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TTC after blighted ovum (empty sac)

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Here's a little history: 


We weren't really TTC but not preventing it my any means, we became pregnant that same cycle!

LMP 07/23

BFP 08/24

I started spotting on 09/09


Spotting started last Sunday after a weekend from hell. (I had the stomach flu all weekend!) 


I went to pee in the morning and saw the blood!.. I knew something was really wrong when it was so bright! 

I had spotting with DD but it was dark, Well we rushed to the ER and they did blood work,HCG came back VERY low for 6x6d at 970.. The Dr did an internal and my cervix was still closed, I went in for an internal scan and that's when we discovered the small empty sac.=( 


I was sent home to let nature take is course or wait it out incase my dates were wrong,that night I started spotting more and more. the next day it became a full on period with lots of thick clots and such. it was like that for two days I felt horrible weak and I just wanted to sleep and cry all day well yesterday I started feeling a bit better and today, I feel like my normal self again,finally after almost a week! 


I went to see my midwife on Tuesday and she said it seemed like by body was doing everything it needed and she thought I would be okay with out a DnC,she also said I was okay to start TTC again! and she doubts this will happen again since I've had to healthy full term pregnancies. 


I took a HPT today and it still shows a BFP! =( I never thought I would be sad to see a BFP! 


If you've had a blighted ovum will you share your TTC story? 


How long did it take after the BO to get a really BFP again? 

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Zenia, I'm so sorry for your loss.  I don't have any experience to share, but I am bumping this up for more attention.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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Zenia, you already know that our stories are shockingly similar, even down to the time line of it all! greensad.gif


My HCG beta quant showed me at 242 last Wednesday - I go in this Wednesday for another draw. I was really hoping this would be my last blood draw until my next pregnancy, when we'd be looking for HIGH numbers vs. low. I checked on an HPT yesterday morning and still getting a faint positive - it was really a bummer and felt mean - usually those two lines make me SO happy. This time, it just felt like a cruel joke.


I'm wondering if it's possible to conceive (or even ovulate) when we still have HCG present in our bodies. My temps are low, bleeding has stopped for awhile now - but I don't really trust normal fertility signs, because my body feels kind of screwed up.


I'd love to hear from other people with similar experiences!

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zenia and sweetmama - i'm so, so sorry :(


my story: i had some bleeding sometime between 4 and 5 weeks, was diagnosed with a blighted ovum sometime around the end of the sixth week/beginning of seventh week and then had my d&c sometime around week 8/9 (i tried to miscarry with medication but it didn't work so i opted to do the d&c). after the d&c it took a full 30 days until i stopped getting positive hpts! i then started my period the day after my first negative test. i had no idea that it could take that long, i actually had thought i had managed to get pregnant again right after but sadly, no. i have not had a pregnancy since (will be two years since miscarriage in october) but i had endometriosis diagnosed in between time so there was other stuff going on. 


just beware that it *might* take a while for the hcg to go down. i was really unprepared for that... especially with a d&c. i thought it was like a reset button. not so much. but since you both have had healthy pregnancies, i would imagine you will be pregnant again very soon!

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hug.gif  I'm so sorry for your loss.


I had a blighted ovum in September of last year.  I found out a little past 7 weeks when I started bleeding, on a trip for a wedding in DH's family 16 hours away from home.  I ended up in the ER twice, I think being away from home and having the m/c in such a public (well, not in the privacy of my own home but surrounded by other people) made it even harder.


In January of this year I got a BFP again.  I was elated, hoping so much for my rainbow baby.  I'm a homebirther but get my initial bloodwork done at the local military hospital, so insurance will cover it.  I went in for my "prenatal intake" in mid-February at a little past 7 weeks and mentioned that I'd had just the tiniest bit of brown spotting.  The nurse sent me down to the ER just to be on the safe side and they did a scan, and once again there was that empty sac on the ultrasound screen.  I was heartbroken, I couldn't believe it was another blighted ovum, that I was going through it all again.  A followup scan later in the week verified it and I requested misoprostol, I wanted DH to be home to support me and take care of the kids when everything happened.  Emotionally I was just numb.


At the beginning of May I once again got a BFP.  I was too scared to get excited, hoping (once again) for a rainbow but was terrified of another loss.  I don't usually do ultrasounds (just a personal preference) but did request an early ultrasound this time for peace of mind.  I went in at a little over 8 weeks, terrified I was going to see another empty sac but there was a beautiful little heartbeat.  I also rented a Doppler this time, something very out of the norm for me but being able to periodically check for the heartbeat before I was feeling movement was something I needed this time.  I'm now 23-24 weeks and little one is doing great in there.  

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broodymama - thank you for sharing your story with us. It gives me hope, for sure!


indie - best of luck to you as you continue on your journey to a human baby. (I just love that in your sig!) stillheart.gif

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