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Oh the Headaches!

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greensad.gif Is anyone else dealing with this? Since about 11 weeks I have been getting them about ever day. Sometimes it will skip a day, but that's rare. Most of the time they come on in the evening, any time between 5 and 7 pm, and it doesn't matter at all if I am well hydrated, fed and feeling wide awake. Suddenly my head will start pounding! UGH! I have pretty managed to deal with it, I have always been able to deal with pain and have a pretty high threshold. But that doesn't change the fact that it sucks!


I read on another board that going to a chiropractor could help. My BIL is a massage therapist, and he told me I should be getting adjusted on a monthly basis. Has anyone ever heard of this working? I think my insurance covers chiro's, so I should probably just give it a shot. 

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You should give it a shot, babytoes!  I am struggling with headaches, too... A LOT more than normal for me during pregnancy.  So, you are not alone!  I am prob going to start chiro soon for that and lower back stuff.

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Babytoes- I am having horrible daily headaches. Chiro is out of pocket for me, let me know if it helps!
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I was having pretty bad headaches too, and found out it was the Diclectin I was taking for nausea that was causing it.  I stopped the pills since, honestly, they weren't helping all that much, and the headaches went away.   Of course, if you don't take anti nausea medicine, then this isn't much help,redface.gif but I just wanted to throw that out there!


I also read that accupunture can really help recuring headaches.


I hope you find relief!

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I've also heard that chiro will help headaches but it's also oop for me so I haven't done it as yet. Try it and see if it helps!!
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I went to the chiro yesterday. He adjusted me, did pulse physical therapy and acupuncture! He said that he could roll it all into the cost of a single "adjustment" visit for my insurance, yay! 


So far I've felt pretty good, although this morning When I first woke up I had a slight headache so I laid back down and ended up sleeping in because I was super tired. DP has been a little sick and coughing at night has woken me up, stack that on top of having to go pee twice a night and I don't think I slept much in the two nights. But, when I got up, I didn't feel bad. And so far today has been good. I am going back tomorrow for another treatment, so hopefully after three treatments I should notice a big difference.  

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I am going to have to get on that chiropractic stuff sooner rather than later!  My headaches are still bad!  I am glad you are feeling better, babytoes! :D

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