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Haper's birth story

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Sunday my doula, Kat, and some dear friends threw me the most lovely blessingway, that had me on a high the rest of the day.  Around 8:15, shortly after reading the kids a book, I was ridiculously tired, and started falling asleep in the recliners in the family room.  So, I decided to head to bed.  Around 10-10:30 I woke up and was wide awake.  Around midngiht I started having fairly uncomfortable contractions which started out around 8 mins apart and eventually got to about 4 mins apart, but I could tell from intensity it wansn't the "real thing".  Finally fell asleep sometime after 2:30 and woke at 7 - all contractions had stopped.  



Monday was pretty uneventful - maybe a few braxton hicks throughout the day, but that was it, and a few in the evening when we went for our walk, etc.  Went to bed around 11:30 and as soon as I got into bed, the contractions started right back up again.   This time started at 4 mins apart and while they grew more intense, they started getting further apart.  Fell asleep and woke up and they seemed to be gone.  Only braxton hicks (tightness, but not at all uncomfortable) in the morning.  But, about mid-morning, they started to get uncomfortable again.  Headed to the doctor to get my stitches out, and then back home.  At some point around lunch they stopped completely again.  Headed to the chiro at 2pm.  He felt baby's position and didn't say anything about baby not being in an optimal position (this is a chiro who does Webster technique to turn breech babies).  At 4:30 Noah had CrossFit kids, so we headed that way and on the way there contractions started up again.  I spent the time there running around with Lilah in the back and hoping it would keep things moving.  Contractions continued throughout the evening and by 10pm and 2 nights of not-great sleep I was exhausted and decided to head to bed.  



At midnight I woke up to the feeling of having peed the bed, because my water broke.  I honestly wasn't sure it was my water at first, so I stripped the sheets, and immediately got into the bath to clean up and relax a bit.  Upon getting out of the bath and for some time after, the contractions were far more intense.  Not super close together, but much more intense than at the same point in Lilah's birth.  So, with my midwife over an hour away and others 20-30 mins away, around 1am we decided to call the birth team and give everyone a head's up.  Everyone said they were heading over.  Everyone was there by about 2am and again, while contractions werent' that close together, they were quite painful.   Derrick and Kat set up the birth tub and I continued to labor in the bedroom.  



After a while I got into the birth tub, and it felt amazing, but i really felt like it was slowing things down.  So, after a while in there, I got out and moved back into the bedroom.  As soon as I was out of the tub though, the contractions seemed to come much more frequently and more more intensely, but I didn't feel that close.  Derrick asked if I needed him or he could go lay down and I told him to go lay down.  I labored that way for a little while, and after 2 or 3 horrible contractions and starting to feel like I was gong to be sick, I decided I needed to get back into the tub.  As soon as I was back in the tub I felt better, but the contractions were crazy intense and I knew I was getting really close to transition if not there already.  I don't think I realized how far along I was!  I had 2-3 contractions in the tub and sure enough, on the next one, I had it, immediately told them I felt really "pushy" and just started pushing - HARD.  Kat ran upstairs to get Derrick (turns out he had only been up there 20 mins).  They told me to go ahead and keep pushing.  I pushed hard and felt like I had been pushing long enough that I should have cleared the head by then.  I remember saying to them - "why isn't the head out yet?".  That's when Laura walked around the back of the tub and I'll NEVER forget her saying "that's because the baby's breech".  At that point, I wasn't worried (though Derrick admitted being concerned when he heard that) but I knew I was in for a lot of pain and a lot harder pushing, so I just bore down and tried to get her out as soon as I could.  I'm not sure how long I pushed for, but finally she was out!  She was SO tiny and perfect!  Because of being breech, she has some bruising on her backside, but expected given her position.  Born at 4:34 am, 6lbs 2oz, 19 inches long.  Totally perfect!



I'm so thankful I had the birth team I did to help us bring sweet Harper into the world.  We're absolutely smitten with her, as are the kids, and again, are so thrilled we had her here at home.  

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Awesome story.  Thank you for taking the time to share it.  Congratulations love.gif

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What a great birth story! Thank you for sharing it!

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Wow, what a great story.  Thanks for sharing.  

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Lovely birth story. Thank you for sharing.

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Wonderful!!! Congratulations! Welcome Harper!

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How awesome your birth team was so calm about the suprise breech.  You really had a special story.  Huge congratulations!

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what a wonderful story!  I've got tears in my eyes :)  Congratulations and what an awesome job!   

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Congratulations, that is so wonderful :) And I love the name Harper joy.gif

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A surprise breech, can't believe that!  Your birth team sounds great, and you did an amazing job! Such a good story!!

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