad to hear is not an entirely unusual thing. I felt like I could barely focus or think through things, and it was pretty strange! I was slightly queasy pretty much constantly, but fortunate that it didn't turn into anything worse than that. The worst part was by far the exhaustion. About a week and a half ago I felt like I finally "woke up," and got energy back, and food started settling better, and I started being able to think again. On Sunday I went to prenatal yoga for the first time, and LOVED it. We are planning a home birth if all goes well, and we don't plan on finding out the sex. We did get to hear the heartbeat at our 12 week appointment, and it was amazing!!!

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Exciting to see all the new activity over here on the preggo bajingos thread.  Hoping that some more BFPs will be coming soon from the TTC thread. 

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Wow, it's great to see all the new activity here!

Welcome new expecting mamas! I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you. grouphug.gif

Sparrows, your little boy is adorable! What a blessing.


AFM I can't believe I will be 9wk tomorrow already. Still fortunate enough to be feeling good, and what little nausea I had a few weeks ago seems to be passing.


We are planning a hospital birth but I am looking for minimal medical intervention and will not allow epidural/spinal anesthetic unless it is absolutely necessary for an unplanned C-section. I was debating between the midwife practices associated with two nearby hospitals, and looking for one where I feel my wishes will be respected. After going to an open house for one a few weeks ago and falling in love with the midwife who met us that night, I had a first prenatal visit last week at the other practice to give them a try. Unfortunately I was bullied into ultrasound (I was planning to refuse this as I was charting and have a very regular cycle, and don't see much medical need for an u/s at 8 weeks as the risk of m/c is still high and if there is any real issue it could be detected later). A very pregnant technician ushered me into the u/s room before I had even met with a nurse or midwife ... what a strange way to introduce themselves. When I asked how necessary and informative the scan was, she got defensive and called in a nurse who basically told me it was standard procedure. If the tech was not so obviously pregnant herself, I think I would have stood my ground, but I caved. Surprise surprise the bean measured 8wk1day and I was 7wk6d based on LMP. While it was cool to see the heart beat, I just felt burned the whole time and felt like I was violating my little one in some bizzare way. Needless to say, this experience sealed my choice of midwife practices and I will be switching to the other one. I already have an appt scheduled to get to know them before the next major exam at 12 weeks.


What are all of you doing/chose about the first trimester genetic screen with US/blood test? I keep going back and forth on whether it would be useful or stressful. We will not terminate based on the result of this test, and I don't want to risk amnio and its chance of harming a perfectly healthy babe. I am planning on the 20wk anatomy scan but we do not want to know the gender until we meet him or her.

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Kimble:  my midwife gave me advise that I found useful around the genetic screening:  "The genetic screening will be emotional, regardless of how you approach it, so ask your self what you would do with the information, and make your decision based on that." My partner and I had some conversations around what we would do with the information.  We are having a midwife/doula and will likely transition to the Vancouver Women's Hospital during labour - so our birth plan would not be impacted.  For ourselves, we determined we would be going ahead with the pregnancy regardless of possible genetic complications.  The third consideration was if we needed time to prepare our family or selves with more information, but realized we had good access to care and information and could cross that bridge when we came to it.  For us, the tests meant a stress full ride without altering our course, so I opted not to have the tests.  I found starting with the question: what will I do with the information a very grounding place to start.  I can see it resulting in many possible outcomes.  Good luck on your journey, regardless of how and what you decide.

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Glad to find this group!


I'm 35 and 20w5d with my first after TTC for about 3 months.

Over the moon to be having a girl!


I just was not ready in my 20's and honestly struggled for a long time about whether I wanted to be a mom, all the while knowing if I did I'd be all in.

I feel like the timing is perfect now, and I'm so glad to be on this journey.


Congrats to all the BFPs & new mamas!!


Btw I was also curious about Sparrows - found she posted a pic of her adorable son over here:


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kimble, we decided not to do the genetic screening, because I was also not willing to do an amnio to further confirm anything if the screen came back positive, and we decided that with the relatively high percentage of false positives in the screen, we'd rather not risk being worried for the whole rest of the pregnancy. So that was what we decided. But SamSarah's right, in that it helps a lot to think about what you'd do with the information. Also, I'm sorry you had such a lame experience with that one midwife, but happy that it helped make your choice really clear!


Welcome, maitrima!

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Also glad to see I'm not alone in this expedition!  I'm a mere 5w0d, 33 years old.  While I watched all of my close friends grow their families, I have been in school, graduate school, post-graduate school, etc.  We experienced a terrible and emotional m/c with our first TTC.  Thank goodness my sister has been there assuring me that we are fertile myrtles (she has two...or nearly two, DS due on Tuesday!) but each cycle was like another little heartbreak all over again.  

I'm having more symptoms this time around and hopefully we'll see our little squeaker on the 15th.  And because babies are convenient :), we're having this baby at the beginning of June and we will be moving across the US at the end of June.  We're already panicking more about the logistics of moving than how exactly we're going to move more than 3,000 miles with a 3 week old infant.  

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