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Baby boy #6 Is Finally Here !!

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I thought I would be pregnant forever, I really was starting to doubt that my body would ever go into labor! And at 41 weeks 3 days, I was worried about the baby's size.  So I had my MW come up and check me before she saw clients for the day, and put myself on a breast pump, took black and blue cohosh, and put evening primrose oil in my cervix.  I'd already had bloody mucous that morning, so I was getting there, just not quite fast enough.  SO after an hour of pumping (I was shocked to see the amount of colostrum coming out), my contractions were regular and strong.  They kept going after I quit pumping, and after an hour I decided it was really WORKING!!! Hooray!  Another couple hours and I told the MW it was time to come back. . and sent the little ones to my SIL.  I had to tell my DH to get off the computer and come take care of me.  He never thinks I'm as far along as I am LOL.  I only got half the floor mopped before I had to quit altogether because the contractions were so strong.  They were nice ones! I kept thinking "this is my best labor yet!" because once I relaxed into them, they felt great (especially with back counterpressure).  


MW got back about 2:30, I was breathing down by then.  I kept switching positions, because baby didn't seem to be moving down like I wanted.  Finally I ended up kneeling on the bed. . .then on my side, and the baby still wasn't moving down. . .so MW had to help him out (with some precision yanking/twisting according to DH)  but she is good, and I didn't tear.  FINALLY that baby came out and they placed a monster on my belly!  He is HUGE!!! Weighs 10 pounds 8 ounces, 22 inches long (at least) and has a 14.5 inch head.  That was the hardest baby I have ever pushed out.  He was NOT budging, and the last part was pretty bad. But I am SO glad he is here!!! And I will try to post pics, but this computer doesn't recognize my photo card thing.  Anyway. . .wanted to share!!


His name is Isaac.  And his brothers adore him.

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Way to go!!
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Congratulations! joy.gif Way to go mama! I can't wait to see pictures of your big boy!

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Wow another big baby!  Congratulations on a wonderful baby boy!!

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joy.gif. Yay! joy.gif
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hooray!!  Congratulations!!!

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Nice job mama!  Can't wait to see pics!

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Love this board these days. Congratulations 5boysplus. What an awesome birth story.
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Sounds amazing! Congrats!!! Big babies are awesome. luxlove.gif

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Hooray for big baby Isaac!! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Aww :) Congratulations! Welcome, baby boy! Was this today?

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Yay! What a great story. Wow boy number 6! How amazing....
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Wooohoo! Congrats mama!!  Another big, big boy!!

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LOVE it!


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Congrats to you!  Another big boy!!  Can't wait to see pictures.  Enjoy your new little snuggle bug.

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Awesomesauce! What a great birth story! Welcome, Isaac!
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Congrats, Mama on your 6th boy!!! joy.gifWelcome Isaac! Can't wait to see pics!

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Squee! More September babies. Congrats.

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Best labor yet, love that!!! Congrats on the birth of your baby boy!!!

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Welcome Isaac! Congratulations 5boysplus. This is it. I'm officially jealous. I want my baby to be born.

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