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On a long walk today Piper got super fussy in the Ergo and my husband faced her out so she could see.  She loved it.  I know it's not really recommended, but I suspect she's a "facing out" baby... she just doesn't want to miss anything.  I guess we'll stick with the Moby for now.  Good to hear you do facing out in the Moby too, Sally!  Piper really loves it... she's only ok facing in when she's tired and wants to nap.  Oh well. 

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Lily, I have read that babies who want to see a lot of stuff do well in back carries. That's definitely recommended and guaranteed safe in the ergo, so maybe you could try that?

I am nervous to do it but honestly if we have two people on the walk anyway I think it'd be perfectly safe and easy to get on/off. We might try it, yikes! :)

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Boots, I thought of that and we'll probably try it next time.  I was a little worried because she still seems so little!  And, of course, on the back carry I can't see her adorableness.  But I suppose that's a small price to pay for her not falling out or hip displacement or whatever the front carry problems are.

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Baby Bird has been legs-out in the Ergo since we bought it. never really could figure out froggy, a and he hated it. He seems fine. Then again, he's been above 95 percentile for height since birth.
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I splurged and ordered an Ergo last night, I can't wait to try it when it comes! love.gif

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The Ergo is totally worth it! You can use it for a really long time!

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So glad to hear it! I'm giving up on the Moby and the Infantino. I LOVED the Moby last month, now I can't stand it. And the Infantino Swift is destroying my back.


I'm buying an Ergo on Monday.

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I also love the Ergo the most of any carrier, wrap, or sling I have tried.

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I just got a Mei Tai last week and I'm SO happy with it! Up until then I was using the Balboa ring sling around the house, which was nice (simple, lightweight, easy in/out) but it was killing my upper back. I was also using the Ergo for longer excursions from home, but it's a bit long for my short frame (thus hurting my lower back after extended use). The Mei Tai is perfect - it's lightweight and packable like a sling, but gives the same even back support like an Ergo, its infinitely adjustable and easy to put on/off without an extra hand. I was able to get so much done around the house, being truly "hands free" with the Mei Tai!

DH will still definitely use the Ergo and I still use the Balboa pouch to quickly get William to sleep in a pinch.
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I basically would pay any amount of money if I could figure out a carrier I can nurse in. :(

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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

I basically would pay any amount of money if I could figure out a carrier I can nurse in. greensad.gif

Yeah that would be nice.... I still can't nurse in any carriers either. And even worse for me is that after any extended amount of baby wearing time, my boobs leak and sweat like crazy and I need to change my shirt, ick.
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I figured out how to nurse in the ergo, it wasn't pretty or hands free, still had to use both hands and my back was bent up and hurt.  I am hopeful when my baby gets bigger and can sit up on his own then maybe we can nurse in the ergo easily.

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There was a brief but wonderful period where I successfully nursed in the sling.  It was great and then she grew or something happened and it never worked again.  I've nursed in the Moby, but only after a long walk when it had sagged a bunch.  The Ergo will take a bunch of manipulation and frustration, methinks.

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Yeah I have given up, especially with the ginormo-boobs. My husband uses the ring sling all the time and they are both pretty comfortable, but when he's on me in the sling he just crushes my boobs and I can't imagine how to hoist one in there for him to nurse.

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A friend of mine, who is similarly large-chested, says she was able to breastfeed in the Ergo WHILE HIKING.  That's almost enough to make me buy one!  She said she just moved the waistband down around her hips, and that is was super easy.  I haven't tried it with my Beco, but when I do I'll report back!

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Has anyone used a Seven Everyday Sling?  I have a promo code for a free sling (s&h not included), so I'm wondering if I should try it out.  I like the idea of a sling, but the website is so ridiculous - it has captions like "Making moms around the world even hotter with every purchase so...get some!" and the models are all putting on serious sexy face  eyesroll.gif   So I can't tell if these products are actually good.


If anyone else wants to try them out, the code is DMTHANKS



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Penny, I've heard it's sort of a scam in the sense that the sling isn't that great quality (pretty cheap material, I guess?) and you pay something like $15 for shipping.  And then I assume you're on all sorts of crazy mailing lists.  The last part is my suspicion, rather than anything I've heard.  But I thought about it and realized the shipping was a little whacky.  There's a sling sale on zulily right now, FWIW, but I don't know anything about that brand either.

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That's what I was afraid of.  Thanks!  No needless splurging for now whistling.gif

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Penny, if you'd like a pouch sling I can make one for you for free. And I won't sell your info LOL
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That's so generous - thank you!  I'd love to try one out.

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