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I was high risk and birthed at home. I just found a midwife who was knowledgeable about my conditions. If you find a midwife who seems fearful about your conditions then I wouldn't go with her. There are definitely some issues where the hospital is the best choice, but yours does not sound like one. I had smooth, wonderful births with healthy, happy babies. The high risk was surrounding my pregnancy, not my deliveries. At least talk to a very seasoned homebirth midwife (check her transfer rate -- there are a lot of "midwives" around here who are nurses and very medical and transfer at the drop of a hat) and get her opinions on your situation. 

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I would definitely get a 2nd opinion from a MW. When I requested my records to leave my OB and go to a MW during my second pregnancy, she had labelled me high risk because I was a vegetarian and I wanted a natural birth! My MWs had a good laugh over the records because of it. In reality, I was a pain in the butt patient was why they had labelled me that way.

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That is unbelievable, meesh933!

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Most CPMs like a 'backup' OB jic, and for things they can't do (like ultrasounds and blood work).


That depends on your state. Here in Oregon, midwives can order labwork and ultrasounds.

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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post

That depends on your state. Here in Oregon, midwives can order labwork and ultrasounds.


I live in Alaska and see DEMs. They draw blood and send it to a lab, and they have working agreements with ultrasound clinics, although of course we are free to go to whichever radiologist we prefer.

And, FWIW, I am severely asthmatic and I have no trouble being seen by our DEms. They don't even have me labelled as high risk this time, nd I will be 41 when this baby comes.

The advice and information posted earlier regarding asthma and pregnancy is pure scare tactics. Those of us with a history of asthma know our own bodies and can deal with the changes as they occur. I, personally, have never had an attack while in labor, and I certainly would not consent to extra monitoring of the baby if my own symptoms were controlled.

Good luck, OP!!!

Love, p
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I was told I was higher risk because my first had a slight shoulder dystocia and I had a 4th degree tear. I went to a midwife group and they said I probably couldn't do water birth and was higher risk at my second appointment. I told them I was recommended to have a c-section from the OB that stitched me up, and that my husband said maybe it would be better. The midwife looked at me and said, "Well, that would be easier, maybe you should listen to him."


When I met with the CPM, she asked about positioning, the details of labor, and made her own conclusions. My daughter was only 4 oz smaller than my son and I had a water birth with no tearing at all in my dining room.


The midwife you meet with will draw her own conclusions with the information and should not be swayed by their classification of high risk. Good luck!

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You will find a midwife will actually talk to you about everything you mentioned in your OP. She will find out exactly what is the status of any medical conditions etc. And then she will assess your ability to have a safe homebirth based on those. OB's just have a chart with things ticked of. Asthma: yes. I am not sure what your OB was like, but to a lot of them, you are just a chart, just a number, just a medical condition. There is no variation or personalization. Which is why you can easily be listed as high risk, because of all those medical conditions ticked on your file ;). A midwife will get to know you personally and treat you as a person. 

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