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Birth in bathtub?

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I just saw a birth in a normal sized bathtub on you tube and wondered if anyone here has ever done that. I just had a bath and found my knees hurt in there very quickly. What could i put on the floor of the bathtub to make it more comfortable?

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Wow! I don't think I could birth in a regular bathtub because I feel huge in them anyway at 5'11" and not frail by any means.. but if you're considering it, awesome! Could you maybe lay a couple of older towels along the bottom of the tub maybe? I would think that would give you some cushion and maybe even a bit of traction?
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I would.. I'm 5'5 and smaller in stature and can be in various positions comfortably. Whether I would depends.. It would have to be clean enough if my membranes were ruptured.

They sell cushy bath mats at bed bath and beyond. if not, maybe a few bath pillows with the suction cups would work for knee support.
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I birthed my 7yo in the bathtub. hands and knees and i'm 6'0". but i didnt labor in it. got in, and she came out within minutes.

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I'm definitely planning on laboring in there some. I have a fairly soft tub mat but I also thing those things they sell at BBnB or the like that are meant to be floor mats and are super squishy might work IF they don't float. If you have a spare bathmat w/ suction, put it over the side of the tub incase you end up leaning on that a lot. I have a 1/2 blown up pool-ring (the kind kids play in) to rest my head on and relax my body. Granted I'm only 5 ft tall so I can fit in there. I do wonder if there's a way to damn up the top overflow drain so I can get the tub a little bit fuller. I usually lay on my side or sorta belly down but would be nice to be able to float belly up a little, maybe.
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Great!! Thanks for the ideas ladies!

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You know, I had been searching high and low for a good bath cushion too, but I wonder-- would clean rolled up towels be okay for kneeling? I wondered about how that would affect the environment of the bathtub, but then, lots of women get in with swim tops on, which is not so different, especially if you have a clean-rinsing detergent.. what do you guys think?

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Depending on how your overflow drain is structured, you might be able to hack it and gain a few inches. My husband was able to turn ours upside down.

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I bought a suction cup overflow thing for pretty cheap on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Better-Bath-Deep-Water/dp/B0001YJIGW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1347674502&sr=8-3&keywords=bath+overflow

I used rolled up towels in the tub for my postpartum baths, and I think it would work well for labor.
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I used a thick rolled up closed-cell camping mat in our soaker tub. I opted to be in a semi-sitting position in there in the end although I had considered hands and knees this time around. I labored mostly on hands & knees with a birthing ball (doorway to support my spreading legs...no pain there then), with a foam puzzle mat beneath my knees and against the doorway. I got in for the last push (or two VERY close together, I think). Good thing that I got in when I did!


I should add that we aired out the mat beforehand outdoors and disinfected it with a lot of rinsing done after disinfecting.


A note on the chlorine aspect of tap water, if you add a ground capsule of vit. C, it will neutralize it within a short period of time. I appreciated that tidbit. I could not imagine the sting that could have on a newborn's eyes, esp. if they had just added a pool-sized dose like they tend to do sometimes in our neck of the woods...er...boonies.

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Well I just birthed in mine and spent my entire hour of labor in it. it wasn't deep enough.. I ended up plugging the overflow with paper towels... In the moment thinking, lol.
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