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Hi there! I'm Jessica. I'm due in May, right around the 15th, and have one other child, DD, who is newly four. I'm excited, or slowly growing more so, though a bit freaked out- I have a lot on my plate and a lot I need to get accomplished in the next couple years, and things had just simplified w. DD in preschool. But I've tossed and turned over the decision of whether or not to have a second child for years, so in the end I'm trying to have faith. I'm pretty excited for DD, and sort of hoping for a sister for her sake, though I'd love a little boy. 

I will probably birth at a freestanding birth center, which is exciting as well. My last birth was all natural w/ a CNA, but at a hospital. I'm just not the hospital kind of girl. I'm still nursing DD, but not too much. And trying to be calorie-conscious- I've been yo yo dieting for years and already feel more balance w/ food, but I am worried about weight gain. I eat fairly healthy but have to watch out for comfort foods. Also plan to start walking and yoga more rigorously. 

I have not told anyone yet- only DP knows- and not sure when I'll spill. We are unmarried, going on 6 years together, and a young couple struggling somewhat financially- or we probably will be w/ 2 kids. But we live in a nice apt, in an area w/ a top school system, and I think we will be o.k. I worry somewhat about reaction from family, but if they could handle my pregnancy at 16, they can probably handle this  :) 

Trying to have faith.

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Welcome, Jessica!

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Welcome Jessica! According to my calculations i'm due May 15th, also my 2nd, I have a 5 y/o son. Hoping for a girl, although another boy would be great too! Congrats!!!

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