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Natural dentistry? Alternative treatment methods?

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I just had a pretty terrible experience with a dentist I thought I *really* liked. She's super nice, so is her staff. Always answers my questions and is pretty gentle. They even send out mailings of info on treatment that you have coming up. Pretty great!


I just had an extraction that I had to beg for-- she wanted to pull out all my wisdom teeth and I requested NOT to be put under for oral surgery and was told nothing on my way out. No handout, nothing. The billing, of course, was done right away. Now I realized, it's the end of the day. I had to remind myself this office is SUPER busy. But I didn't get a cavity filled, people. It was an EXTRACTION of a pretty infected tooth. No gauze? No instructions? No pain med/antibiotics? I didn't want either, really, but I have never left a dentist without it. I felt weird, and had to ask for these things. I was told, oh it's no biggie, you shouldn't need gauze or anything else. I thought to myself, maybe this is less of a big deal then I thing. Ok fine.


I got home in pretty fair amount of pain. The bleeding was a lot more then I expected and I sort of freaked out. I didn't have any gauze and had to send my poor husband and toddler out to get me some. I was annoyed! This doesn't feel right.


I want a dentist who can help me in alternative ways. I am now told I need ANOTHER tooth root canaled and of course, the standard wisdom tooth removal. Oh and I need to go under for gum surgery. All before I can get ANY partials or bridges which would help me immesenly in my everyday life. I've been trying to get them for YEARS. I have had many extractions, mostly molars and it's a wonder I can eat anything at all.


So maybe I'm also venting but... I thought I saw a member here post about alternative dental providers. Thanks mamas!

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Whoa! They pulled a tooth and didn't give you aftercare instructions?

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No, not really. I'm still so annoyed by that. Maybe they just assumed I knew what to do with all the dental work I've had. I really need to find a new dentist!

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