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I've been wondering lately when my DD will graduate and I'm just plain too lazy to do the math. Thankfully, I stumbled across this site and so I looked up DD as well as this #2. 




It gives the year they start kindergarten, the year they can drive, when they graduate high school and approx college. It gives birthstones and signs. Cute! I'm glad to have found it... Now I feel like I need to get DD on the waiting list for her next school since the Montessori she currently attends stops after kindergarten.


FYI.. DD will graduate high school 28 years after I did... o.O That is unreal to think about. 

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Fun! Thanks for posting that!! I wish that it went back a little further - my current youngest was born in 2008 and it wont let me look her info up.

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My oldest was born in 2008 :( Our district has a cut off date this year of Sept. 2nd to start Kindergarten, she's the 3rd.. so if it stays that way next year, she'll be starting in 2014, but if the dates change(like last year was the 4th...so it could), she'll be starting school next school year.

But my son will start Kindergarten in 2015 and graduate college in 2032 o.o That is mind boggling! Baby bean is due almost exactly 3 years after DS, so 2018 and 2035. This baby will graduate over 20 years after I graduated(2009). CRAZY lol

Mothering › Groups › April 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Graduation?