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That sounds fantastic, Typebug!

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i went to the pool this morning as soon as it opened and did 20 laps. it felt so good to swim again. i also realized that i am a good form of birth control. all of the teenagers go there to exercise before school in the morning, and the tiny little girls just stare at my belly. eyesroll.gif

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Ha ha Kellybeth-

I always think that too.... whenever I see teenagers hugging or kissing and then I walk by with my big belly and 2 little girls.... Yup, this is what can happen if you have unprotected sex!  


I went on a short walk with DH and the kids yesterday and did my prenatal workout video this morning.... I was not feeling much energy when doing it though. I can't believe I still have 4 weeks.... I had energy and worked out until the end with DD2.... Huh.

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I just have to say again-- I LOVE YOGA!


Okay, I procrastinate and don't always feel like doing it, but I might start increasing from 3x/week to 5x/week, because my pubic pain INSTANTLY improves by at least 75% right after I'm done.  Oh, thank G-d.

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Still working out about 3x a week here, in addition to the normal city walking I do frequently (normally at toddler pace, so I don't know how much that counts!). I'm loving the gym (bike or eliptical at this point), probably because my son goes to childcare there so it is definitely "me" time. But with the cold weather and low energy, usually one of my weekly workouts is a DVD, generally Pilates. Buko, I too feel much better after a workout generally, although it tires me out. Like I said to my husband last night--one advantage of pregnancy is that I can keep doing the same workout and it just gets progressively harder rather than easier as I grow!

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i went to the pool this morning as soon as it opened and did 20 laps. it felt so good to swim again. i also realized that i am a good form of birth control. all of the teenagers go there to exercise before school in the morning, and the tiny little girls just stare at my belly. eyesroll.gif


I hadn't thought of that! I feel like my pregnancy convinced a bunch of my girlfriends to adopt!

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I switched things up at the gym yesterday and did uphill speed walking on the treadmill, and it felt like a baby was about to fall out of my vagina. Seriously, so much pelvic pressure. I guess I should use that to my advantage in a few weeks!


But anyway, since I did that instead of the elliptical I'm quite sore today. My glutes apparently aren't what they used to be!

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I did a little 2 mile walk the other day and I had so much pain in my pelvis after that.  I was almost crying.  I think my days of speed walking are over.   I can easily do a little mile walk, but anything over that just hurts me so bad.  I think it is SPD or whatever it is called.  I have been feeling it for months, but now it is getting really painful.


I am also feeling so tired that I dont really want to do anything.  Ready to be done!  Hopefully in the next few weeks!

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i've moved to the couch.  my pubic bone hurts when i walk too much.  it's wet and icy outside and i pulled everything down there just loading a 25 and 40lb kid into the car the other day and trying to keep my balance on the ice.  i think i've recovered, but going out and moving just doesn't sound worth it.


i'm considering doing side leg raises and other glute exercises while beached, but then i'm so tired i think that sounds really silly when i'm lying there!!!


in the past, i get like this up til 40 weeks, and then a little more energy and feel better.  so ????


good job, mama's who are still working out!!!  i don't know how i could ever get that time or focus right now!!!

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Well, I have been slacking a bit the last week, as we've had some major upheaval (which turned out to be really good-- but was stressful!) on the employment/work situation/home front. 


I didn't do anything either yesterday or the day before, and I rarely go more than one day without exercise, so I need to kick it back into gear.  I will say that the new "pregnancy support belt" made my last walk 50-75% more comfortable.  Funny, as I hadn't been consciously feeling like anything like that would help my pubic pain or whatever (I got it to preemptively help my back on my heavy-walking business trip coming up in 2 weeks).  I don't normally feel like my belly is "heavy" or pulling me forward or that it would help to lift it or anything, but that support belt sure does make a difference!  I can see wearing it everywhere, including around the house, in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy.


If it helps anyone, this is the one I decided on:




Anyway!  I am still up to 117/150!  I know I only have 44 days left to exercise 33 days.  That might get really challenging, even though I usually easily do 5-6 days/week.  But I'm not out yet! 

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I'm a little unclear on what I might need to be aware of or change exercising into the last month with the baby's head engaged. I did a walk today and that brought on some really painful BH so I retreated to bed. I'm going to try my pilates session tomorrow but i'm wondering if i might just make this my last one.
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Up until last week I have been doing daily 2 mile hikes with the dog, but my hips get so sore and the pelvic pressure is intense.  So, I have shortened them to one mile.  The weather last weekend helped, highs in the teens shouldn't count as highs :)

My yoga routine on the other hand...it is so hard for me to get motivated.  But once I start, I can complete the workout and I feel so good.  It has only been happening 2 or 3 times a week.  My goal in these last weeks is to bump that up to 4 times a week, but shorten the workout if I have to.

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I've just been walking a minimum of 30 minutes per day the past 2 weeks and I feel so much better than I did weeks ago pain wise.  I've moved and now have a 10-15 minute walk to the Subway in the morning and evening.


I'm officially on Mat leave now though.  I'll have to keep up the daily walks!

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Several mile hikes! I'm definitely impressed.  Yesterday I did prenatal pilates in the morning, and then we took the train downtown to visit an art museum. There was lots of hoisting a heavy toddler up and down, lots of stairs, and several miles of walking and several hours of standing. When we got home last night, I was SO sore. Ridiculously sore. I told DH that the last time I was that sore was probably after running my last race (which was in May, two days before my BFP!).  I even took a tylenol to get to sleep last night.


So basically, my fitness level is not what it used to be! Relaxin really does a number on your joints.

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twisted me did some squatting and stretching and lunges yesterday


turns out i can do about 7 lunges per leg at over 170lbs w/out losing my balance.  then my body freaks out.  and the squats irritated my mostly resolved hemorrhoids.


so now my butt and thighs hurt.  and BH all day.  this morning i was on my feet most of it, b/c i couldn't sit w/out a foot jabbing my rib and causing me to jump up.  but when i'm on my feet, i have a lot more BH than is should.


so i'd like to congratulate myself on working some muscles, but those muscles are telling me i'm a total idiot!!!  and my husband is basically refusing to walk me right now b/c my body is so tender and i'm so uncomfortable (and w/out him i'm not taking the other 4 little ones anywhere!!!)  we're on the 'we're ready, next week' plan!  

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Yeah, baby was OP last appt and so I have been on my hands and knees the last week.  Yesterday I got him in a good position, so I did some deep squats to try and get him to engage in the right position.  I am a little sore today and having lots of shooting pain in the inner thigh up to my pelvis....


I am going to take a short walk to the park in a little bit.

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hubby and i went for a walk since today was beautiful and i was super anxious. we had to stop and sit on benches a couple times. it felt like my uterus was going to drop out of my body. i'll stick to swimming and that lovely buoyancy. 

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Well, I'm happy (and truly shocked!) to report that I am up to 143 days of exercise since conception, with 7 days left before my EDD.  So if I do exercise every single day, I will hit my 150-day goal!  Trust me, with ADD, consistency is not my strong point, so I'm pretty impressed with myself.  *pats self on back*


Of course, many props to DH, who is always willing to accompany me on a brisk walk or do prenatal yoga DVDs with me.  (When they tell us to put one hand on our hearts and one hand on our babies, he just reaches over to my belly-- awwwwwww.)


Anyone else still working out?  Or working out again, since baby was born?  How do you stay motivated?

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Well I hardly did any exercise during pregnancy! Whoops! I plan to start doing yoga again as soon as I'm all healed up. And then I'll probably (hehe) start going to the gym at about 2 months PP.


As for motivation *after* the baby is born I need nothing more than an opportunity to get out of the house and have some "me" time.

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I exercised very little during pregnancy. After 5 babies in 6 years, I'm worn out and planning on taking it easy for a while. I might start working out a little on an elliptical in a couple months.

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