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New School Year

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I am assuming most of us are in the early weeks of a new school year.  HOw is everyone doing?  Finding your groove?  Liking your curriculum choices?


  I have 6 children, 4 of which are schooling.  So far, so good.  my High school kid is doing Connections Academy.  My 3rd and 5th graders are doing Calvert and we love it!!  I never thought to look at Calvert homeschool before, so glad I did.  My K'er is doing LIttle Lincoln through a virtual school here in Wisconsin.  We are loving that too :)

   Finding our groove with 2 toddlers but doing okay.


  How is everyone else?

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Our "school year" usually feels like it starts in March or April, with the coming of spring. Summer is busy with all sorts of outdoor- and music-focused learning, and we carry on with that as long as the nice weather lasts. Gradually in the fall we sidle into more indoor learning, with crafting and music in preparation for the holiday season. After that we sort of lose steam for a while, until spring pokes its head up again.


So we've just got back from a big kayak camping trip, just finished a quilt project, and are working to finish up the end of the Science curriculum we started eight months ago. 


All that shifts with us in fall is that the regularly scheduled activities start up again after a summer break. So gymnastics, art class and violin master classes start in the next two or three weeks. We're looking forward to that stuff, for sure.



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I guess we are more of a tri-mester house. We have a fall term, spring term and summer term.  We are off from Thanksgiving to the New Year. We take a bit of time in the spring, then we take some time at the end of summer.  DS does his best work over the summer and into the fall.  Then another spurt after the holidays. 

This summer was a bit different with a number of camps and hands on activities vs actual CTY classes but kiddo is really ahead of where he needs to be right now.

In the next couple weeks we are going to plan the holiday season.

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Meh. We're doing.  I have too many other things going on and I wish I could eliminate some of them so I could focus on school more.

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We just got started this past week, after some late summer vacations and having family visit from out of state.  I only have 2 that are homeschooled right now, DS1 is in 3rd and DD1 in 1st.  We've made a couple curriculum changes (math for both of them) and are moving along with the same curricula in other areas.  The first week went well, it was a bit light and I still need to add in science and history next week.  I'm glad to have things going again, it seems to cut down on the squabbling a bit!

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We're not doing much that looks like school so far.  I had each of the kids give me a start-of-the-year writing sample for the homeschooling portfolio, and I've done a little math with my 6 year old.  That's about it for deliberate schooling.  The weather here has been beautiful, so we've been spending a lot of time outside.  I've been busy with things like cutting and hauling wood and making tomato sauce.  I've organized a couple of hikes for our local informal group of homeschoolers and I'm hoping to find time for an overnight backpacking trip with my kids.  DD is on a soccer team and DS is going to try out taekwondo.

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We are taking a late start owing to summer events running over and an upcoming move. We've mostly been reading some science and math and novels. Still, with the coop classes we do and zoo/museum trips, we've logged 12 days of academic work already!

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Sounds like everyone is doing we'll. I just love to hear about all of the ways others choose to educate.
For us, classes have started. My oldest does a high school co op and is a civil air patrol cadet. My 10 year old plays violin, horse riding and gmnastics. The 8 year and 6 year old do ballet and 4 do swim lessons.
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I have been thrilled with the way things are going at our house.  Both my kids are thriving :) I hope things will continue to go well!  

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My highschooler is enjoying her first dual enrollment class at the University, a couple of online classes, a couple of self-designed topics of study, volleyball, horseback riding, and running (doing couch to 5K training program to run a 5K in early Nov.).  Also enjoying her piano and a community art class.  She spends a ton of time on deviant art and working on her digital art.  So far, so good.  

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