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Sleeping Tips: HELP!

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I am having the hardest time coping with the sleep pattern changes my body is undergoing. Not so much the once a night sensation to urinate, however, the constant discomfort that tends to wake me from a dead sleep & leaves me sleepless for hours. I've tried no meals, activities, or lights within a certain time frame which I am expected to sleep. & even Bath & Bodyworks aromatherpy 'sleep' soap to relax my muscles. Are there any remedies (non harmful to the baby) I can try? Please HELP!
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YES! At first i thought it was just the nausea, then i thought it was stress, but now i realize it simply doesn't matter - i just can't sleep well anymore. i am exhausted, all day, but can't get solid rest. I would love some advice as well!

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I am in the same boat. I have surpassed majority of the vomiting, mastered the restroom breaks, and used the old fashion 'pillow between the knees' remedy...yet, never fail each night I toss & turn and wind up laying in bed rather than actually sleeping. In fact, one night I had a complete meltdown, resulted in my husband vowing to stay up with me as long as I didn't sleep. Bless his heart!! But, It's a miserable feeling, especially since I'm such a avid sleeper (pre-pregnancy)!! There has to be a secret method I have yet to hear.
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Try making sure your room is completely blacked out. Windows covered, clocks turned over, etc. It the room is pitch dark and cool I sleep quite well even with bathroom breaks. 

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I've had hormonal-related insomnia a lot since puberty. I have been sleeping like a LOG (except the potty run in the middle of the night) and the one thing I have been doing differently is taking a calcium/magnesium supplement. I just took the last one in the bottle last night and haven't picked up more yet. I was taking a fairly high dosage (it was a supplement from my chiropractor, designed to help folks heading towards osteoporosis)  but I think it's helping immensely! I'm tempted to pick up a cheaper version just so I don't have to stop taking it. The brand is Perque, if you want to look it up. Good luck!!!

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Oh! I've also noticed if I get a little exercise, it's easier to fall asleep. Even a short walk is better than nothing!

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I've had a hard time sleeping for the last few weeks but im on bed rest this week and I'm finding it nearly impossible to sleep well now, cuz I can't do anything to "wear myself out" or excersise... Ugh... It sure sucks to be so tired all the time but not able to sleep... I'll be 12 weeks in Monday, I sure hope this gets better, I'm exhausted.
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pitch black room and white noise machine might help.

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Check with your doc, but I would guess melatonin is probably safe for pregnant women. It's the substance our body produces to tell us it's time to sleep. You can buy it the supplements/vitamin aisle at a lot of big box stores/drug stores/etc. Our family doc even told us it's totally safe to use on our 3yo. We've used it when her sleep schedule has gotten really off, to get her back on track. And I've used it just because my ADD meds have usually worn off by the evening and it's hard for me to settle my brain and fall asleep. Totally forgot about it since getting pregnant though. I've been having frequent insomnia, so I'll be checking with my midwives when I see them - just to be doubly sure. I could use the extra help.


It's a great option because it only tells your body it's time to go to sleep. It's not going to make you groggy in the morning like a sleeping pill could. Heck, if I take it and don't give myself the opportunity to go to bed shortly after, then my body decides it's being forced to ignore the signal and I don't end up sleepy.


ETA: quick google search brought up info on the Mayo website saying pregnant/nursing women should NOT use melatonin. Bummer.

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I think most providers are not totally comfortable with melatonin in the first tri, because it *is* a hormone.  But I seriously empathize.  Nighttimes in the first tri are really rough for me too.  Lots of tossing and turning my nausea and discomfort.  Thankfully it uses passes for me!

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I second the cal/mag supplement - my MW said specifically to take it before bed time because it is a mild muscle relaxer and can help you sleep. She did say not to take it with other supplements because the calcium can block absorption of other nutrients. So, far it's helping IMMENSELY! I've been sleeping so much better since I've been taking it.


I also asked about Hyland's Calms Forte and she said that was safe also though I haven't tried it recently myself. We do give it to the kids pretty regularly, especially since school started again to help them get back into the routine of going to bed earlier again.

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I have been kept up too, a lot by pain (partly due to pregnancy but largely from other causes).  For that I take pain medications.  But during my first pregnancy, I took "sleep aid" sometimes (which is the same drug as in benedryl) - so basically I used anti-histimines as a sleep inducer when I really struggled. However, when I read back to my pregnancy journal, I realize that I journaled in the middle of the night sometimes, and when I embraced the sleeplessness, sometimes it felt better than when I fought it.  That said, this time I find it far harder to embrace the sleeplessness because of my toddler high energy.

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